How To Get Stuck Key Out Of The Ignition On Chevy Equinox?

It’s stressful to have a stuck key in a Chevy Equinox car’s ignition. You can’t just keep the open door when you’re leaving for work. But, Thankfully, this problem won’t happen often.

However, If you fall into this problem, you might think, who may I call or can I solve this myself. Yes, you can. Also, sometimes you might need expert help. 

There are few reasons why the key stuck on a chevy Equinox ignition. If you want to fix it yourself, then you need to know the possible causes. After that, You need to take further steps.

In this dedicated article, I’ll help you to know few common causes of stuck keys on the ignition of Chevy Equinox and some easy fixes.

Why is the ignition key stuck on a Chevy Equinox?

Several reasons can cause why the ignition key stuck. Here are few possible causes which might lead to this problem.

Steering wheel:

The steering wheel locking mechanism might be the main culprit here. You can lock your Chevy Equinox at parking time for theft prevention. That also prevents the key to remove from the ignition or turn on. For this, The key stuck into the ignition. 

Parking Gear Issue:

The gear shifter might be the cause of this problem. You can remove a Chevy Equinox key while it’s onset “Park” mode. It ensures that your Chevy Equinox won’t be rolling off.

 It’ll stick into the ignition switch if your car is on automatic transmission and gear is set to other available gear like drive, neutral. In a manual transmission, your car key won’t get out from the ignition if its gear is set up on other available gear without “Neutral”. 

Also, sometimes it happens for the car didn’t turn off properly. It might happen when you’re in a hurry.

Damaged Key:

In some cases, It could be a worn or damaged key that holds itself in the ignition switch. Or, sometimes, when it’s on your pocket or toss, it might show a small crack by a hard surface. For this, It’ll get tougher to remove the key.

Also, If you use a cheap duplicate key, that might bend for overtime use. For this, It might stick on your car ignition switch. The key will stick with the ignition system due to debris and for a rusted reason. 

Another possible reason for this problem might be there is keyhole blockage by debris build-up.

Damaged Ignition Cylinder:

In the Ignition Cylinder, There are lots of spring-loaded pins are available in the form of rows to provide better performance for theft prevention. If any alignment problems occur, You can’t remove the key from the ignition lock.

Dead Battery:

The ignition system has a deep relation with the car battery. It takes power from the battery to function properly. If there is an issue with the battery or it is dead, it is likely the cause of the key stuck on the ignition system of Chevy Equinox.

How do you get the stuck key out of the ignition on a Chevy Equinox?

If your Chevy Equinox key is stuck on the ignition, it might take few minutes or even a few hours to solve the issue, depending on the causes. But, Never try to get the key out forcefully. Otherwise, You’ll fall into bigger trouble.

Here are few possible solutions to this problem.

Easy Fix For Parking Issue: If the problem with parking gear. You need to set the gear on “Park” or “P” mode in automatic transmission. For a manual transmission, Shift the gear on “Neutral” mode.

Easy Fix For Steering wheel: If you notice that the problem won’t solve after correctly select the gear, you need to jiggle the steering wheel froth and back slowly. And, Try to remove the key gently. 

The steering column locks provide extra pressure to prevent the key from coming out. For this, When you slightly move the steering wheel, the pressure will release, and you can easily slide out the key.

Easy Fix For Keyhole Issue: If the problem with your car key itself. You might need the help of a professional to solve the issue. But, Follow the following tip if debris or dirt has gotten into the keyhole.

  • Spray WD-40: Spray WD-40 into the ignition lock. The spray has a thin straw that easily fit into the space between the ignition lock and the key. This loosens up the dirt in the ignition lock. Then, Gently wiggling it. This additional lubrication is sometimes enough to keep out the key. Then, Inspect the key if there have any damage. If you find any damage, replace the key.
  • Use Adhesive Remover: If there is no sign of crack or bent in the key, you can use alcohol or adhesive remover to remove dirt or gunk from the key.

If the above option does not work, that means you need professional locksmith help.

Easy Fix For Key Broken Into Ignition: Hopefully, You won’t face this problem. But, In case, If you fall into this problem, never try to remove the broken part by pushing it with the broken top half. Try the following steps to solve this.

  • You can use a key extraction tool to pull out the broken part. This is much cheaper than calling a professional. 
  • Also, the Jigsaw blade is worthy to remove a broken key part. As It’s so thin, you can use it easily during the key on the ignition pathway. After inserting it, Slightly turn it to grab the broken key on the blade. Then, Slowly try to pull it out.
  • If you’re not confident to do this, just call a professional locksmith and avoid making any mess.

How to Replace The Ignition Switch on a Chevy Equinox?

If the above solution doesn’t work for your Chevy Equinox, then possibly you need to replace the Ignition Switch. Here are an In-depth guide, How you can do this.

Separate the steering column covering:

  • First, Access the vehicle’s battery and disconnect the negative terminal.
  • You’ll get trim around the steering wheel. Remove the trim. When removing the screws, keep them organize properly to avoiding misplacing.

Replacing Process:

  • Turn the key for getting into the accessory mode. You can turn the ignition switch while the key stuck.
  • Now, Take a narrow screwdriver that fits into the tiny hole. Press the release pin using the screwdriver located on the bottom of the ignition switch. After releasing the pin, You find the ignition module in the slide right out.
  • Hold down the release pin on the new module and slide it into the ignition hole next to the steering column. If you have successfully done this work, you should hear a sound like a click.
  • Take a little time to check the new switch before reassembling. For this, Reconnect the battery and check whether its works or not. If you notice that it doesn’t work properly, then you need to review everything again, and that time might work. You should notice that the car crank right up if it works properly. 
  • Reassemble everything and remember to follow the order which you used to remove it. Then, Reconnect the battery.

Yes, Now you successfully replace your car ignition switch.

Reminder: If you replace the ignition switch, your old keys do not work anymore. So, You’ll get a new key which you need to use.


Remember, If you face any problem in your car, that also means it has a solution. You’ll rarely fall into this stuck key problem on your Chevy Equinox. But, When you fall into it, don’t panic, find out the problem and take future steps carefully.

I hope you can easily get the stuck key out of the ignition on a Chevy Equinox by following the above tips and also find out why this happens.

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