How to Fix the P0087 DTC Code On a Duramax (Expert Insights)

Your vehicles with a Duramax engine may face many issues such as fuel system error, fuel pressure problems, or supply pipe issues. Whatever the problem is, you must find a proper solution, right? Then, a diagnostic trouble code will help you find the exact issue immensely.

The code p0087 on Duramax represents the issue related to the fuel delivery process of your pickup trucks. There are many factors responsible for this issue. Among them, supply pipe blockage, mechanical issues, problems in pressure regulation, etc., are common.

However, this article will let you know how serious the code p0087 is for the automobile with a Duramax engine, what to do in this situation, the cost of repair, and many more associated crucial things. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start to learn.

How to Fix the P0087 DTC Code

What Does P0087 Means For Duramax?

The fuel sensor of your vehicle determines how much fuel the engine needs. Now, if you notice the code p0087, it means the engine is facing fuel pressure issues. However, let’s look at the breakdown of the code p0087.

  • P= Powertrain, a system that helps the vehicle to move forward.
  • 0= a generic (SEA) number
  • 0= Fuel and air metering
  • 87= Specific fault index (In our case, this represents fuel system pressure too low )

The vehicle’s fuel pressure can be raised by PCM whenever it needs more power. But when the fuel rail pressure remains too low, your Duramax engine vehicle faces an issue supplying the fuel. Hence, the vehicle’s engine will not get the necessary fuel.

Consequently, the PCM of your vehicle will log the code p0087. However, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has specified this p0087 code to trigger the described issue.

How Serious Is P0087 Code On Duramax?

Because of this issue, first of all, you will not feel comfortable while driving an automobile. And sometimes, it may make your vehicle useless as well.

Notably, the vehicle’s engine can stop without noticing while you are driving. Then, you may face an accident. So, think how worse the matter will be.

You have to check for this issue whenever you notice that the automobile doesn’t run properly. If you trigger p0087, you should take action immediately. Otherwise, your vehicle will turn useless.

What Causes P0087 Code On Duramax?

A number of serious factors are responsible for the p0087 code on Duramax engine vehicles. And after happening the possible causes that we have listed below, the scanner will show the code p0087. However, let’s look at the causes.

  • Troubled fuel pump
  • Confined fuel line
  • Problems with fuel filter
  • Broken pressure pump
  • Weak fuel pump driver module
  • Issues with fuel rail pressure sensor
  • Clogged filter
  • Electrical issues with pressure sensor
  • Damaged fuel tank
  • Issues with fuel injector

After noticing the code p0087 on your dodge Duramax, you must immediately decide to fix the issue. For this purpose, you have to move through a step-by-step process. No single solution is available for this issue.

But never be worried. We are going to describe the whole fixing process straightforwardly.

Step-1: Diagnose the exact problem

At the very beginning of the process, you have to diagnose the actual issue that is responsible for the code p0087. For this purpose, you can use a scanner to read the code.

After that, test the fuel tank, fuel filters, and fuel lines properly. Find out any unwanted issues that can create a problem in fuel circulation.

Most importantly, the fuel pump must be tested at the end of the diagnosing step.

Step-2: Replace the fuel filter

A fuel filter is one of the major equipment for fuel supply. But it can be damaged for many reasons. If you notice a severe issue with the fuel filter, remove it immediately. And replace a new one for better service.

Step-3: Repair the fuel pressure sensor

At the same time, you may notice a problem with the fuel pressure sensor. And a faulty fuel pressure sensor can harm the fuel delivery system as well. So, you must repair it as soon as possible.

You should have replaced a new fuel pressure sensor in case of a worse condition. So, never hesitate to do that.  

Step-4: Change fuel lines

You can’t ignore the importance of fuel lines in case of fuel circulation. But these lines can get leaked for many reasons.

And leaked lines can create an issue in the fuel delivery system. As a result, you will not feel comfortable driving your automobile. Hence, you should change the leaked or damaged fuel lines straight away.

Step-5: Repair the fuel pump

A bad fuel pump is also responsible for the code p0087. So, you should take the necessary action to repair a fuel pump. For this purpose, you can use a fuel pressure gauge.

However, if you can’t repair it because of a worse condition, you can easily remove the pump. In place of that, replace a new one.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0087 Code On Duramax

You may notice some common symptoms of getting the p0087 code on your vehicle. By detecting these symptoms, you will be able to trigger the exact problem with your Duramax automobile. Among a lot of symptoms, some common are listed below.

  • Performance of the engine
  • Consume extra fuel
  • The vehicle stop running
  • The vehicle can run poorly
  • The engine stop working
  • Engine misfire can take place
  • Can’t get expected fuel mileage
  • The engine runs rough

How Much Does It Cost To Fix P0087 Code On Duramax?

The overall cost depends on the materials that you need to replace. It may cost around 100$ the diagnose the exact issue by an expert. Remember that diagnosing is the first step of repairing. So, this step should be performed flawlessly.

If you have a damaged fuel pump, you may need to spend around 200$ to 1000$ to replace a new one. On the contrary, replacing fuel lines may require 200$ to 500$.

However, labor cost is not included with the material’s cost. So, you have to pay an extra cost in this case.

Can You Drive Your Duramax With Code P0087?

Experts never recommend driving a Duramax with code p0087 because you can face any tough situation at any time. Engine failure, stop running, engine misfire, and more awkward matters can happen.

However, if you need to drive your vehicle like dodge Duramax whenever this code is present, you must be more careful. Besides, you should have the intention to handle any kind of situation.

Otherwise, you can face hazardous situations. Most importantly, your Duramax engine vehicles can be harmed.


All of the described methods will work well to fix the code p0087 on your Duramax automobiles. But you must be sure about the exact issue responsible for the matter.

Notably, move through the step by step process. Never go to repair without diagnosing. And most importantly, consider every single symptom. The symptom can give you a primary idea about the issue that your vehicle is facing.

However, get back your Duramax on the road by repairing the code p0087. As it can happen for too low fuel system pressure, be concerned about all associated matters. Good luck!

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