How Long Can You Drive With Code P0740? (Should You Drive)

In your automatic vehicle, it’s really common to get the torque converter clutch solenoid being in trouble. With the help of the OBD-ll(Onboard Diagnostic) scanner system, you can get Code P0740 as a result of this trouble. Now the question is – how long can you drive with code p0740?

The first thing is how severe the signal is. There is no accurate answer to the question of how long you can drive. It can be up to 10 feet or even more than 10,000 miles. But it is never recommended to drive with code P0740.

This trouble may happen multiple times and you’ve recognized and fixed the problem quickly. However, don’t worry, I’ve explained everything you need to about this topic. So let’s hop in.

How Long Can You Drive With Code P0740

What Does Code P0740 Mean? 

The code P0740 means “Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Circuit Malfunction”. The signal of DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Code) P0740 means the ECU(Electronic Control Unit) has detected trouble in the circuit that controls the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Circuit. 

When there is any abnormality in the torque converter clutch(TCC), then code P0740 is triggered. 

Many vehicles don’t list the code P0740 in their potential trouble code. However, the code P0740 means that the control module(TCM/PCM) Transmission Control Module or Powertrain Control Module recognizes any trouble in the torque converter clutch circuit. 

How Serious Is The Code P0740? 

It is a medium problem at first which is easily repairable. Nevertheless, if you don’t notice the problem or neglect it, then it can cause bigger trouble which can be troublesome.

A P0740 code means that the ECU(Electronic Control Unit) isn’t in full control of the torque converter clutch. So, the drivability is in question which is a very big issue. 

The torque converter sits between the transmission and the engine, that’s how it maintains its speed by multiplying the torque. The code P0740 is such trouble that can make you stand beside the road with your car.

A good running car needs coordination between the transmission of engine power and wheels. So, be fast to fix this problem quickly.  

Symptoms of Code P0740

Here comes the signals of code P0740 by which you can understand the trigger issue-

1. The transmission may shift very harshly or erratically.  

2. The engine may stall quite often.

3. The shudder feeling throughout the vehicle multiple times.

4. Check the engine light if it illuminates.

5. Signal of reduced fuel economy. 

6. The vehicle won’t move when in a gear position. 

What Causes Code P0740? 

The causes and reasons to have a triggered code P0740 vary from model and brand of vehicle. Just like the reason varies, the repair and diagnosis of the code P0740 can vary from vehicle model to model. 

Let’s see the list of the causes of code P0740-

1. Internal transmission failure.

2. Damaged Torque converter clutch(TCC) solenoid. 

3. Low transmission of fluid. 

4. TCM(Transmission Control Module) failure. 

5. Damaged wiring or connector.

6. If the fluid transmission is dirty. 

7. Faulty torque converter or clutch assembly. 

8. Neglecting transmission maintenance. 

Can You Drive Code P0740? (How Long)

First of all, don’t override a vehicle that has a problem with transmission or solenoid. Otherwise, it’ll be your safety issue and within no time you’ll see a truck close to your vehicle. However, if you want to run the vehicle for a short time, then it can be permitted. 

When a Transmission Control Unit(TCU) finds any trouble or damage, then it limits the vehicle’s speed to 35mph. This protects the transmission from getting more damaged. 

Anyways, with a damaged transmission unit with abnormal code P0740, you can run the vehicle up to 10 feet or 10,000 miles. 

This means you can drive approximately 200 hours with some extra minutes with this code P0740. With a normal 60mph, it takes 166 hours and 40 minutes to drive 10,000 miles. As the transmission limits the speed to 35mph, so you can run a long time with it. 

However, you better be careful and take your vehicle to any mechanic as soon as possible if you detect the problem. It’s for your safety and to protect your car from getting more damaged to be unrepaired. 

How to Diagnose The Code P0740 Problem?  

Diagnosis of code P0740 is quite easy. According to your car model and brand, you need to follow some procedures. You’ll find the transmission model and other details in your repair manual for the car. Therefore, let’s see the diagnosis process-

Step1: Checking the Trouble Codes And Large Plug

Connect the OBD-ll(Onboard Diagnostic) scanner system and check the trouble codes. Then check for the large plug from the transmission and remove it carefully. 

Step 2: Point Out And Measure the Pins

Now, point out the two pins that have gone to the Torque Converter Clutch(TCC) solenoid circuit. By the repair manual, measure the two pins.

Step 3: Locating Solenoid or Replacing

Here comes the big task. Check if there is any valve afar outside the specs or an open circuit in the transmission plug. If there is any, then remove the transmission pan. 

Then, locate the solenoid and measure it with the same selenoid you found in point-3. Replace it if it’s damaged.

Step 4: Making an Output Test

Now, if your values are in specifications, then make an output test from the TCU(transmission control unit) with your scanner. If it’s proper with 12v+, then it’s fine, if it’s not, then it’s a damaged transmission control module. 

Now you know how to diagnose the problem. The next thing we’ll learn is how to fix it. So, let’s dig in.

How to Fix Code P0740? 

After diagnosing, here comes the topic of how to fix this code P0740. Let’s see the ways to repair this code P0740-

1. Replacing the torque converter clutch solenoid circuit. 

2. Clean or repair the connector plugs to the torque converter clutch(TCC) solenoid.

3. Replace the transmission control module(TCM)

4. Add or replace the transmission fluid or filter.

5. Do an overhaul of the transmission. 

6. Install a brand-new transmission. 

Cost to Fix Code P0740 

The price cost we’ve added is combined with the labor cost and new replaceable parts. I haven’t added diagnosis cost here-

1. For Torque Converter Clutch(TCC) Solenoid Replacement it’ll take approximately $100 to $300. 

2. For transmission wiring or repairing it’ll be approximately $50 to $150

The Verdict

That’s all on the topic: how long can you drive with code p0740?.

Now you know it’s quite dangerous to drive with the signal. So, if you find or notice anything abnormal or unusual in your vehicle, then you better check it with the OBD-ll(Onboard Diagnostic) scanner system.

Once you diagnose the trouble, don’t delay or neglect the problem, be fast to take it to any qualified mechanic. 

You’ll need some advanced tools to fix this problem. If you can’t diagnose the problem, don’t try to do anything on your own, it may create more trouble. Rather, take help from any mechanic and clear the problem fast. Best of luck!

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