How to Fix the P2563 DTC Code on Duramax? (Complete Guide)

A Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is used to diagnose malfunctions in a vehicle. The DTC codes can be generic or manufacturer specific. P2563 is a DTC code too. OBD II scanner can read the DTC codes.

P2563 on Duramax is a generic DTC code. It refers to a malfunction in your Duramax engine’s Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor (TBCPS). In a more specific way, “malfunction in the Circuit Range or the Performance of the TBCPS” records the code in ECM.

Though P2563 is a generic code, the repair course can depend on the manufacturers. So, here we are to learn what P2563 means on Duramax. The causes, symptoms, and remedies are discussed throughout the article.

How to Fix the P2563 DTC Code on Duramax?

What Does P2563 Code Mean On Duramax?

We have already covered that the P2563 code on the Duramax engine means TBCPS is malfunctioning. However, the ECM (Engine Control Module) monitors the electronic actuator of VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger). After detecting a fault within the VGT, ECM shows the code.

By breaking down the code, you can clearly understand what it means.

  • P = Powertrain, the system of components transmitting the power to the wheels
  • 2 = A generic number according to SAE standards
  • 5 = Vehicle Speed Control And Idle Control System
  • 63 = Specific fault index (In this case, TBCPS “A” Circuit Performance or Range)

It means the Turbo Boost Control Position Sensor (TBCPS) “A” Circuit has some issues. The issue can occur for TBCPS not being in the specifications. Again, the performance may be out of range when monitored, causing the problem.

How Serious Is P2563 Code On Duramax?

The generic DTC code P2563 on Duramax is pretty serious, and the severity of this code can be moderately high.  If the code shows up, you need to stop driving your truck and must fix the problem immediately. Not fixing the problem will increase the issues with the vehicle’s engine.

An unattended P2563 code can damage your engine. If you leave it alone for too long, your cost of repairing the issue will rise dramatically.  So, you should fix the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, things may take a turn for the worse.

What Causes P2563 Code On Duramax?

P2563 specifies problem on Duramax is related to the vane in the turbocharger. So the issues will occur around the vane for being mispositioned or faulty actuator on it. P2563 can show up for the following faults in the turbocharger:

  • An opening in the TBCPS sensor’s signal circuit – most probable
  • The TBCPS sensor’s signal circuit may face a voltage short circuit.
  • Weight short circuit in the TBCPS sensor’s signal circuit
  • The power circuit has an opening in the TBCPS sensor – the most probable
  • TBCPS sensor failure – might be
  • ECM failure – unlikely.
  • The turbocharger boost sensor is broken.
  • A faulty turbocharger
  • Binding of the vanes in the incorrect position.
  • A buildup of soot on vanes prevents them from returning to their regular position at the start.

How To Fix P2563 Code On Duramax?

Getting the P2563 code on your Duramax means bad news. But all hope is not lost. You can still get around the issue by following a few simple guidelines. Here are a few pointers to follow.

Clean the sensors/turbo

Most of the time, the code doesn’t show up for a defective sensor most of the time. Usually, the turbo’s filthy internal components cause the issue. Again, the sensor may get clogged.

So, do not go changing the sensors at first. Instead, try to clean them. If that doesn’t work, clean the turbo. Here is a good order of operations for diagnosing and repairing the P2563 codes:

  1. Pull the sensor. Carefully clean the sensor with wires (requires removal tool)
  2. Cleanse the internal parts of the turbocharger, such as its unison ring.
  3. Run VGT and scan tests. Learn how to use tests to figure out what’s wrong.
  4. Replace the turbo or the sensor (whichever is faulty).

Not working? Try another way!

If neither of these methods works, you can replace the position sensor or the turbo. Given the accompanying expenditures, you’ll want to use a Tech 2 scanner.

Otherwise, perform a “VGT Learn” to see if the problem is with its sensor or its unison ring. You can generally clean a faulty unison ring which will get you by with regular turbo operation for 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

However, your turbo will ultimately fail. So, you will need to replace the turbo.

Turbocharger Learning Using Tech 2

Once the enable conditions have been met, the throttle must be idle. You must not change the APP during the procedure. Here are the steps to follow in using Tech 2 scanner.

Step-1: Ensure proper conditions

Conditions that have to be met for the ECM so you can perform turbocharger learning:

  • The air conditioning is turned off.
  • The car is in neutral or park.
  • Start the engine and let it idle.
  • The engine coolant temperature (ECT) is above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Step-2: Enter Function

Now you have fulfilled the conditions. After that, the TC Learn Output function is entered from the Module Setup Menu. 

Step-3: Turn on the Function

Turn on the TC Learn for 5 seconds (at least). Then turn it OFF.

Step-4: Check Function settings

The system should learn the turbocharger location by this. The system should have learned the location. It will be an option called Pos.Lrn.TC Vane. The option should have been changed to ‘Yes’ from the default ‘No’ position.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P2563 Code On Duramax

You can get other symptoms with the P2563 code on Duramax. Users reported that P003A might come with a P2563 code.

As both refer to the problem of turbochargers, the turbocharger may get damaged. That’s why one should check for other codes while handling P2563. Symptoms for P2563 include:

  • There will be a signal in the Check Engine Light, and ECM will show P2563.
  • The engine should have no or little turbo boost, making your car struggle to accelerate or perform well under load.
  • Failure management mode in the ECM will cause a reduced powered engine.
  • Productivity is low.
  • Acceleration-induced oscillations
  • Fuel efficiency has dropped.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Duramax P2563 Code?

The cost to fix the Duramax P2563 code can vary. That’s because the problem can be in the sensor or turbocharger.

If you just need to clean them, then you only need to pay to scan the system with an OBD II scanner. This will range from $75 to $150, depending on the state you live in.

But if you need to replace the sensor or the turbocharger, you need to pay for them. Position sensors can be around $100. Also, the whole turbocharger will cost more or less $1500. That’s why the fixed cost for the problem cannot be precisely estimated.

Can You Drive Your Duramax With code P2563?

Unfortunately, no. The P2563 code renders your vehicle undrivable.

This code indicates problems around the vane of the turbocharger. It can be the vane’s position or the actuator. The fault may lie with the sensors too.

Driving with such issues will only increase the severity of the problem. Your car’s drivability will slowly but surely decrease, ultimately resulting in the death of your engine. Sudden engine failure may cause major accidents.

Since the misaligned vanes cannot exhaust gas properly, your engine’s boosting capabilities won’t be the same as its prime. The faulty vanes will damage the turbocharger, affecting the engine.

So, if you face the P2563 code, do not sit around. Getting your car fixed immediately is highly recommendable!


The code is not just an electrical problem, as we learned what P2563 means on Duramax in the article. Not being a regular DIYer will make the situation more complicated. When it is just a matter of cleaning, you can do it yourself. But changing the turbocharger or the sensors is not a piece of cake.

You should go to a professional to get some help. Professionals are highly trained and experienced individuals in this case. Appropriate software/tools are available to them. So, it is easier and quicker to solve the issue.

Therefore, do not hesitate. If you face P2563 on your Duramax, you should seek the help of professionals or fix it yourself immediately.

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