How to Fix P01F0 Code On Duramax (A Comprehensive Guide)

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) will tell you about the problem with your car. These trouble codes on your car will simplify the problem and the solution. But do you know what code P01F0 means on Duramax?

The code P01F0 on Duramax means the coolant temperature is below the standard diagnostic temperature. A faulty catalytic converter, leaked hose pipes, or a broken engine can result from unbalanced temperature control.

Coolant temperature, perplexed thermostats, and damaged sensors are behind this issue. But the repair cost isn’t high if you are doing it in your backyard.

Never drive a car with the red-banded P01F0 code. A broken catalytic converter pollutes the environment and makes you pay a fat fine. Being aware of the indications will help you to fix the problem fast.

Duramax P01F0 Code

What Does P01F0 Code Mean On Duramax?

P01F0 is a common DTC code to indicate malfunctions in the thermostat. Breaking down the code in a simple form will give you a better idea of the problem.

  • P= Powertrain, elements of the system to move the car forward (in this case, the thermostat is the key element)
  • 0= A generic number as per SAE standards
  • 1= Manufacturer-specific number in the code
  • F0= Specific fault index (in this case, a faulty thermostat)

When the thermostat can’t control the standard temperature, it’ll take time to warm up the engine. An unbalanced temperature control damages the interior parts of the car.

How Serious Is P01F0 Code On Duramax?

The Duramax P01F0 code is a serious problem. It means the car is facing some issues, and its engine cooling process is disrupted. Let’s take a quick look at how serious the Duramax P01F0 code is.

  • Problem With Catalytic Converter

If the thermostat is broken, the catalytic converter fails to filter the polluting elements. It can’t properly separate the fuel-fume mixture. These released elements cause severe pollution of the environment.

  • A Defective Thermostat & Hose Pipes

Before a defective thermostat, the hose connection pays the price. Hose pipes ensure the circulation of coolants throughout the engine. But loose connection can’t do this work properly.

The thermostat gets stuck and is hard to refill with coolants. Don’t forget the problems it creates for the catalytic converter.

  • A Damaged Engine

A damaged engine is the final result of the P01F0 code on a Duramax. When the catalytic converter is affected by a broken thermostat, it fails to filter. Sometimes this makes the engine rusty and hampers the performance.

What Causes P01F0 Code On Duramax?

There are several causes for the code P01F0 on a Duramax. An elaborated explanation will help you to understand these causes accurately.

  • Temperature Of Coolant

The decreasing temperature of the coolant is a primary reason behind this code. Leaks in the hose line are responsible for the loss of coolant. As a result, heat, along with coolant, is lost. Hence, decreasing the coolant temperature.

  • Defective Sensors

Sometimes the sensors can’t correctly detect the temperature and other issues. This results in this code on Duramax. Plus, these sensors are susceptible to heat. This is another reason behind their low performance.

  • Perplexed Thermostat

A stuck/perplexed thermostat is a significant problem. You can’t change the coolant if the thermostat is stuck. Any leakage in the hose connection accelerates this issue. Not to mention the rusted bolts that cause this problem.

How To Fix P01F0 Code On Duramax?

Fixing the Duramax P01F0 code on your car is not a big deal. Let’s find out how to fix this issue in your backyard.

The lower temperature of the engine coolant might occur depending on two reasons- not enough coolant for the engine and a defective thermostat. Add more coolant if there’s a lack of coolant in the thermostat. It will solve the problem.

Fixing a Defective Thermostat

Here are the steps to repair a faulty thermostat:

Step 01: Use a clip or wrench to undo the radiator hose.

Step 02: Take out the oil fill from the tubes.

Step 03: Now, take out the housing underneath the car and clean it.

Step 04: Properly clean the housing. Then put it back inside the vehicle.

Step 05: Be careful about the AC lines.

Step 06: Make a crisscross pattern using the bolts and hose for better sealing.

Step 07: Tighten the bolts after decreasing the AC pressure.

Step 08: Fill up the thermostat with coolant to check leaks.

Step 09: Make sure there are no leaks and drive the car carefully.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P01F0 Code On Duramax

There are not a lot of apparent symptoms of getting a P01F0 code on Duramax. One telltale sign of the P01F0 code is that the coolant temperature falls below the monitoring temperature.

The temperature sensors will become less responsive and sometimes stop working if the P01F0 code is near. The engine will heat up often without any warning. Plus, loose bolts mean loss of coolant. As a result, low temperature sends a signal of the P01F0 code.

Disengaged bolts are another symptom of getting a P01F0 code. Leaking of coolant will send you a signal about a disturbed thermostat. The filtration problem with the catalytic converter indicates the P01F0 code.

Most importantly, a stuck thermostat will tell you that there’s a problem with the cooling process.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix P01F0 Code On Duramax?

You have to pay at least 100 bucks to fix the Duramax P01F0 code on your car. If you want a more durable and robust thermostat, you must pay $500.

You can fix the problem yourself if you love challenges. The price of a thermostat ranges from $12 to $200. As you can see, you have to pay the mechanic more money than the actual price of a thermostat.

It’s hard to find the perfect size for the car. But it’s elementary to install once you have the desired size.

You have to put the old one out and clean the interior slot. Then install the new one and check it by pouring coolant. But it’s best to take the vehicle to a mechanic shop for better results.

Can You Drive Your Duramax With P01F0 Code?

No, you can’t drive your car with the Duramax P01F0 code. It will waste fuel and is a dangerous sign for the engine. Monitoring the temperature becomes impossible if this code appears on the screen.

The warm-up period becomes longer while wasting a considerable amount of fuel simultaneously. So, a mixture of fumes and fuels runs through different engine parts. This is responsible for engine failure.

The catalytic converter of the car faces the consequences of a broken thermostat. It can’t keep up with the pace of the fuel-fume mixture. So, the pollution increases and the maintenance expense of the car too. But, not having a catalytic converter in your vehicle results in paying a fine.


The Duramax code P01F0 is a red signal for your car. You should be aware of the signs of this code to solve the problem as soon as you can. Filling up the thermostat with coolant might solve the problem temporarily.

It is best to replace the old one with a new thermostat. Hopefully, the discourse on what code P01F0 means on Duramax has answered all of your questions regarding this issue.

Be alert about the catalytic converter and the thermostat while you’re driving. Best of luck with replacing your car’s thermostat!

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