How to Fix the P0676 Code on Duramax (The Expert Approach)

A diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is used to specify an issue that a Duramax vehicle faces. The trouble code will help you immensely in identifying the exact problem with your vehicle. In case to get a proper solution, you can’t ignore the importance of this code.

The code p0676 on Duramax means that the glow plug voltage reading does not match the manufacturer’s specifications on cylinder number 6. Now, you must trigger out the exact problem and find a proper solution to the particular issue.

You may wonder about your responsibilities after noticing this p0676 code. Then, this article will inform you where to go. Besides, you will get to know how to fix it, how serious it is, possible symptoms, and overall cost.

How to Fix the P0676 Code on Duramax

What Is P0676 Code On Duramax?

The code p0676 represents a sign of failure of the glow plug of cylinder 6. And the respective cylinder will be damaged because it is failed to heat up properly. Now, let’s look at the code breakdown that will clarify the problem.

  • P = Powertrain, a process of many components to ensure the vehicle’s movement. 
  • 0 = A generic number comes from (SEA) standard.
  • 6 = Computer auxiliary output.
  • 76 = Specific fault index (in our case, it will be an issue with the glow plug circuit in cylinder 6)

The main work of the glow plug in the Duramax engine is to heat the cylinder head. But when the cylinder 6’s glow plug faces a particular problem and fails to heat up, the error code p0676 will be presented.

How Serious Is P0676 Code On Duramax?

Everyone wants to drive safely and avoid hazards. But the code p0676 will not let you drive safely. Being a serious a code, it will disturb your driving. And you may face numerous problems as well.

At the same time, the Duramax engine uses a high level of heat to ignite the fuel quickly. And the heat can be compressed with a glow plug. But if the glow plug of your vehicle’s engine remains faulty, the cold engine will not start up properly.

Moreover, the engine will not respond in particular weather conditions if it happens. It will remain freezing for a certain period. And your valuable time will be consumed to heat the engine.

Consequently, you will not feel comfortable driving your Duramax engine vehicle. So, undoubtedly the code p0676 on Duramax is highly serious. And you should take steps immediately. 

What Causes P0676 Code On Duramax?

Numerous factors are responsible for the p0676 code on the Duramax engine vehicles. You should have keen eyes to trigger the problem as soon as possible. Now, let’s look at the possible causes.

  • Faulty wire connectors
  • Damaged cylinder #6 glow plug
  • Defective plug module
  • Shorted glow plug circuit
  • Damaged plug relay
  • Problematic blown fuse
  • Loose wiring

Whatever the cause is, you must get the proper solution immediately. And before getting a solution, you have to diagnose the exact issue.

How To Fix P0676 Code On Duramax?

To fix the p0676 code on Duramax engine vehicles, you have to move forward strategically. A step-by-step process may help you immensely in this case. Interestingly, you will not find a single solution for this issue.

But don’t worry. Here we are going to let you know the exact process to fix the code p0676.

Step-1: Diagnose the exact issue

Diagnosing is the first step in fixing any problems. We recommend doing it with the help of a mechanic.

However, an expert mechanic can use several effective methods to determine the factor responsible for code p0676.

Firstly, you can scan the code with the help of a scanner. Then, investigate the wiring, connections, etc, to trigger the exact factor.

After that, you have to do other activities such as testing the glow plug, using battery voltage to check the plug, checking the system fuses, and looking over to the plug module and relay.

Step-2: Replace loose connectors

If you find any damaged or loose connectors while investigating, you have to replace them. Get new connectors and attach them firmly to the engine. Then, try to restart your vehicle.

Step-3: Change the plug module

If you find an issue with one or two glow plugs, you just need to replace these particular plugs. But if you notice that multiple plugs are defective, you should change the whole plug module. Moreover, you have to install a brand new module in place of the old one.

Step-4: Replace blown fuses 

A number of fuses are available in the system of the engine. And they are associated with the plug module. A particular fuse or multiple fuses may not work correctly at a time. In this case, you have to replace these fuses. And install new ones in place of them.

Step-5: Install a new cylinder

A cylinder is a key component in this case. But you may notice that the cylinder of your Duramax engine is broken. Importantly, the broken cylinder is mainly responsible for code p0676.

However, repair the cylinder with the help of a mechanic. But if you notice a serious issue with the cylinder, you have to reinstall a new one.

Step-6: Repair damaged pins

You may find bent or damaged pins in the electrical connector of your Duramax engine. And you should not ignore them at all. You have to repair damaged pins with proper care.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0676 Code On Duramax

After happening a particular issue with your Duramax engine, you may notice some specific symptoms. Interestingly, these symptoms will help you to identify the issue and get the necessary solutions. However, here we have listed some common symptoms.

  • Warning light
  • Hard to start the engine
  • The engine’s power is getting low
  • Don’t work plug indicator light
  • Cold cylinder temperature
  • Misfire of the engine
  • An abnormal noise from the engine
  • Remarkable while smoke from the engine

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Duramax P0676 Code?

The overall cost may depend on the price of materials that you need to replace or reinstall. If you need to replace the engine’s glow plug, you have to pay around 270$.

On the other hand, sometimes, you may need to repair the cylinder or fuse of the system. Then, you should pay some additional costs. However, the labor cost for repairing, replacing, or reinstalling is about 90$ to 200$.

Can You Drive Your Duramax With Code P0676?

After noticing the code, you should not drive your car anymore before fixing the issue. Otherwise, you may face numerous difficulties.

Most importantly, if you need to drive the car in an emergency, even after noticing the code p0676, you have to be prepared for any situation.

However, experts recommend not to use the vehicle after getting any error code and suggest sending the automobile to a service center as soon as possible.


P0676 is a serious error code. If you don’t take the necessary steps against the code in time, you may suffer in the long run. So, never hesitate to go to the service center whenever you notice the code.

We highly recommend you move through a step-by-step process to get the proper solution for the p0676 code on the Duramax engine. Importantly, never ignore a single symptom at all.

However, I hope you have got all the necessary information about p0676 on Duramax. Now, start to trigger the issue and fix them immediately.  Good luck!

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