How To Fix P0106 Code On Chevy Cruze? (Explained)

The error code P0106 ​​on your Chevy Cruze is one of the vital problems with the Multiple Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. If your vehicle has high mileage, such as 100,000 miles or more, then the problem is very common.

The MAP sensor controls your vehicle’s internal combustion engine’s electronic control system. If the sensor is defective, the engine will not run properly. As a result, the error code P0106 ​​can cause serious problems with the operation of the engine.

A faulty Chevy Cruze MAP sensor could cause an engine to backfire. But there is no reason to worry, because, fortunately, we have this article to diagnose and repair this problem. So let’s start without delay.

What Does the Error Code P0106 on Chevy Cruze Mean?

Chevy Cruze’s P0106 ​​error code means problems with the voltage output range or engine performance in the MAP circuit. The problem occurs when the MAP of the electronic control system’s internal combustion engine is being triggered. 

A typical MAP sensor has to read manifold pressures from 1 to 4.5 volts. When this ratio is off, it can cause a backfire in the engine. 

The MAP sensor is a vital part of the fuel injection system. It also signals the

Engine Control Unit (ECU) for smooth operation with proper performance and power, as well as for good fuel economy.

Symptoms of Getting the Error Code P0106 on Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze error code P0106 ​​has several features as other error codes have. The most striking problem, however, is that the car’s engine is stuttering or running too fast and burning more fuel than normal.

Other probable symptoms include:

  • Engine misfire/backfire;
  • The check engine lights are on;
  • The ratio of fuel to air is very rich;
  • Excessive smoke in the exhaust;
  • Rough passive;
  • The engine stutters while accelerating.

The Causing Factors of the Error Code P0106 on Chevy Cruze

In addition to the various symptoms mentioned above, several different issues can affect a car on Chevy Cruze error code P0106. For example:

  • When the air intake system vacuum or intake hose becomes loose or bursts. Or if, its plastic fittings and clamps are missing;
  • If the MAP sensor range voltage output is incorrect. Also, if it is outside the input programmed by the ECU;
  • If the MAP sensor is broken or damaged or cracked, there may also be a bad connection to the sensor. If the electrical ground is weak, problems can still occur;
  • The sensor may operate outside its range due to fatigue of internal components;
  • Another rare reason is that the ECU can be bad.

How Serious Is the Error Code P0106 on Chevy Cruze?

The P0106 error ​​code on the Chevy Cruze will cause the engine to malfunction and require immediate attention. MAP sensor problems can cause rough engine operation, fuel consumption, and difficulty starting the vehicle under certain conditions. 

If you continue to drive the vehicle without fixing these problems, you may face other losses. Sometimes, if you cannot detect a problem, your mechanic can reset the fault codes. 

You can also double-check to see if the code or engine light returns. If you notice that the engine warning light often lights up immediately upon engine startup, the OBD-II system may need to be reset.

How to Solve the Error Code P0106 on Chevy Cruze?

There are several possible reasons behind the P0106 code appearing in Chevy Cruze. So it is important to first determine the exact cause.

The easiest way to do this is to first examine it visually. Notice the wiring and hose around the MAP sensor. Then, proceed to diagnose the complete problem of the MAP sensor:

Diagnosing the Error Code P0106 on Chevy Cruze:

Step 1:

First, check the other problem codes and record the result. Then, scan the freeze frame data. Record the result again. Also, clean the engine check light.

Step 2:

Visually inspect the air intake hose and intake duct to see if there are any cracks or leaks. After testing, makes sure they are tight enough and have no clamps.

Step 3:

Now, turn on the ignition without turning on your vehicle.

Step 4:

The vehicle’s MAP sensor data needs to be checked, so use an OBD-II scan tool. The pressure sensor should drop from 4.5 volts to about 1 volt during the test. If this is not the case, then maybe your vehicle has a sensor or wiring problem.

Step 5:

Test the MAP sensor using a vacuum pump. In this case, do not start the engine and apply 20-inch vacuum pressure. If you see no voltage drop, check the port and hose for debris clogs. Then, clean them. Replace them completely if necessary.

Step 6:

Now, you need to check the wiring around the MAP sensor. Do the test using a digital multimeter. Connect the multimeter wire to the MAP sensor. If the reading is not around 5 volts, connect the cable to the vehicle’s PCM. Now, if you get voltage from the connection, but not from the PCM, then you should check the shorts.

Fixing the Error Code P0106 on Chevy Cruze:

OK, running all the diagnostics is complete. Now, it’s time for you to fix the P0106 error ​​code on your Chevy Cruze.

Step 1: First, manually check that the wiring of the MAP sensor is not damaged. Also, make sure the clamps and host are tight and fitted.

Step 2: If any wire gets damaged, replace them. Clear all codes. Then, take a test drive to see if the code P0106 ​​remains on the Chevy Cruze or not.

Step 3: Remove the MAP sensor and clean it with an electronic parts cleaner.

Step 4: If there is any damage to the ground of the engine, clean them with an automatic corrosion cleaner.

Step 5: If the code is not fixed even after these steps, then you need to replace the MAP sensor, there is no other way.

Cost of Solving the Error Code P0106 on Chevy Cruze

If you need to replace the MAP sensor completely, it can cost $130 and $200. Plus, the labour cost will be around $14 to $25 and the cost of different parts will be between $110 and $180.

Common Mistakes While Solving the Error Code P0106 on Chevy Cruze

Various diagnostic errors arise due to not following the valid procedure. So, you have to follow all the steps carefully and complete the test continuously. If the MAP sensor or ECU is not to blame, then there is no need to waste money on new equipment.

Additional Comments Regarding the Error Code P0106 On Chevy Cruze

Many Chevy Cruze hatchbacks with more than 100,000 mileage have transient sensor problems. It usually occurs in start-up or chronic stress situations on the drive train. 

If you notice that the engine warning light is on and the hatchback of the vehicle seems to be working normally, then all you have to do is reset the OBD-II system using the scanner. Maybe the problem didn’t happen again later. This is why it is very important to check and reset the error before making any major repairs


The error code P0106 on Chevy Cruze is bad enough for the MAP sensor. It is important to go through the diagnostic steps noted in the article before replacing the sensor. 

After each step, be sure to test drive the car to see if the Chevy Cruze error code P0106 has expired. Lastly, if you go through all of the above steps and still have the code, we suggest you go to a professional mechanic.

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