Chopped vs. Razor Tour Pack: Which one is User-Friendly

It is very liberating to ride away on rear wheels with whatever you require for a trekking or multi-day trip strapped to your bike. However, some bike tourers may disagree, criticizing it as unpleasant, heavy, and shaky. Although a motorcycle laden with gear will indeed feel different and with a little help from the tour packs.

You will be able to carry your stuff, so they stay available throughout the ride without significantly affecting your bike’s stability and performance. Having a tour pack by your side can prevent unnecessary hassle and tension about finding the important things that are needed in the middle of a tour.

This article is going to emphasize the size of the tour packs- Chopped VS Razor Tour Pack. This is an ongoing debate that continues which one to buy and which one is best for what. The tour packs are made for bike riders to make their journey easy, so you can understand that tour packs are very user-friendly. 

Chopped Vs Razor Tour Pack: Definite Comparison:

The main difference is the size and the amount it costs. They both have similar types of backrests, so you do not compare in this sector.

Chopped Tour PackRazor Tour Pack
Weight- About 20.1 PoundsAbout ‎21.9 Pounds
Size (Approx.)- 8.7 X 11 inches7.9 X 9.8 inches
Can be used for longer tripsCan be used for daily uses
Higher costs ( Approx.)- $300- $350Lower costs (Approx.)- $180-$250
Provides more lock optionsLock options are fixed

Chopped Vs Razor Tour Pack: Overview of Both the Products

Bike riders usually face a lot of difficulties while choosing their tour pack. The consistent bike riders can also buy multiple Tour packs; they want one for daily use, one for packing up for long trips. But some riders do not want to buy multiples and are confused between the chopped and razor tour packs, which match and fit with their routine and what looks good with the bike as well.


Chopped Tour Pack:

The usual Chopped tour pack is injection-molded ABS plastic, painted vivid black to match the bikes, for a smooth surface and form-fitting fit. Usually, the lid and bottom are painted vivid black, the latches and locks are set up with keys, the hinges are installed, and the whole box is weather-stripped.

Most of the chopped tour pack arrives pre-installed except for the backrest. But it is not an issue as you can find the drilled bracket holds, where you can install it yourself. The tour pack fits very fine as long as you match it up to your correct quick-release mounting hardware.

To cut out on a tour-pack base to accommodate a drilled mounting hole from a 2013 or prior model, make sure that you’re getting a unit compatible with that hardware.

Razor Tour Pack :

The materials used to make a razor tour pack are similar to a chopped tour pack. They come with very high-quality painting, so you can start using them right from the moment it is bought. There is no extra hassle for painting or setting stuff as they are found in different colors and sometimes can be custom-made.

The razor tour pack comes with all the items pre-installed. It has chrome latches on one side and chrome hinges on another side. There is a tethering system that prevents the lid from falling back, and as it is retractable, it sucks in the cable as it closes. So you do not have to worry about the cable dangling outside the box. 

It has a compact rubber seal in it; it locks the pack as you push it down. They also come with lock systems, so you are also getting safety assurance here.

Size Comparison

It is very clear to you by now that the chopped tour pack is bigger than the razor tour pack. The chopped pack comes with bigger package dimensions in inches than a razor pack. In a chopped tour pack, you can carry more things for a longer road trip if you are moving for several days or weeks. Whereas, you can use a razor pack for daily uses.

You might be confused thinking that a razor pack cannot be used on longer trips. You can also use that if you travel alone. A chopped pack weighs about 20.1 pounds, and a razor pack weighs about ‎21.9 pounds. Riding a bike with a chopped tour pack will feel heavier than a razor tour pack. The only thing that changes is the depth.

The tour packs are a little bit thinner in the back than they are in the front. The back end of a razor is usually about 7.9 inches, and the front is 9.8 inches tall. In a chopped pack, it is about 8.7 inches at the back and 11 inches in the front. This measurement does not include the backrest.

On the razor, you can fit two skid lid half helmets side by side and pack stuff around it. The chopped can fit all these. Also, you can fit three-quarter face helmets, including laptops, etc. Therefore, for pretty much everyday use, on the roads, riders usually prefer the razor packs as they are low, sleek-looking, and flow with the bike real smooth.


You do not need to worry about the durability of the tour packs. The materials that are used to make the tour packs are made to resist extreme heat, rain, and other weather conditions. Tour packs are not only used daily but also on week-long trips. In both cases, the tour packs are modeled to give full safety to the things that you are carrying.

Some riders worry if they keep helmets or are heavy will it affect the tour pack or not. Now, anything happening for a longer period will have some effect, but that happens with every other thing.  


The tour packs are best known for their flexibility. You can use the same tour packs on different bikes as well as different tour packs on the same bike. This design of the tour packs of both the chopped and razor are made in such a manner that you can use both as per your needs.

Cost Comparison

The price of the chopped tour pack is usually from $300- $350, and the razor packs are from $180-$250. This huge difference is because of the size. A chopper can hold much more things than a razor.

The prices can vary due to special features and guarantees provided by the brands. If you think you want to go for fancier or sleek-looking tour packs, you can go for bigger brands. They might also provide better lock systems with more safety.

Chopped Vs Razor Tour Pack; which one to choose?

For choosing between the two tour packs, you have to know the number of things you will be carrying with you. Choosing a razor pack will cover your daily works however choosing a chopped tour pack will work for both daily uses and long trips.

According to my research and understanding of the product, I think that the better one is the chopped tour pack. Now, if you want to buy one of them and use it for multi-purposes then I think you should go for the chopped tour pack.


Can you find everything that you need to put the tour pack on with the tour pack package?

With the tour pack, of course, you will get a backrest, tour pack, latches, hinges, lock system. This bracket is needed because it slips down on the docking system that is installed on your bike, which also makes it detached. Therefore, this docking system is a separate purchase.  

Will a helmet fit in a chopped Tour pack?

Are you wondering if the Chopped Tour Pack includes full-face helmets? In general, no, you can’t fit a full face helmet on a chopped tour pack.

Which one is the best for multi-day tours?

This is a personal choice from my point of view. You can, of course, choose to save some bucks and put limitations on the things you want to carry. But for the riders who want to carry cameras and a sufficient amount of clothing with other necessities, a chopped one will be the best for you.


Deciding between the Chopped Vs. Razor Tour Pack is not easy all time. The price is usually almost half less than a razor pack, and the size is a bit smaller, especially if you want to go for longer rides. You have to take into consideration the type of tours you usually take or will take before buying one. You’ve to ensure you can ride one person or more before purchasing because both have huge size differences. Now, what I recommend is that you better keep in mind the number of days you are traveling and whom you are traveling with. Keeping these things in mind, you can easily decide which one suits you the most.

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