Carlini Gangster Apes 14 vs. 16: How Do They Differ?

What if you could get style and comfort at the same time? Many people mistakenly believe that when comfort is present, style is absent. However, when comfort is present, style must be sacrificed. On the other hand, when high-end is preferred over comfort, style must be sacrificed.

Luckily, the reality should be different when picking up handlebars from Carlini Design. It’s always able to match your vision with high-end versatility, whether you want a flying ape or a Gangster.

Regarding Harleys or other models similar to Harleys, the 14 inches and 16 inches Carlini Gangster hangers are always the top choices. In this article, I’ll attempt to distinguish between (Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16) the two famous gangster apes; thus, you can choose one that is appropriate for your motorcycle.

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: Quick Comparison

Are Ape Hangers really comfortable? Do you have any tips on choosing the right size? If you are thinking of installing Ape Hanger Handlebars on your motorcycle, you may have these types of questions. Well, let’s see in-brief now…..

Carlini Gangster apes 14 inchesCarlini Gangster apes 16 inches
Size: 1.25″, 1.50″1.25″, 1.50″
Width: 41 inches/36.5 inches41 inches/36.5 inches
Center width: 11.75 inches11.75 inches
Thickness: 1.50 inches/1.25 inches.1.50 inches/1.25 inches
Pullback: 7 inches7 inches
Weight: 7 lbs8 lbs
Dimensions: 39 × 14 × 8 in36 × 8 × 17 in
Finish: Black, ChromeChrome, Black
Step Option: Stepped, Non-SteppedStepped, Non Stepped
Throttle: Cable Throttle, Throttle By WireCable Throttle, Throttle By Wire

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: In-Depth Comparison

Is it comfortable to ride for long periods of time? Would they be practical for everyday use? In addition to bar comfort and riding style, the height of the Ape Hangers will also influence the appearance of the bike. The following elements are important to consider:

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: Specifications

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 = 1.25″:

  • Thickness: 1.25 inches
  • Width: 36.5″/ Stepped Width: 38.5″.
  • Pullback (depth): 7 inches.
  • Rise (height): 14 inches.
  • Sections of the grip taper down to 1-inch diameter to fit 1-inch grips.
  • Wires pre-drilled for internal connections.

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 = 1.50″:

  • Thickness: 1.50 inches.
  • Width: 41 inches.
  • Pullback (depth): 7 inches.
  • Rise (height): 14 inches.
  • Center Width: 11.75 inches (the distance between the bends)
  • Each grip section tapers to 1′′ diameter to fit 1′′ hand controls and grips.
  • Wiring through the bars is pre-drilled.
  • Electrified throttle control is available on the handlebars.

Carlini 16″ Gangster Ape Specs:

  • Thickness: 1.25″ or 1.50″ option
  • Width: 36.5″/ Stepped Width: 38.5″
  • Pullback (depth): 7 inches.
  • Rise (height): 16 inches.
  • Center width: 11.5 inches.
  • To use with 1×1 inch hand controls and grips, grip sections taper off to 1×1 inch diameter.


The 14-inch Gangster Ape in 1.25-inch comes in two different versions: with a 1-inch step down (suitable for most Harley Davidson risers) or with no step. The stepped option measures 5- 1/8 inches wide. Most bikes require a 1.25′′ riser for the non-stepped option. The 1.50′′ bars are not available in stepped possibilities.

These are some of the ways you can purchase Carlini 16′′ Gangster Apes: For most Harley Davidson riser applications, 1′′ step down is provided at the mounting surface (5- 1/8′′ wide step down). Most bikes require 1.25′′ risers if the seat is not stepped. In addition, the Throttle By Wire option is very useful.

Flying apes or Gangster

Are flying apes better? Is the Gangster enough? It’s your turn to decide. The most important thing is your preference. My preference is for both types to look good.

If you are a big person, you might want to choose the narrower version, as it will offer much more comfort. Identify the great model that would give you the most satisfying experience based on your needs.

The Ultimate Goal is Comfort

14” or 16” doesn’t matter. Having a handlebar that extends above the level of the rider’s shoulders will not make you more comfortable. We know that the design and style of the apes are of the utmost importance. However, being stylish shouldn’t mean compromising on comfort. Consider your height and size more carefully to achieve both comfort and eccentricity at the same time.

Consider the Thickness Carefully

In terms of picking the right thickness, there are two different models. Those of you who are really big would benefit from the 1.50 edition. The added thickness of 0.25 inches will make holding the handle in one hand much more effortless. As a result, the 1.25-inch edition should be sufficient for a guy who stands around 5.8 to 6 feet tall. Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16 both have the quality.

Height Selection

Measure yourself before purchasing a new set of bars from Carlini Gangster Apes, so you don’t have to guess which height is right for you.

It’s essential to consider the “riders triangle” when deciding the height of your bars. The seat, handlebar grips, and footpegs make up the three points of the triangle. Sitting on your bike with your eyes closed will help you figure out your ideal riders’ triangle.

14” Vs. 16”: What Should You Know Before Buying Ape Handlebars?

  • First, select the appropriate type. You have meaty, traditional, wider, cornered, narrower, and many others at your disposal to give you a mind-boggling experience.
  • The second step is to ensure the right height and weight are picked for the appropriate comfort level.
  • Next, you need to identify whether or not your bike has ABS.
  • Additionally, you need to check your bike’s dual discs or single discs.
  • Last but not least, look up your bike type. Some bikes have hydraulics, while others have clutches.

Price Range

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: which one is more expensive? Or which one is more cost-effective than others? Stay cool. However, both are created with the same quality (without some features) and market range the same as well. You can get both around $400, so there is no need to worry about breaking the bank.

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: Which One to Choose?

Some people are willing to give up their comfort zone a little to gain a sense of style. Both the 14 and 16-inch Gangster Apes look crisp enough to give you a sense of elegance if that is your main objective.

Adding these hangers to Harleys, Road Kings, and some other motorbike models will lend them an aggressive and powerful appearance that you will fall in love with instantly.

Compared to the chrome one, the black one seems a little more aggressive to most people. In my opinion, rather than choosing a handlebar based on its color, it would be better to select one based on the color scheme of your motorcycle. Because of this, both 14” and 16” apes come in two different finishes, so you can choose a finish that suits your taste.


Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: Is it worth it?

Sure, of course. Among Harley and cruiser motorcycle owners, the Carlini Gangster 14″ or 16″ Ape Hangers are widely popular. Those bikes are fun to ride, and they look damn good as well. A bike can be changed to adjust its look, feel, and comfort to your preferences.

How is handling affected by Ape Hangers?

Due to the longer distance needed to lean the handlebars, you have to tip the bike into a curve over a longer length. Neither the safety nor handling of the bike will be affected, but the responsive feel of corners will change.

How about sitting up-right or leaning forward?

If you experience pain in your back, shoulders, or neck and are now running low on bar stock, you may benefit from Ape Hangers. Your body weight will be shifted from your hands to the seat because of raising your riding position. Additionally, with this design, riders will be able to sit in a more upright position, reducing neck and back pain.

Final Note

Choosing the right rise distance is the most challenging task. Is the Carlini Gangster 14 inches the right choice? Can the 16 inches Gangster also be used?

  1. Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: the two most popular and confusing items are the 14 inches and 16 inch Carlini Gangster apes.
  2. In general, experts believe that the 14-inch model will fit people with a height of around 5.8 feet to 6 feet.
  3. With a height of over six feet, you should be able to use the 16-inch Carlini version.
  4. Rather than just looking at the style, make sure that you get equal style and comfort.

Have a wonderful ride.

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