Harley 103 Stage 4 vs. 110: Head to Head Comparison

Owning a Harley means adding a vital part of yourself to your bike. After you selected the one you loved, you began to search for ways to improve it. Upgrades from Screamin’ Eagle stage 4 improve performance, looks, and sound, and there is one to suit everyone’s needs.

The kits were referred to as Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, and so on based on their performance differences. In addition, these terms helped customers better understand their purchases. Similar performance levels are being referred to as “Stages” on the V-Twin performance market today.

I would like to discuss the differences between the Harley 103 stage 4 vs. 110 in a bit. As we move forward, Fuel Moto intends to refer to its own kits as well as the traditional ones.

Harley 103 Stage 4 Vs. 110: Comparison in Brief:

Harley 103 Stage 4Harley 110 Stage 4
SE 259e cams, V-twin EngineSE 255e cams, V-twin Engine
1,690 cc1,802.6 cc
103 hp115 hp
58mm throttle body55 mm throttle body
Twin Cam 103 engineTwin Cam 110 engine
Black highlighted Black granite highlighted
CNC ported cylinder headsCNC ported cylinder heads
105 lbs-ft of torqueAround 110 ft-lbs of torque
Compression pistons 10.5:1Compression ratio of 9.9:1
Top end gasket kit, perfect-fit pushrodsHigh-capacity roller tappets, Perfect-fit pushrods
3,000 – 4,000 RPM4,700 to 5,400 RPM

What is Actually Stage 4?

An engine of this size and compression would be moderately powerful. Among its features are more headwork and cams than Stage 3. It would usually have a larger throttle body and injectors (depending on the exact model). Additional upgrades like clutches may also be required.

It is possible for power levels to be 50-60% greater than stock, such as:

  • FM AC/DC air cleaner with a larger element
  • 64mm TB, 5.5 injectors
  • 120 big bore kit 11.4 comp
  • Wood WM8-999 cam
  • FM Level B CNC heads
  • AIM SDR lock-up clutch & springs,
  • Jackpot 2/1 exhaust
  • Dynojet Power Vision tuner

 Features of Harley 103 Stage 4:

What’s In The Box? You can get in the box: Forged 10.5:1 high compression pistons and rings, CNC ported cylinder heads, 58mm throttle body, 259 cams, top end gasket kit, perfect-fit pushrods, and heavy-duty clutch spring.

Harley 103 stage 4 is now available on Street Glide Specials, Street Glides, Road Kings, and Electra Glide Ultra Classics standardly.

  • Ideal for riders who want the absolute best performance upgrade available.
  • Improve and provide the highest level of compression, displacement, and flow.
  • More air and fuel are fed into the engine with larger bore throttle bodies and CNC ported cylinder heads.
  • Which maximizes the power of an engine with a large displacement and huge volume of the intake air.
  • Combining ported cylinder heads and an enlarged throttle body in conjunction with matching pistons, cylinders, and a proper camshaft.
  • Boosting acceleration and increasing higher RPMs by 50%, the rider will experience incredible gains.
  •  It is the cylinder heads of Twin-Cooled engines that allow water to pass through, which cools the combustion chambers and exhaust valves; it’s the hottest part of the engine.

Features of Harley 110 Stage 4:

What’s In The Box?You can get in the box: 4.125″ Bolt-On Cylinders, Forged 9.9:1 Compression Pistons and Rings, High Flow Fuel Injectors, 55mm Throttle Body, SE-255E Cams, Perfect-Fit Pushrods, High-Capacity Roller Tappets, Inner Cam Bearing Kit, Top End, and Cam Cover Gaskets.

I am explaining Stages 4 to those who are new to this or just starting to think about performance upgrades, or perhaps wondering, “What the heck are they? “. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • It finished in black. During its combustion cycle, the 110 motor generates 115 foot-pounds of torque and displaces 1,802.6 cubic centimeters of volume.
  • With high strength, thin-walled bolt-on spigots, these bolt-on 4.125″ cylinders insert directly into the factory 110CI crankcase without requiring additional machining.
  • Bolt-on 110Ci cylinders with stage 4 will give you an increase in horsepower that’s actually quite good for a stock freedom machine.
  • Fits models ’16-’17 110CI FLSS, FLSTFBS and FXDLS as well.
  • This accessory is required if you are purchasing the 55mm air cleaner and the Cam Drive Retention Kit.
  • In order to use Screamin’ Eagle Street Tuner Kits on all EFI-equipped models, a dealer will have to download ECM calibration data.
  • The installation must be recalibrated. For details, contact your dealer. There is no labor charge.

Harley 103 Stage 4 Vs. 110: Comparison in Details

I think you’ve lot’s of questions about both kits and obviously I’ll share more info with you. Come on, let’s go.


Horsepower is the most important issue for any engine. Using new ported heads, throttle bodies, 259 cams, and SE clutch kits, the Stage 4 kit is slated to produce up to 103 horsepower and around 110 ft-lbs of torque on the CA Street Legal version.

With a power range of 4700 rpm to 5400 rpm, the Twin Cam 110 produces 80 HP. All of the components flat line at approximately 5800 rpm. In terms of peak torque, the Softail Slim produced 96.79 pounds-feet at 3600 rpm and 81.74 horsepower at 5000 rpm.

Cubic Capacity

A 103 cubic inch (1,690 cubic centimeter) Electra Glide Ultra Limited model is available for 2010. For the Softail models of 2012 and the CVO models of the Screamin’ Eagle, 110 cubic inches (1,801 cc).

During a combustion cycle, the 110 produces 115 foot-pounds of torque and dispenses 1,802.6 cc of volume. An overhead valve configuration and a 9.9:1 compression ratio are the characteristics of the engine.


With this 103 kit, you can install a Twin Cam 103 engine in a 49-state Touring model purchased after 2010. From 2010 to 2011. This 49-state Touring models were equipped with Twin Cam 96 machines, with Screamin’ Eagle 3 7/8″ Big Bore Cylinder Kits purchased separately. In order to ride on 2010 Road Glide and Street Glide Custom models, a dual exhaust must be purchased separately.

Transform your 110 cubic inches, Original Equipment model into a fast. The Twin Cam hauler has a reliable 117 cubic inch motor that doesn’t have to be removed from the chassis. It’s equipped with Screamin’ Eagle components matched to the system. The performance cams and big bore cylinders make this model stand out. Utilizing the original equipment cylinder heads with the valve train components offers a cost-effective boost in performance and torque.

Cost Comparison

It’s the latest Stage 4 kit by Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance, P/N 92500011, for $1,849.95. From Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories, the kit will maintain the original factory warranty and will produce maximum horsepower.

Street Performance Kit from Screamin’ Eagle price is $1,819.95 in Harley 103 stage 4.

Upgrade your 110 cubic inch Original Equipment cylinder head to a fast Equipment cylinder head for optimal torque and performance- Harley 110 stage 4 will cost $2169.95. This would be a definite plus for the 103 since the price is considerably lower. There are also times when dealers around here will offer discounts on Stage 2/3/4 kits like 25% off labor and 15% off parts.


The Street Performance Black highlighted kit maintains the factory warranty and lets you enjoy the maximum horsepower available for a legal 103 kit. This kit includes dealer installation. Not only are all products from Screamin’ Eagle Performance designed for experienced riders but also novice riders. Installing manual or automatic compression releases is recommended on larger engines.

Likewise, if you own an upgraded Harley 110 stage 4, you can simply drop the cylinders on top and get the most out of your investment! These kits have a 1-year warranty as well, so you won’t have to worry about losing your factory warranty!

Harley 103 stage 4 vs. 110: What to choose?

There are ways to improve the performance of the 103, but the 110 has a lot of good features (I think). Not really interested in a racer, but saying there is never enough power! CVO 110s will outperform stock (96 big bores) 103s.

Could we go with a Harley 103 stage 4 engine instead of a 110 engine? Does the power difference really matter? There are reliability issues in 103 stage 4, but some comparison in every aspect. Regardless, Harley 110 stage 4 makes your ride even better. According to HP and TQ, there shouldn’t be a large difference.

Final Notes

Harley 103 stage 4 vs. 110, which performs better? Is there any confusion about this? The Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Stage Kit helps to improve your motorcycle. Both kits have a powerful lineup of Stage Upgrades by Screamin’ Eagle that focuses on performance, looks, and feel.

Many of these things are marketing, but they can actually be helpful if they are interpreted correctly. Several OEMs and aftermarket companies have used the term “Stage” successfully. You can move your own way depending on bike, expertise, and affordability. Happy Riding.

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