What Is P2263 Code On 6.4 Powerstroke: How To Fix?

Ford 6.4L Powerstroke lets users know about the engine difficulties through DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). The P2263 is one of them & it’s something you will never want in your engine.

If you’re getting the DTC P2263 & don’t know what it means, this article is for you. In this article, I’ve discussed everything from the causing factors to solve in a newbie-friendly manner.

What Is P2263 Code On 6.4 Powerstroke

What Does P2263 Code Means On 6.4L Powerstroke?

P2263 is one of the error codes of the 6.4L engine & it indicates problems with the fuel delivery system or turbocharger boost system. By definition, this code refers to Turbo/Super Charger Boost System Performance.

The supercharger or turbo creates its boost using exhaust pressure & fuel/air mixture. To control the exhaust pressure, the manufacturer determines a range & the exhaust pressure stays on that limit.

This exhaust pressure is monitored by the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) all the time. So, when the PCM detects exhaust pressure being high or low compared to the predetermined range – it stores the DTC P2263.

Symptoms Of Getting The P2263 Code On A 6.4

Every DTCs of the Ford 6.4L engine comes with some common symptoms & the code P2263 isn’t an exception. Expect to have DTC P2263 if you’re noticing the following symptoms:

  1. Check Engine Light is Turned On
  2. Sluggish Driving Experience
  3. The engine is Hard To Start
  4. Reduced Boost & Acceleration Pressure
  5. Excessive Smoke (White or Black) From The Exhaust
  6. Engine Surging At an Idle
  7. Unusual Noises From Turbocharger Boost System & Engine

You may not get all the symptoms at once & that doesn’t mean you don’t have the code. Noticing at least three of these symptoms is a strong indicator of the DTC P2263.

The Causing Factors Of The Error Code P2263

Your engine can get this code for various reasons besides the ICP (Injection Pressure Control) sensor being dirty/faulty. Here are the common causing factors of the error code P2263:

  1. Broken & Loosen Hose Clamps Causing Boost Leaks
  2. Faulty BPS (Boost Pressure Sensor)
  3. Faulty Wastegate
  4. Plugged & Clogged Catalytic Converter
  5. Defective or Dirty ICP Sensor
  6. Faulty Turbocharger
  7. Faulty EBP (Exhaust Back Pressure) Sensor

Any of these factors mentioned above can cause the DTC P2263 to appear in your PCM & scanner.

How Serious Is Code P2263 On 6.4L Powerstroke?

This error codeP2263 shouldn’t be taken lightly. As this code directly impacts your engine (Causing engine stalling, surging & shut off), you should treat this code seriously.

I’ll be showing how to solve/fix this code in the next segment. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the procedures, don’t panic & take your vehicle to your nearby auto shop.

How to Solve P2263 Error Code On 6.4L Powerstroke?

As the possibilities of getting P2263 are endless (sort of), there is no exact solution you can implement to fix it. However, you can try these well-known methods mentioned below & see if it works for you:

Check Hoses & Oil Supply Line

The first thing you should do is inspect the hoses & the oil supply line connected to the turbo. Check if you can find cracks & loose clamps. If so, consider replacing the hoses.

Do the same thing with the oil supply line. Chances are, you’re having one or several leakages in the oil supply line. Replace the oil supply line with a new one & the error code should be solved.

Check & Replace The Turbo

First, remove the turbo & inspect the bearing for leaks. If you get oil inside the bearing, the bearing is faulty. Repairing the turbo isn’t DIY work; replace it instead & save yourself some bucks of high labor cost.

You can also check other things such as – exhaust side of the turbo & turboshaft to spot any irregularity. If you find anything unusual, replace the turbo as an easy solution.

Check & Replace ICP Sensor

The ICP (Injection Control Pressure) sensor is located in a very vulnerable position. The electrical connector of the ICP sensor is often seen storing oil which causes the ICP sensor to malfunction.

First, remove the electrical connector from the ICP sensor. Inspect it thoroughly & see if there is any oil. Getting oil there is a clear indicator that the ICP sensor is faulty & needs to be replaced.

Check & Replace EGR Pressure Sensor

Last but not least, checking & replacing the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Pressure sensor can lift the DTC P2263. Though the EGR works for reducing NOx emission, it can also contribute to getting the code.

Inspect your EGR pressure sensor line thoroughly. Check if any contamination or corrosion is causing any blockage. Don’t forget to check the electrical connector as well. If you find anything suspicious, replace the sensor.

How Much Does It Cost To Solve The Error Code P2263?

You may have one or several engine parts damaged & need to be replaced. In this way, measuring how much it will cost without inspecting the truck is very tough.

What you can measure is the labor cost if you’re getting professional help. Expect to pay $75 to $150 per hour, depending on your regional labor cost. On top of that, add the replacement parts prices too.

Common Mistakes While Solving The P2263 Code

Not checking the hoses & oil delivery pipe is the biggest mistake most users make while solving the P2263 code. Besides, beware of these common mistakes as well:

  1. Not Checking The Turbo Thoroughly Before Replacing
  2. Not Checking The Technical Service Bulletin Before Proceeding To Repair

Additional Comments To Consider Regarding The P2263 Code

P2263 is by far the most tricky error code you may encounter with your Ford 6.4L engine. Though there are many troubleshooting methods available online, I suggest getting expert help for fixing the issue correctly & permanently.


I hope this article served enough value knowing the error code P2263. Now you know what causes this error code, along with the possible repairs. Inspecting the engine according to this article won’t be challenging work if you’re experienced enough. Consider getting professional help if you’re a newbie.

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