Which Jeep Compass Years To Avoid and Why? (Explained)

Fiat and American Chrystler, the two companies that jointly own Jeep, are also known as FC. Jeep Compass is a small SUV. It used to be quite famous when it first came out in 2007.

However, the second generation, that is the currently running models are highly disappointing. Anyone owning a jeep Compass will surely stay by this statement.

But particularly which models are the worst? Which years of Jeep Compass should you avoid? And what problems are apparent in those models?

This article addresses all these questions. I have also kept suggestions on which Compass SUVs to buy! Read till the end of this article to find out!

Jeep Compass Years to Avoid (With Reasons)

I’m sure you might be eyeing this product from Jeep. With the 163 BHP and 173 BHP MultiAir and Multitec series-2 engines, this one’s a desire for many!

Only gasoline is available with an automatic dry dual-clutch transmission, while diesel is only available with a 6-speed manual transmission. All-wheel drive and front-wheel drive are available options for the Jeep.

This being said, avoid the following Jeep Compass years if you’re looking for a used car:

The worst Jeep compass problems of the worst years 2007, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2015 include all the problems from water leaks to purging valves to relay box failures. But the most complained ones are written below.

2007 Jeep Compass Problems:

They’re among the worst vehicles ever produced. And that’s surprising as it was the launch model. It’s generally agreed that Chrysler products are crap, with the entire era, in particular, being junk.

The transmission does a jerking motion called “skipping”. If you accelerate too quickly onto the highway, the car will jerk. Sometimes, it bursts into life in the middle of a high-speed run.

It will still be able to move, but with far less force. It’s as if the transmission belt is slipping. Automatic traction control and the check engine light are signs that something is wrong. The relevance between speed and the position of the throttle is weak. If you don’t replace the CVT soon, it will fail on you.

2008 Jeep Compass Problems:

There’s the issue of clicking noise whenever you would turn the wheel. This is especially true while going slow or stopped. This usually happens because of  a bad steering linkage.

There are a bunch of electrical issues also present. For example, the dash lights stay lit. And the brake pedal switch communication may fail. This causes driving failure.

In addition to that, many sensory communications fail. The control module often loses communication with the SCM due to this.

2011 Jeep Compass Problems:

These are cheap, unreliable cars. The platform is highly unreliable and flaky. Add CVT failures to this as well which mainly happens due to overheating. Also a hard time filling the fuel pump is common. The overheating sometimes results in a blown engine as well.

2014 Jeep Compass Problems:

The interior style is drab, and there are a lot of hard plastics. The 2014 compass comes with cloth upholstery as standard. The cabin could benefit from a bit more space for storing minor objects.

The Jeep Compass’ back seat exposes 22.7 cubic and folding rear seats expose 53.6 cubic feet of space. Additionally, the seals of the doors don’t work.

2015 Jeep Compass Problems:

The jeep tends to shut off completely. It also suffers from critical electrical issues. The sensors, nuts and bolts on this one are as flimsy as it gets.  Driving issues, hard starts and engine overheating is also common on this one.

Shifting gear becomes a nightmare as the clutches get depressed (entirely to the floorboard). And trust me when I tell you people hate these cars. The fuel to the fire is the overpriced nature of this car. This is totally not recommended.

What Are The Worst Years of Jeep Compass?

  • Worst: 2007-the 2007 model has the problem of engine stuttering. Commonly known as ‘skipping’. It also has some transmission slipping issues.
  • Second Worst: 2015- Major reliability issues, engine and brake problems with additional electrical problems.
  • Third Worst: 2008- The jeep interior components and electrical components cause frequent nuances.

Most Common Problems of Jeep Compass:

The Jeep Compass years to avoid are filled with issues. Anyone in their right mind will prevent you from buying it. Some of the most prevalent issues are listed below.

1. TIIPM or Brake Lights Issues

This mainly occurs due to a damaged brake switch. Neither of the brake lights work. The keys on the module can get stuck rendering complete non-functionality of the vehicle.

2. CVT or Transmission Failure

The vehicle continuously overheats especially in higher temperatures and in long drives. It starts off as feeling like the engine is kicking. But when you slow down, the problem goes away.

These issues emerge as the codes P0700, P0730, P0717 etc. The transmission may make a hard shift while it’s bad.

There is a little filter on the upper driver’s side of the transmission just under the battery. This can get clogged and must be replaced otherwise the fluid will not pump and can overheat.

3. Door Handles & Power Locks Issues

The situation may be worsened and go to a point where you would need to get rid of the doors entirely. It is very difficult to find a match.

In addition to this, the door locks also do not work.

4. Excessive Oil Consumption

This problem starts with low oil pressure alerts. Then bad fuel economy takes place. The situation was so bad, especially for the 2015 model that it was issued for a recall.

The engine gasket leaks and other leaks may be causing such bad fuel economy. The best thing to do would be to run an engine check.

Which Jeep Compass Years are Safe to Buy?

I’ve listed all of the most popular Jeep Compass models ever made. These models have been tried and tested and are available for purchase by anybody.

  • 2020 Jeep Compass
  • 2019 Jeep Compass
  • 2013 Jeep Compass
  • 2009 Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass 2009 model was better than the others. In the sense that it had a better fuel economy than these bad model years. It also hadits set of problems.

However it performed well on road. It gave better mileage (29 mpg) on road. There may be slight noise making from the engine. But the drive is smooth with a manual engine. It also comes with better interior overall.

The 2013 Jeep Compass gets back to  its bad fuel economy. However, the safety protections on this model year is really good. It does good on foul weather and keeps you safe.

Moreover, on this model, there are rear drums instead of rear diskswith the front-wheel-drive Sport and Latitude

Compared to other models, the 2019 compass has a nicer exterior, better gas mileage, and a superior interior. In the snow and on back roads, it’s a terrific choice, and it’s always been trustworthy.

With the 2.4, it’s quite sluggish. However, it’s surprisingly light for an SUV.

The 2020 Jeep Compass has to be the best of the lot. Still with the slower engine, but it has amazing interior. The seats are far more comfortable on this one. It will give you a lot better gas mileage than any V6 car.


Which Jeep Compass Years has the most engine problems?


How costly is Jeep Compass CVT problem?


In which Jeep Compass year CVT transmission overheating occurs the most?

2007 and 2011


It is safe to say that the Jeep Compass is a really bad SUV. But if you are in fact comparing it with a Hyundai or other similar brands, it is really good. So to get the best out of the jeep, avoid the years enlisted in this article and go with the ones that are preferred!

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