Which Jeep Commander Years to Avoid and Why? (Explained)

With its introduction in 2005, the Commander is the company’s biggest Jeep. From rugged appearance to off-road prowess, the Commander is a real Jeep that shares much of its history with the Grand Cherokee.

The Jeep Commander is a dependable and robust vehicle that provides a strong V8 engine with comfort and class. SUV lovers have praised it for being fun to drive, great for off-roading, capacious, and affordable.

So, before you go out and buy a new or a used Jeep Commander, read the following article to find out which model years you should avoid.

Jeep commander Years to Avoid (List of Years)

The life of the Jeep commander was cut short after only one generation. It only has 5 model years, from 2006 to 2010.

Chief debuted a concept car with the Commander brand at an auto exhibition in 1999. This was an idea that was put to the test. However, it had no bearing on the actual manufacture of the SUV that would be released later.

Jeep was working on increasing its product line at the time of the first model year, which was 2006.

The all-new 2006 Commander provides something that no other Jeep has before offered. This 2006 model is, however, Jeep Commander’s poorest year ever.

The 2006 Jeep Commander has the most complaints overall, in terms of repair costs and average miles when problems arise. The main issue is a damaged door handle on the 2006 Jeep Commander.

Worst Years of Jeep Commander:

2006 Jeep Commander:

For a variety of reasons, it is the worst model. Interior accessories issues, engine failure, electrical issues, windscreen, and seat belt and light issues, body paint problems, a/c and heater issues, transmission and suspension issues, and so on.

2007 Jeep Commander:

It has engine failures, electrical issues, a/c and heating problems, and windshield problems.

2008 Jeep Commander:

It has engine trouble, electrical problems, body paint issues, braking troubles, interior accessory issues, a/c and heating problems, and windshield issues.

2009 Jeep Commander:

Engine trouble, a/c, heating problems, and windshield issues.

What Makes These Jeep Commander Years Worth Avoiding?

I said before what problems you could have with those years’ Commander SUV models, so I’m sure you can understand why I named those Jeep Commander years the worst and advised you to stay away from them.

But, with so much data, it’s impossible to have a thorough knowledge of the true difficulties, isn’t it?

As a result, I’m going to go through the most typical difficulties with each of these Jeep Commander years quickly.

1. Engine Problem

While driving, the 2006 Jeep Commander stops at various speeds. According to users, you will lose all power immediately, the lights will begin to flash, and you will be unable to fast restart the engine. This happened several times a day.

Many customers say that the engine has entirely stopped working. Even after a lot of money has been spent on maintenance, they still have this problem on a regular basis.

A loud noise was also reported by several owners of the same model year before their engine overheated.

The customer also complained of smoke coming from beneath the hood, which happens when the engine coolant tank is empty. The problem stemmed from the cap, which allowed coolant to leak.

Aside from the coolant leak, a malfunctioning thermostat has also caused issues.

2. Broken Handle Problems

The list of 2006 Jeep Commander’s most common faults also include broken door handles. The quality of the plastic door handles may be harming the vehicle’s longevity, according to owners of afflicted vehicles. More than 2k complaints have been recorded on carcomplaints.com about this.

3. Electrical System Problems

If you’re thinking about buying a 2008 Jeep Commander, be sure it’s free of electrical issues. Experienced owners have experienced problems with their radios, broken backup sensors, and malfunctioning dash gauges.

According to one of the 2009 Commander owners, it switches off on its own, brakes on its own, the alarm does its own thing, the lights are on, the buttons on the dash don’t work most of the time, and the sunroof drain is malfunctioning.

4. Transmission Problem

Mostly occur in the models 2006 and 2007. Your transmission is in charge of turning the appropriate quantity of power into the appropriate speed. As a result, even a minor transmission problem can impact negatively your Commander’s performance.

Because of a malfunctioning internal cooler return filter, some Jeep Commanders from the 2006 to 2009 model years may experience delayed transmission engagement.

5. A/C Problems

Jeep Commander, according to users, does not always keep you cool. The climate controls and the blower motor are the only things that the air conditioning system and the heater have in common.

Which Jeep Commander Years are Safe to Buy?

Now that we’ve covered the Jeep Commander years to avoid, we’re down to the last model year, which is, in our opinion, the greatest Jeep Commander on the market.

The greatest model of the year is the 2010 Jeep Commander.

The 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 produces 357 horsepower and 389 pound-feet of torque and is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission in the 2010 Jeep Commander.

The 4.7-liter V-8 has been replaced by a significantly more powerful 5.7-liter V-8, which comes standard in the Limited along with a power liftgate, third-row seating, and foglamps.

At a very fair price, Jeep has offered us a bigger, more rugged-looking version of its hugely successful Cherokee. After this year, the Commander is expected to be retired.

This Jeep Commanders come standard with four-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), airbag occupancy sensor, driveline traction control, and rollover prevention.


The Jeep Commander is a reliable car, but it will develop difficulties as it accumulates miles. Over the years, the Jeep Commander has been plagued by serious engine problems, causing buyers to lose faith in the vehicle.

If you’re looking for a used Jeep Commander, the 2010 model is a great option. Its iconic Jeep design, outstanding off-roading prowess, and a slew of useful features make it a standout.

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