5 Symptoms To Detect ICP Sensor Failure On 7.3 Powerstroke

The main job of an ICP sensor is to continuously monitor the oil delivery pressure of the diesel engine. 

A faulty ICP sensor can cause lots of issues in the starting and middle of a ride to your Ford car. 

Here, I am going to talk about 7.3 Powerstroke ICP Sensor Failure Symptoms so that you can act quickly to solve them. 

Signs of A Bad 7.3 Powerstroke ICP Sensor Failure? One of the most common signs is facing rough idling. You will notice that unplugging the sensor makes the engine run better. 

Warning: Don’t unplug it while the engine is running. 

According to some users, you can also count oil saturation on the pigtail connector as a major sign. Noticing that sign, you will have to assume that the sensor is going to have serious problems very soon. 

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad 7.3 Powerstroke ICP Sensor?

Besides that, common sign, let me tell you more symptoms, and know how to detect a bad 7.3 Powerstroke ICP sensor. Let me describe them as easily as possible. 

1. Engine Not Starting

Having issues at the start or not being able to start the engine are the most common 7.3 Powerstroke ICP sensor failure symptoms. 

As you know, diesel engines require an accurate fuel mixture for proper ignition, any problem in the sensor can be devastating.

It can lead to a point where the engine requires more cranks than average. Also, one may have to turn the keys several times before it starts the engine. 

Another symptom I can include here is a misfire. Inaccurate fuel pressure and mixture can lead to a couple of misfires before starting. 

2. Engine Stops Running or Limits Speed

A widely known symptom of a bad 7.9 Powerstroke ICP sensor is making the engine stop all of a sudden. 

Again, not being able to increase the speed after a certain limit has been experienced by some owners. After inspection, the problem has been found in the ICP sensor. 

3. Low Power

Once you have known the responsibility and working of an ICP sensor, you will know why a faulty sensor causes low fuel economy and loss of power. 

It can be the reason for stalling too. However, you should keep in mind that those symptoms may be caused by other issues too.

So, experts recommend having a full check before solving those issues. Otherwise, it will come back.

4. Error Codes

You can either see error codes on the internal computer system or notice illuminating engine lights. 

They indicate different issues inside the engine and a faulty ICP sensor can be one. 

That is the reason, one should run the system by an external computer at a servicing shop, and pinpoint the faulty parts.

5. Terrible Vibration

Besides rough idling, you may also notice that the vehicle is shaking up badly. It happens once you run the engine over 40 miles per hour. 

Pro Tip: One way to check the health of the ICP sensor without going to a mechanic is by using PC-based scanning software FORScan. There are lots of YouTube videos showing how to use it. 

What to Do When You Detect A Bad 7.3 Powerstroke ICP Sensor?

In case of ICP sensor failure, you will have to replace it. There are no other ways to repair it. 

You can run the engine without it. But that will cause a lot more problems. So, change the faulty part as soon as you can.  

Is Replacing A Bad 7.3 Powerstroke ICP Typically Expensive?

The cost can vary based on where you leave because the labor cost is not constant. 

Also, getting a bad deal on the part can increase the replacement cost. 

I can give you a general idea. The sensor and pigtail connector should be within 40 bucks. 

If I assume that the labor cost in your area is within 100 dollars, you will have the sensor replaced without spending more than $140. 

Now, do you know that it is easy to replace the sensor without any expert help?

Yes, you can do it by yourself following the steps below and save some.

Steps to Replace Faulty ICP Sensor in 7.3 Powerstroke

  • Firstly, disconnect the battery cables and remove the pigtail connector. Notice how the retaining clip works and act accordingly. 
  • Secondly, arrange a 5/8″ crow’s foot wrench and remove the existing one. The wrench size may vary if the faulty one is not the original.
  • Then, you should spread clean oil on the O-ring, and install it. The new part may need a 1-1/16″ deep socket or wrench.
  • Finally, take and apply some dielectric grease around the new sensor’s terminals. 

You may check some threads, and see that some owners have spent more than 400 or 500 bucks to solve this issue. It is ridiculous. 

For the best deal, you can check this sensor and pigtail connector from Amazon. 

But those who have a 2004 or newer model should check other products as my suggested ones are not compatible. 

How Often Should You Inspect 7.3 Powerstroke ICP Sensor?

There are no such instructions or time frames to check the health of the sensor. 

You can do it whenever you see a sign or symptom described above. 

Also, one can inspect the part during scheduled maintenance. Monitor the duty cycle of ICP and IPR. 

The started values are 450-550 during start and 550-750 during idle. 

Some say that their sensor became faulty after 60k or 70k miles of running. Some are not having a problem for more than 10 years. 

I hope that you have got my point. There is no interval suggestion for routine checks. 

Final Thoughts

From the comments made by Ford owners, I have seen lots of complaints about failed ICP sensors.

Knowing the 7.3 Powerstroke ICP sensor failure symptoms, you can easily pinpoint the problem and act accordingly.

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