4 Symptoms To Detect A Weak Fuel Pump On 7.3 Powerstroke

Fuel Pumps play a vital role in keeping your vehicle engine alive and active by delivering a steady fuel flow into the engine. 

However, a weak or failing 7.3 Powerstroke fuel pump can ruin that performance and even can severely damage your engine. 

But how to detect when your fuel pump is failing or has an issue?

In today’s article, let’s discover and learn more about the most common sign & symptoms to detect a failing 7.3 Powerstroke fuel pump.

What Sign You Should Look For To Detect 7.3 Powerstroke Failing Or Weak fuel pump?If you ever notice that your 7.3L Power Stroke diesel engine is running rough and having hard or even no start issue, it is a very clear sign of a damaged, weak, or failing 7.3 Powerstroke fuel pump.

4 Symptoms Detect A Failing Or Weak Fuel Pump On7.3 Powerstroke:

Let’s learn about the other commonly discovered symptoms and how to detect a bad or failing 7.3 Powerstroke fuel pump-  

1. Hard Or No Start, Stumble & Rough Running Condition Of Engine

One of the most common and serious signs or symptoms that you should consider is when you try to start the engine, but it is giving a hard time.

According to several 7.3 Powerstroke users, sometimes when the fuel pump is leaking or clogged, the engine does not start after even several tries. 

Even after taking a hard start the engine may constantly stumble or run rough.

Users have also claimed that when they encounter an issue with their fuel pump, they notice engines tend to run rough especially in loading conditions.

2. Hesitation Or Misfiring During Acceleration

You may encounter that your engine starts to jerk under load like it lacks enough fuel or hesitates while driving up a hill because of the faulty fuel pump.

Your diesel engine may visibly sputter or misfire during heavy acceleration or when your engine crosses a certain RPM speed.

Remember a weak or damaged fuel pump fails to deliver enough pressure and flow into the engine, which causes the misfiring or hesitations.

3. Low Pressure & Lack Of Power

When the fuel pump is having an issue, you will see a significant decrease in fuel pressure and the engine will lose power under stress. 

If your lift pump shows or indicates low-pressure measurement at the Schrader valve, it’s a clear sign that your fuel pump is not running accurately. 

You may not encounter trouble turning the engine at idle, but you will notice that your engine is gradually losing power or running slower than usual.

Especially while driving or climbing steeper hills, you will notice the visible difference in your engine power and performance when the fuel pump fails.

4. Surging & Sputtering at High RPM

If your vehicle’s fuel pump becomes older or weak, it will fail to maintain the usual required resistance and will have a poor or irregular resistance within its motor. 

As a result, your vehicle will start to jump or surge forward because of the low efficiency and pressure.

While driving if you suddenly notice that your engine is sputtering whenever you cross a certain RPM speed or turn the gear at high speed, that is another common symptom of a bad or weak fuel pump. 

This may also lead your engine to eventually stop and die.

These are the most commonly encountered symptoms of a weak or failing 7.3 Powerstroke fuel pump and if you ever encounter any of them, make sure to give attention to your fuel pump first.

What to Do When You Detect 7.3 Powerstroke Failing Or Weak Fuel Pump?

If you ever encounter any of the above-discussed symptoms, which clearly indicate that you have a weak or bad fuel pump on your 7.3 Powerstroke engine, thoroughly inspect your entire fuel system first. 

When you are sure that the fuel pump is the only culprit for the caused problem, make sure to follow the below-described steps to replace your existing fuel pump with a new one.  

Disconnecting Both Battery Terminals Cables:

To prevent the risk of anyone starting the engine while you are replacing the internal faulty fuel pump, you need to disconnect the cables first. 

Use a socket wrench to disconnect all the cables connected to both battery’s negative terminals.

Releasing The Fuel Pressure:

First, put a gas container or bucket underneath the drain valve located on your vehicle’s fuel rail. 

Then, open the drain valve and lift your vehicle to support it on jack stands to release the fuel pressure in the fuel system. 

After releasing the fuel pressure, close the drain valve.

Detaching The Connectors, Retaining Clips & Fuel Line:

Next, you need to disconnect the electrical connector located on the rear of your internal fuel pump. 

Then, disconnect and remove the fuel line retaining clip to detach the fuel line from the fuel pump.

Similarly, disconnect and remove the retaining clips from the brake lines. Now, you need to detach the brake lines from the fuel pump bracket.

Disconnect & Remove The Fuel Pump To Replace It:

First, use the same socket wrench to slacken the fuel pump mounting bracket’s pinch bolt. 

Then, spread the fuel pump mounting bracket wide open to disconnect remove it. 

Keep the old fuel pump aside and install the new one into the mount bracket by following the instruction manual provided with the fuel pump. 

Now, use a torque wrench to tighten the pinch bolt to 13-foot lbs. 

Next, you need to reconnect or re-insert the brake lines, retaining clips, fuel line, and the electrical connector to the fuel pump. 

After that, lower your vehicle from the jack stand position and reconnect the negative battery cables. 

Now, turn on your engine power and start to check whether there is any sign of fuel leaks or other issues.

Is Replacing 7.3 Powerstroke Fuel Pump Typically Expensive?

Remember, the costing can vary based on your required specific model year 7.3L Powerstroke and the damage level. 

The fuel pump replacement cost, including labor and parts price, is not too expensive to bear. 

Generally, the 7.3 Powerstroke fuel pump replacement can cost approximately $457 to $501, and the labor cost can be around $169 up to $213 (excluding the estimated parts price of $288)

However, if you do not need to fix or replace any other parts and replace the pump all by yourself, it will be cheaper.

How Often Should You Inspect Or Service 7.3 Powerstroke  Fuel Pump?

Remember, if any parts or components of your entire fuel system including, fuel pump, filters, lines, or terminals has any issue, it supposes identified during your vehicle’s scheduled deep servicing.

Besides that, you should do a further deep inspection whenever you notice or encounter any signs or symptoms of a failing fuel pump. 

However, for your concern, keep in mind that a properly maintained 7.3L Powerstroke fuel pump can easily last for a minimum of 200,000 miles of operation.

Final Thoughts

All the major and most common symptoms that will help you to detect when you have a weak or damaged fuel pump are already briefly discussed. 

But remember, some of the above-discussed symptoms also indicate other major parts or components troubleshooting issues. Therefore, you need to confirm the problem with proper inspection and testing procedures. 

However, these signs and symptoms will give you a heads-up about possible fuel pump failure so that you can fix the problem before it becomes too late.

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