6.0 Powerstroke Bad ICP Sensor: (6 Symptoms To Detect)

Is your engine causing misfires and at times your engine stops starting?

Although there are many problems associated with these incidents, these are the most common symptoms of a faulty ICP sensor 6.0 Powerstroke.

This article will go through the symptoms of defective ICP sensor 6.0 Powerstroke.

Signs of a bad 6.0 Powerstroke ICP sensor?

A faulty ICP sensor will give you some signs to let you know something is wrong with it, although the signs may not indicate a bad ICP sensor for certain.

Misfires, surging or stalling mostly while full stopping, rough idling, surging, bucking, and stalling are some signs that indicate you have to check your ICP sensor.

You will also see some symptoms that happen when the ICP sensor goes bad.

6.0 Powerstroke Bad ICP Sensor Symptoms:

Along with the signs, there are some specific symptoms that show that your ICP is having some problems. When you face these symptoms, you should check your ICP and take your car to the servicing centers. Read the rest of the article full to know how to detect a bad ICP sensor 6.0 Powerstroke.

1. Starting Issue

Many times, there will be starting issues related to a bad ICP sensor. 

When your ICP is down your engine will struggle to start up as it will see it as a system failure.

Although, there are some other problems associated with difficulties while starting.

2. Engine misfires

One of the major symptoms of a bad ICP sensor is engine misfire. There will be engine performance issues when your sensor is not working perfectly. 

A damaged or bad sensor will hamper the fuel mixture and cause engine misfires. 

3. Decrease In power, Acceleration, and Fuel Economy

When your sensor is not working right it will cause a decrease in power and acceleration. 

Most of the time you will see significant power loss and when you try to accelerate fast, it won’t run as it should.

However, similar symptoms can be seen in other engine problems. Hence, you should diagnose it properly.

4. Locked Brake

On some occasions, people face locked brakes due to ICP sensor problems. 

When the engine malfunctions due to the bad sensor, it can cause you locked brake issues as well. It is quite scary and may not happen in most cases.

5. Lights On the Dashboard:

One of the obvious symptoms is your dashboard will show lights indicating check the engine. 

The Check Engine Light will illuminate if the computer identifies a problem with the injector control pressure sensor or circuit.

A lit Check Engine Light can be caused by a variety of different problems, therefore having the computer checked for trouble codes is strongly advised.

6. Showing Codes On Screen:

You may find various types of codes such as P2285 on the computer screen which will direct you to a faulty ICP sensor. 

If you see any codes like that be sure to check the injector control pressure sensor for any kind of problems.

What to Do When You Detect A Bad ICP sensor 6.0 Powerstroke?

When you see the above-mentioned symptoms then it’s time for a diagnosis.

First of all, take a look at the connections inside the engine housing. If there is any oil leaking from the ICP then try to find the leak. 

If there aren’t any issues of leaking there can still be problems with the sensor.

You can now start the engine and then unplug the pigtail of the ICP. Check if the motor idle improves or not. 

If you have a scanner in your car, you can see live data changes on the screen.  

The next thing you can do is unplug the ICP sensor and see how the engine performs. You should be seeing the PCM will give you data on oil flow. 

If the PCM does not receive data from the ICP sensor, it will fall back to a default ICP of about 700.

If the sensor is working properly, the idle speed should be about 500.

If you still are confused about having issues with ICP then follow the next step – 

  • Using your monitor, check the ICP pressure and voltage to ensure that the ICP voltage is accurate.
  • Check the harness throughout the whole line between the ICP and the PCM.
  • Make a note of any problems or anomalies and fix them.
  • Check the reference, signal, and return pins allocated to the ICP on the PCM connection for integrity.
  • Ensure that the PCM and the ICP pigtail are connected through the harness.

If the car does not start when you turn on the ignition, then, verify that you have firm ground and reference at the pigtail with a meter – or a scope. 

  • Check for electrical noise and reconnect the ICP. The engine should be started now. On the scope, keep an eye on both the reference and the signal for any dropouts.
  • If that doesn’t work, cut the pigtail and disconnect the ICP. Let the PCM do the work for now.
  • And then buy a new ICP sensor after contacting a good mechanic.

Is Replacing A ICP sensor On 6.0 Powerstroke Typically Expensive?

The replacement cost of an ICP sensor is not much expensive. However, changing it comes with labor costs and in some cases, one or two extra costs along with it.

The ICP will cost around $140-$220 and the labor cost will be $70-$150. You will get a pigtail connector for $15-$60.

Total ~ $225- $430.

Cost may vary depending on where you buy the parts and get the work done.

How Often Should You Inspect Or Service A ICP sensor On 6.0 Powerstroke?

It’s not necessary to check the ICP sensor all too often. In recent times ICP going bad is not that common. However, many have found that some sensors have been found faulty.

Although the sensor may not become defective, it is always advised that like other parts check and maintain the sensor’s health regularly.

Whenever you check the engine, have a look at the connections of the pigtail and ICP. Also, check the ICP and PCM connections if that is working well.

If you find any oil leaking or any other symptoms mentioned above then take it to a servicing center.

Furthermore, you may simply follow the planned service time for the entire engine and vehicle for servicing.

This way you can cut some expenses. 

Final Thoughts

The ICP sensor is a crucial component for your vehicle for maintaining oil injections in the engine. Having a bad sensor may cause lots of difficulties when you drive.

For a better driving experience, it is suggested that you will take good care of your car and service it from time to time. 

And if you encounter any of the mentioned symptoms, diagnose the ICP and repair or change it accordingly.

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