How To Fix TBC Fault On Ford F-250? (Full Guide)

The trailer Brake Controller (TBC) is an essential part of Ford vehicles. When the TBC is in trouble, various TBC fault codes are seen to be flashed on the screen. The meaning of these codes varies by the models of Ford cars.

TBC fault code on Ford-f250 indicates that there is a bad fuse in the infrastructure or no connection in the trailer wiring. So, the TBC fault on F250 can be fixed by replacing the fuse when it’s blown or reconnecting the trailer wiring.  

So, TBC fault codes must be fixed to correct the vehicle’s performance. But how to fix the tbc fault on f250? Well, we’re here to help you diagnose the causes and do the right solution for each problem. So, go ahead!

How To Fix TBC Fault On Ford F-250

What Causes TBC Fault On Ford F250?

Trailer brake controller has been built on Ford-f250 to help the vehicle to control or apply power to the trailer brakes. The most common problem that causes TBC fault on F250 is no voltage in the brakes. There are also some other reasons for the TBC fault code as the following:

  • Blown fuses
  • No connection between the trailer wiring
  • Poor electrical connections
  • The faulty body control module 
  • Open circuits 

How To Fix TBC Fault On F250?

TBC faults on F-250 can be dangerous in some cases. So, whenever you notice any TBC fault on your Ford-F250, the issues must be fixed asap. Fortunately, fixing the TBC fault on the F250 is a pretty simple procedure. 

Here are some easy solutions for getting rid of TBC faults on f250. 

1. Blown fuses: Replace the bad fuses 

In a Ford-F250 vehicle, you’ll find a 30 amp fuse that is used to power the trailer brake controller (TBC). As time goes by, it can be blown or damaged anyway. But as we mentioned earlier, a blown fuse can cause a TBC fault on an F250. 

So, when you notice that a TBC fault is flashing on the screen, check the fuse and replace it if you find it blown. First of all, disconnect the negative battery cable and locate the fuse in your vehicle. 

The fuse box is usually located in the power distribution box in the engine compartment. Once you locate the fuse, pull it out from the place using a fuse puller. Now insert a new TBC fuse and connect everything back as they were. 

When you replace the fuse yourself it will generally cost less than when you hire a technician for the job. In this case, the labor cost will be anywhere between $50 and $65, while the price range of a fuse will start from $5 to $15. 

2. Disconnected trailer wires: Reconnect the trailer wires 

If you find the TBC fuse is fine, the TBC fault on F250 can be a result of corroded or broken wire between the trailer. So, visually inspect the wiring and find out if any wire is disconnected. If you find the wiring is broken, repair it as soon as possible. 

The easiest way to reconnect the wires is to splice them together. To do so, disconnect the negative side of the battery to prevent any damage to the electrical system. Then, expose both ends of the broken wire by removing the tip of the insulation. 

Once you strip both ends of the wire, pick an appropriate size connector. As you find the right size connector, place it inside a crimping tool. Now slide the exposed wire into the connector and crimp it. Finally, wrap the repair area with electrical tape.  

The average cost for repairing disconnected wires in a trailer brake system will estimate between $200 and $250. Labor costs will be around $79, while the parts will cost between $120 and $179. 

3. Poor electrical connections: Check and fix the bad electrical connections 

If the electrical connections inside the trailer brake controller are poor, the TBC fault on F250 will appear. So, make sure that the electrical connections are good enough. Otherwise, you have to fix the issues such as loose bolts or screws of the electrical connections.

In this case, visually inspect all the connectors and joints of the electrical connections between the trailer and brake controller system. Tighten the bolts and screws using a handy screwdriver. But if you find the bolts or screws are broken, you have to replace them. To replace a damaged screw or bolt, pull the broken one out and insert a new one. 

Fixing poor electrical connections in a Ford-F250 will cost around $175. You should expect to pay between $65 and $85 for the labor cost and the remaining amount is for the parts. 

4. Faulty BCM: Change the faulty body control module

A body control module or BCM is an electrical unit of a vehicle that controls other electrical systems of the vehicle including TBC. If the BCM is faulty and fails to control the trailer brakes, TBC fault on F250 can be diagnosed. So, if you’ve done all the diagnostics as described above, it’s time to check the BCM.  

In an F-F250 vehicle, the body control module is mounted under the dash on the driver’s side. So, locate the BCM and check if it is working. If not, replace it with a new one. To do so, disconnect all the connectors that hold the BCM in place. 

Once all the connectors are removed, take the BCM out and install the new one. Now reconnect the connectors and start the engine back to see if the BCM is working properly. 

The average cost of replacing a bad body control module is between $300 and $585. Labor costs will be around $75-$95, while the parts will cost between $250 and $450. 

How To Test A Trailer Brake Controller On A F250?

When you get a TBC fault on an F-f250 and you need to be sure if the TBC is working, testing the trailer brake controller is mandatory. Fortunately, it is quite easy to test a TBC with a multimeter.

Press the negative end of the multimeter on any of the TBC wires and press the positive end on the positive cable of the battery. Now press the brake magnet on the negative terminal of the battery. 

If there is an ampere reading flashing on the multimeter, there must be a short in the TBC. As a result, it will require a quick replacement. 

FAQs On F250 TBC Fault 

We’ve discussed the causes and their solutions for the TBC fault on a Ford-F250 vehicle. Nonetheless, here are the answers to some of the most common frequently asked questions regarding trailer brake controllers on F250. 

What Does A TBC Fault Mean On An F250? 

Generally, a TBC means a bad fuse that causes a loss of connection between the trailer wiring. In this case, the fuse should be replaced by a good one.

How Can I Reset A TBC On F250? 

To reset a trailer brake controller on a Ford-F250, first of all, unplug the back connector for a while. This will redirect it to the factory presets and this is how you can reset a trailer brake controller. 

Why Do I Need A TBC On F250? 

A trailer brake controller will help you to monitor and control the brakes of the trailer behind your vehicle. This could be very difficult to stop a towing vehicle with the extra weight of a trailer. So, a trailer control module is necessary for your safety and to enjoy smooth driving. 

How Do You Take Care Of Your TBC On An F-250? 

If a trailer brake controller comes in a touch of water (saltwater or normal water), it will rust or corrode. So, make sure that the TBC isn’t getting any kind of water. 


Throughout the article, we’ve explained five easy solutions for fixing TBC faults on F250. So, once you get all the necessary information, hopefully, it will be quite easy for you to fix a TBC fault in your vehicle. 

However, be careful while working in an electrical unit of your vehicle such as the fuse box. Before attempting any action regarding the TBC, turn off the ignition switch and plug off the negative terminal of the battery. 

Moreover, fixing a TBC fault will require a lot of muscle work and patience. So, attempt to fix the fault if you think you’re quite patient and you have enough DIY knowledge. Otherwise, it’s better to leave the job to a professional automobile mechanic.

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