How To Fix TBC Fault Won’t Start Problem on 6.0 Powerstroke?

TBC (Trailer Brake Controller) fault is mostly associated with the powerstroke or ford truck. The code indicates the lack of connection with the trailer wiring. Surprisingly, the question is how TBC is related to the no start condition for the Powerstroke 6.0? 

This question is very logical since owners often complain that TBC fault codes appear just after the crank. So what do you think is responsible for no start condition? There are a few things that require inspection and resolve to get rid of the no start condition. The most common reasons include FICM not working and high pressure oil leakage.

We will have a detailed discussion on the reasons behind the issue. Keep reading to find out more.

How To Fix TBC Fault Won't Start Problem on 6.0 Powerstroke?

What Causes TBC Fault Won’t Start Problem On 6.0 Powerstroke? 

Don’t worry, if you have tried a few times to fire a Powerstroke 6.0, only a few things need to be solved, and the truck will be back on the road in no time.

When the TBC fault code appears on the dash, maybe you have already tried a few times to start the Powerstroke 6.0. Usually, after a few more cranks, the code appears.

Anyway, the difficult part is to get to the reasons why the code has appeared since the TBC fault code is not related to no start condition of the vehicle. Fortunately, we were able to come up with a small list of reasons that you must look into.

  • FICM not Working
  • High Pressure Oil Leak

Solutions For TBC Fault Won’t Start Problem On 6.0 Powerstroke

By investigating and addressing a few causes, the powerstroke 6.0 difficult to start issue should be resolved. In this section, we’ll go into more detail about each cause, including its type, symptoms, and method of correction. Let’s get going.

1. FICM Not Working : Replace the FICM 

The FICM (fuel injection control module) controls and powers the fuel injectors of the powerstroke 6.0.

A problematic FICM makes it difficult to start the engine, which is the most important issue. Engine cranks for a longer period of time before starting, and occasionally it does not start or runs rough.

The FICM is located on the engine side of the powerstroke, above the valve cover. 

Actually, it is affixed above the valve cover. It has three electrical connections. One of the three electrical connections connects to the ECM, and the other two are connected to the Powerstroke 6.0’s all-fuel injectors. 

Two sides make up the FICM. One manages the injectors, while the other provides power. FICM is crucial. Without it, the faulty FICM engine won’t start or run. 

In the event of the FICM replacement, you have to test it first. If the starting problem is due to FICM, then PCM has already set the FICM related code. Only then, using a multimeter to test the FICM. 

There are two valves , and maybe one has failed. For example, if the side that controls the injector is defective, then the most cost effective way to solve the FICM is to replace that part only. Usually, the cost of replacing the FICM is somewhere between $950-$1050.

2. High Pressure Oil Leak : Repair the leak

In a Powerstroke 6.0, the high pressure oil pump is a crucial component. It’s like the heart of the engine. Lack of pressure causes an engine heart attack. 

A high pressure oil leak is the culprit when it is difficult to start the engine. If you have a TBC  code and the engine is difficult to start, a high pressure oil leak is most likely the culprit.

Leaks may appear on the stand pipe in Powerstroke 6.0 4 to 7 engines. The stand pipe comes equipped with an O ring. 

The bottom and top of the pipes are susceptible to tearing and damage, causing the oil system to leak. So this is one area to inspect for the leak.

On the other hand, the rail and dummy plug on the powerstroke 6.0 the O ring in this fitting are susceptible to tear and damage. 

The other areas of leakage you must look for are in the STC fitting,cracked valve, and fitting between the pump and high pressure branch tube and the high pressure oil pump itself. 

This problem is a bit complex and requires professionals who have previous experience in this area. 


Hopefully, by now you have got your answer. Still, you might want to know the answers to a few frequently asked questions listed below. Keep Reading.

Where Does FICM Is Located In Powerstroke 6.0

The FICM is located on the engine side of the powerstroke, above the valve cover. Actually, it is affixed above the valve cover. Locating and removing FICM is not a very difficult task to do.

What Are The Reasons Why Powerstroke 6.0 Is Difficult To Start?

Besides the reasons we mentioned earlier, the powerstroke 6.0 comes with a few issues and causes the engine to be difficult to start. 
Starting with the VGT turbocharger of 6.0, which is susceptible to soot buildup and causes the engine to be difficult to start. Also, the injector issues and high pressure oil pump failure make the Powerstroke 6.0 difficult to start.

What Does TBC Mean On A Ford Truck?

TBC, or Trailer Brake Controller, as the name suggests, helps the Ford truck haul a trailer. A Ford truck that is towing a trailer benefits from the TBC, or Trailer Brake Controller. 
The code is popular among Ford truck owners. Many Ford trucks, including the F150 or F350, are equipped with a trailer brake controller.

What Are The Reasons For The TBC Fault Code?

TBC fault code appears if the crank time is longer than the other time. Also, it can appear when there is a low voltage condition. The code can be retrieved using an OBD scanner. Since it comes with no starting condition, resolve the code sooner than the letter.


There you have it all. Hopefully, you have your answer. TBC fault codes appear for a reason, but the no start condition is a consequence that follows. We have found the most common reason the engine does not start. Most often, it is the high pressure oil leak.

Additionally, there might be other factors. Obviously, you can broaden your search, talking to an expert and searching for forum discussion because the problem is a bit different than the typical engine problem.

The information we have shared was an opinion from an expert. So we believe it was helpful and you have successfully solved the problem.

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