What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Solenoid Pack E4od?

If you have a truck, van, or any larger vehicle with the Ford’s E4OD electronically controlled transmission and facing too many problems, there is a chance your transmission solenoids are failing or have failed.

This article will help you to detect malfunctioning E4od solenoid pack symptoms and how can you get them fixed.

Signs Of A Bad Solenoid Pack E4od?

The most common sign of a bad transmission solenoid pack is unpredictable gear shifts.

Imagine driving your car at a steady speed and it suddenly shifts to another gear, and your gear isn’t working properly; the scenario is very stressful.

Bad wiring within the solenoid is a result of this problem. The opening or closing of a solenoid result in physical breakdowns because of this reason the proper position of the solenoid is hindered.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad E4od Solenoid Pack?

Other major symptoms might help you determine whether your transmission solenoid needs to be properly inspected, repaired, or replaced.

So, let’s learn more about those symptoms and how to detect a bad e4od solenoid pack-

1. Check Engine Light /Transmission Warning Light

The very first symptom you will notice is the check engine light, this will happen if you have a bad transmission solenoid pack. 

The check engine light normally lights up if you get trouble codes for a transmission problem.

Many vehicles have an extra transmission warning light. This illuminates your dashboard if any problem related to transmission solenoid occurs.

2. Inability To Downshift

Another symptom of bad transmission solenoid is the shifting problem. You will not usually face this problem while accelerating but when you are about to deaccelerate this problem might show up. You can not downshift, and your engine continues to rev even when applying the breaks.

This is a result of your vehicle’s solenoid that has become stuck in an open orientation. Another reason for this problem may be due to the bad wiring that is preventing the solenoid from getting electrical signals.

3. Delayed Gear Shift 

Changes in the internal pressure of a transmission let you change gears. These changes are possible because of the movement of the solenoids.

However, if the solenoid is getting old, it displays observable lag in carrying out the instructions that allow your transmission to change gears.

Also, the gear shift becomes very choppy and rough as a result of faulty transmission solenoid and sometimes it becomes so difficult to change the gears.

4. Only Reverse Gear Works Or No Reverse At All

Another common e4od problem occurs when it only goes to the reverse or totally the lack of reverse gear.

The problem could be due to different issues. Including worn or damaged clutch, broken splines on the forward planetary. These problems are pretty serious and may require a replacement of the transmission solenoid. 

On the other hand, a bad e4od transmission solenoid may cause complications with reverse gear. Transmission Range Sensor (TRS), or the Manual Lever Position Sensor (MLPS) either of them possibly can cause this particular problem.

5. Your Transmission Gets Stuck In Neutral

This e4od transmission solenoid problem is most probably due to the idle Air Control sensor (IAC).

Though it can be removed and cleaned but this will not fix the problem, most likely you have to change it.

6. Fluid Leak

A transmission fluid leak is no joke. No matter how small the leak is this can cause a serious problem. It is important to take measures if you see any kind of transmission fluid leak before it becomes major transmission damage.

Valve and solenoids keep the fluid flow under control while the vehicle is running. But faulty or damaged solenoids and valves can cause fluid leakage.

7. Limp Mode

The transmission control module (TCM) detects any kind of inconvenience in the system, from a bad solenoid to a blown fuse and this will trigger the limp mode.  Mostly limp mode causes the transmission to not shift over gear 3 this may affect your transmission shifting.

What To Do When You Detect A Bad E40d Solenoid Pack?

Solenoid pack is one of the most important components of an automatic transmission. If you detect any of the symptoms mentioned above you have to get your transmission solenoid replaced or fixed. 

The most important part is you really need to be sure that your transmission solenoid pack is the one behind all the problems. Because replacing or changing this part of your vehicle can be very costly. And you obviously do not want to change a working solenoid pack.

Normally fixing your problematic transmission solenoid is not an easy job. An average driver might find it very complex to fix it on his own. 

The best possible way to avoid or ensure solenoid-related problems is to take your vehicle to a recommended routine maintenance. The experts there will check your vehicle and give you an update about solenoid’s health and then you can take a perfect decision for the best for your vehicle.

Is Replacing A Bad E4od Solenoid Pack Typically Expensive?

The replacement cost of a bad e4od transmission solenoid pack depends a lot on your vehicle’s model and type.

The average cost to diagnose and replace a single malfunctioning transmission solenoid range between 100$ to 300$. And for shift solenoid pack it may costs between 400$ to 750$ including the labor work.

In some cars you cannot just change a single solenoid if it’s faulty, you have to change the whole solenoid pack, in some cars, you may need to replace the entire valve body, which can be rather costly.

TypeCost range
Single50$ -150$
Valve body500$-1000$

A tip for you is when you are changing your transmission solenoid pack or solenoid, you should always change the transmission fluid and filter.

The price may vary depending a lot on your automobile’s model and which kind of solenoid or transmission fluid you use.

How Often Should You Inspect Or Service The E4od Solenoid Pack?

The transfer solenoids obviously play a big role in the functioning of the transmission. And it is not acceptable for any of the solenoids to go wrong, as they will cause unpredictable gear shifting and transmission-related complications.

But over time the solenoids can worn out and the transmission starts malfunctioning. Sometimes transmission fluid along with dirt and other substance cause clogs and affect the solenoid’s performance. 

Fluid level and contamination can create huge malfunctioning to your automatic transmission solenoid. The greatest techniques to increase the transmission life of the transmission are transmission fluid and transmission filter changes. 

To extend the life of your transmission, follow the heavy-duty maintenance plan outlined in your owner’s handbook.

The Verdict 

You may easily think of a quick and easy solution now that you know how to recognize the signs of a malfunctioning e4od transmission solenoid pack.

It will also assist you to avoid any other problem which may harm your vehicle’s condition.

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