How to Reset the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Tacoma?

A vehicle’s dashboard has many lights that indicate the various maintenance of the vehicle. These lines are called maintenance lights.

The job of the maintenance light is to remind the driver that his vehicle needs maintenance.

The first time any maintenance light is on for 3 seconds. Then when you reset it after about 4500 miles it will light up again and last for 15 seconds.

A maintenance light reminds you that your vehicle needs to be serviced immediately. But as we learned a little earlier, the maintenance light can be reset. So how do you reset the maintenance lights of your vehicle?

When Should You Reset the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Tacoma?

Maintenance lights are usually installed so that a person can easily understand while using a vehicle what service his vehicle needs. 

However, you don’t need to start servicing your vehicle as soon as the maintenance lights come on. Even after the first maintenance light show, you can drive your vehicle for at least 4500 miles without any problems. 

However, this time should not wait for extra. So before the second maintenance light show, you have to get the necessary servicing of your vehicle.

How Long Does It Take to Reset the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Tacoma?

How long it takes to reset a Toyota Tacoma’s maintenance lights depends entirely on the vehicle model. However, on average, it takes a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes to reset the maintenance light of a Toyota Tacoma.

Requirements for Resetting the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Tacoma

All you need to do is YOURSELF to reset the maintenance lights of a Toyota Tacoma vehicle. This means that you can reset the maintenance light with your hands without any external equipment. In this case, if you do not want to reset yourself, you may need a skilled mechanic.

Approximate Cost of Resetting the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Tacoma

There is no cost to reset your Toyota Tacoma’s maintenance lights if you can fix it yourself. Surprising to hear, you can easily make this small solution in your home at zero cost. 

However, if you take the help of a mechanic, he may charge a small amount. If he shows generosity then maybe he gave you the job for free.

How To Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Tacoma?

Maintenance lights can be very annoying to a driver because their constant beeping sound can prevent you from driving carefully. For this, it is necessary to temporarily reset the maintenance light.

Although the name of the company is Toyota Tacoma, there are different models in which the method of resetting the maintenance light is different. 

Since we do not know what the model of your vehicle is, here is how to reset the maintenance lights of all the models below:

For Toyota Tacoma 2011 and Older Models:

Toyota Tacoma 2011 and older models usually have a servicing warning on the dashboard display that reads “MAINT REQD”. Then all you have to do is reset it:

  • First, put the ignition in the “Off” position.
  • Notice that there is a trip stem button on the instrument panel. Press and hold it.
  • Hold the trip stem button and bring the ignition to the “On” position. However, do not start the engine in this condition.
  • Hold the trip stem button for another 5 seconds even after turning the ignition to “On”.
  • Then notice that the odometer is showing all 0s briefly.

This will ensure that the maintenance lights of your vehicle have been reset.

For Toyota Tacoma 2012 to 2017 Models:

Maintenance lights are first illuminated for three seconds if the Toyota Tacoma, which falls into this category, requires maintenance. Then if you reset the maintenance lights will light up again for 15 seconds after travelling 4500 miles again.

  • First, set the ignition to “On”. If the vehicle has a “push button” system, press “Start”. Never start the engine and do not press the brake pedal.
  • Then press “Odo / Trip” or press the display change button and switch the display to “Trip A”.
  • Now stop your vehicle completely.
  • Press and hold the “Odo / Trip” button again.
  • Hold the “Odo / Trip” button without turning on the engine and bring the ignition to “On”.
  • Hold down the “Odo / Trip” button until the strip meter is empty.

For Toyota Tacoma 2018 to 2021 Models:

It is much easier to reset the maintenance lights on modern Toyota Tacoma models. Moreover, the Toyota Tacoma 2018 to 2021 models use state-of-the-art technology so you can reset the maintenance lights in just a few easier steps.

  • First, you need to wake up the vehicle’s electronic components. To do this, press the power button once. However, do not put your foot on the brake pedal at this time.
  • Notice at the power steering there are a few arrow buttons.
  • Select “Gear” with the left and right arrow buttons using the info display.
  • Select “Settings” above and with your wife’s button and press “OK”.
  • Then select the “Maintenance Reset” option and press the Toyota Select Button.
  • Select and press “Yes” to complete the process.

If the above-mentioned methods for resetting the maintenance light on any model of Toyota Tacoma do not work the first time, try again two to three times. Even then, if you do not get any positive results, it is better to seek the help of an experienced mechanic than to try it yourself.


Maintenance lights are not convenient for most drivers. It seems to cause them annoyance. Many claims that they can’t concentrate on driving because of the annoying noise of maintenance lights. 

Again, many do not know the meaning of maintenance light. It may seem to them that it is very harmful to the vehicle. Moreover, maintenance lights also signal for a change of fuel most of the time. 

For this reason, if the maintenance lights in your vehicle become illuminated, take immediate servicing steps without delay if possible.

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