How to Fix the P2146 DTC Code on Duramax (Expert Insights)

Are you facing trouble while driving your Chevrolet Silverado or Sierra Pickup trucks? The problem might be with the diagnostic trouble code P2146. No worries. This article has the solution.

Error code P2146 On Duramax means that the fuel injector group “A” supply voltage is circuit open. If any fuel injectors malfunction, then ECM gives you the indication.

However, such unwanted issues can become a big concern for you. There might be issues like your car engine starts running very roughly, or the engine may face difficulty in starting.

Today we will give you an overview of the P2146 code and tell you how to solve this error code.

P2146 Code On Duramax

What does code P2146 mean on Duramax?

P2146 is a generic error code or diagnostic trouble code sent by the ECM if there is a malfunction in the fuel injector group “A” voltage supply circuit.

This diagnostic trouble code may appear for an issue in the bank one or the “A” open voltage circuit. If the ECM gets an open voltage supply circuit or comes with zero voltage, your check engine light will be on. Thus, a P2146 code arrives. Here, P 2146 means:

  • P – Powertrain (P) trouble code for the engine
  • 2 – Fuel and air metering (Injector Circuit Malfunctions Only)
  • 1 – Fuel injector 
  • 46 – Specific fault code (Here, it is the open circuit)

How serious is code P2146 on Duramax?

There are some problems that a P2146 error code brings. Let’s see some possible consequences of those symptoms.

One of the major outcomes you can face with the p2146 code is that your car will generate less power than it should. Besides, your engine can make an excessive amount of noise.

Moreover, a misfire can occur in the engine’s startup or in the middle of driving. 

What causes code P2146 on Duramax?

The diagnostic trouble code P2146 has specific reasons to appear on your Duramax. It may be caused by any defect in the fuel injector, wiring, or ECM issues. Let’s discuss this one by one.

  • Defective/Damaged Fuel Injector

This code is related to the voltage issue in the engine combustion chamber. If the fuel injector can not perform properly, it is obvious that the code will appear. 

  • Voltage Issue

When there is a problem in Engine control modules, you may see engine lights turned on. If an open voltage supply circuit comes with zero voltage, the problem should be with the voltage.

If the ECM gets an open voltage supply circuit or comes with zero voltage, your check engine light will be on. Thus, a P2146 code arrives.

  • Damaged Wire

Sometimes the wiring of different sensors gets damaged and sends misleading information from sensors to the powertrain control module.

How to fix code P2146 on Duramax?

Fixing the P2146 code requires some basic steps to follow at first. Don’t hurry. Just perform some checks, and then you will be able to fix the problem. Diagnostics to find the reason behind the code’s appearance.

  • Measure the voltage in the injector

Measuring the voltage present in the fuel injector supply circuit is another important part of fixing the damage. To find out what a fuel injector is, use your vehicle technical service bulletin. You can find information related to the diagnosis of to fuel injector in that bulletin.

  • Scan with an OBD Scanner

You need a scanner to get the code.  So, connect your diagnostic scanner to the vehicle diagnostic scanning port.

After solving the code, you will have to scan it again to see if the code is solved or not.

  • Inspection of wiring and connectors

An eye examination of the connectors and wiring is important as well. It will help you to know about any damage. Damage to wiring and connection can be the reason for the p2146 code. 

  • Fix the specific part or change the specific part

After all, components are checked, and faulty parts are found. The next step is to repair the damaged parts or change their damaged parts. If it is a connector problem or lost wiring, it can be changed or replaced depending on the condition of the connectors and wiring.

Hopefully, after fixing or replacing the connectors, the code of P2146 will disappear.      

Other symptoms of getting code P2146 on Duramax

P2146 diagnostic code results from a fuel injector-related issue that prevents fuel from reaching your Duramax diesel engine combustion adequately. You can identify that with the following symptoms.

  • The check engine light will eliminate
  • Reduced Fuel economy
  • Lots of smoke
  • Lack of engine power
  • Decreased acceleration paddle response
  • Cannot climb steep hills 

How much does it cost to fix Duramax code P2146?

There are two types of costs involved in fixing the P2146 code. These are Labor costs and financial costs. To fix a problem of P2146 requires diagnosis and changing parts.

You will need 1 hour of labor to fix the issue, around 100 dollars. The cost of new parts is required to replace old ones. It will take around 15 dollars to replace the fuel injector.

However, the cost of fixing the P2146 issues varies depending on several factors. For example, the location of the shop, type of parts required, cost of labor hours, etc. 

Can you drive your Duramax with code P2146?

Yes, you can drive with a P2146 error code, but you shouldn’t. Starting your car with this code may move a bit from the garage.

Depending on the seriousness of the damage, the car engine may be able to start and move.

But it will be with low engine power. It is strongly recommended to fix the issue and then drive.


There can be multiple reasons behind getting a P2146 code from fuel injector problems. However, it may look like stressful work to repair. But it is recommended to repair your Duramax as fast as possible and then drive the car again.

Because if you don’t repair or fix the code, your car engine will see a lot of trouble. Plus, it will increase the cost of fuel over time due to less fuel economy. Moreover, your Duramax car may even face an accident.

Hopefully, you have gone through this article thoroughly and know how to fix a P2146 code on your Duramax.

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