How to Fix the P0089 Code on Duramax (Proficient Solutions)

Vehicles are becoming more advanced, computerized, and automated in this modern era. So, making troubleshooting and understanding trouble codes seem a little more complicated for the general DIYer.

The issue code p0089 appears to be a little more difficult to figure out on DURAMAX, but the correct resources can help you figure out what it means. The p0089 is a diagnostic trouble code that indicates the fuel pressure regulator isn’t functioning as desired. There are multiple causes behind getting this error code.

So, today’s fleets need to know what the p0089 code means on DURAMAX. You’ll find everything you need to know about the p0089 code below.

p0089 code on duramax

What Does The P0089 Code Mean On Duramax?

The diagnostic trouble code p0089 refers to the term “Fuel Pressure Regulator Performance-1,” and this term denotes that the regulator is in some trouble. The responsibility of this regulator is to maintain the supply of the fuel.

When the powertrain control module or the engine control module (PCM/ECM) determines that the desired fuel pressure doesn’t correlate and the regulator isn’t functioning properly, the trouble code p0089 will be set asap.

Until the required problem is solved, the code will still be seen. The full form of this code is explained below:

  • P– Powertrain- includes engine, transmission, and associated accessories.
  • 0– Standardized code, which is also known as generic code.
  • 0– Air and fuel regulating and auxiliary emission controls
  • 89– Specific fault index (in this case, it means damaged fuel pressure regulator).

How serious is the “P0089” code on Duramax?

There are multiple troubles that the error code p0089 can create for your DURAMAX. Because of this problem, the car would fail to start and even run. Moreover, the car can be stopped while driving.

Besides, the other problems such as poor running, lack of power, misfire, and poor acceleration can cause the car to be unsafe to drive. So,  these problems should be fixed as soon as possible, as it is definitely a serious problem.

What causes the P0089 Code on Duramax?

Most of the time, the DTC p0089 can happen on your DURAMAX for the defective fuel rail sensor or because of defective electrical connectors. There are also a series of potential causes to which this diagnostic trouble code can be attributed. Some of which are listed below;

  • Faulty fuel pressure solenoid
  • Short or open circuit problems
  • Faulty high-pressure fuel pump
  • EMC fault
  • Error on fuel pump output
  • Defects in electrical connectors
  • Restricted fuel lines

How to fix the P0089 code on Duramax?

The repairs that can fix the p0089 code mostly depend on the type of vehicles and the year, make, and manufacturers.  Moreover, certain causes can be found as the reasons behind the p0089  error codes.

So, it is pretty much difficult to figure out the actual reason behind getting this code on DURAMAX.  But in this case, most of the time, the replacement of the fuel pressure regulator is the most effective way of fixing the problem.

However, as for the DTC, there are multiple ways to fix the p0089 code. Some of them are the following:

Step-1: Determine the Freeze Frame Data

First of all, start by finding out the freeze frame data when a DTC is stored in the ECM, such as the p0089; its own freeze frame data is also saved.

This computer data allows you to know what circumstances happened when the DTC was set, like vehicle speed, RPM, coolant temperature, etc. Using an advanced level scan tool will let you know this data.

Step-2: Replacement of the fuel pressure regulator

A damaged fuel pressure regulator is the most common reason for the error code p0089. So, after checking the freeze frame data, let’s check out the fuel pressure regulator if this is in any trouble.

The regulator is basically situated on the fuel rail itself, and usually, it has a line of vacuum. So, begin by checking loose or damaged vacuum hoses to the regulator. If you find any trouble there, repair the line as required.

But if you find it all okay, the next step is to examine the fuel pressure. Checking this pressure won’t be crucial if you use an advanced scan tool.

Whenever you notice that the pressure of fuel is higher with a restriction on the return part of the regulator, it determines that it may be at fault. In this case, the replacement of the damaged regulator will be the best way of coming out of this situation.

Step-3: Replace the failed fuel pump

When there is no trouble found in the fuel pressure regulator, the next step is to check the fuel pump output. An external fuel management computer usually controls the pump.

This output can only be checked by using an advanced scan tool on these types of fuel systems. After checking, if you find insufficient power in it, examine if there is any obsessive resistance in the wiring, poor wire connections, or loose wires. If you find any faulty connection, replace the failed one as it requires.

Step-4: Check out the Defective fuel lines and replace them

This is one of the major problems for getting the p0089 code on DURAMAX that may have any defective fuel lines. So, explore physically damaged or loosened fuel lines that would be the reason for creating a limitation in the return lines and in the fuel pump supply. If you find any trouble like that, repair it asap.

Step-5: Determine clogged filters

Finally, this is the last thing to be checked and replaced. Look for the clogged filters which are located on the fuel pump.

They should be replaced if there is a lot of debris in the tank. Moreover, it will be necessary to remove it when the fuel filters have been crushed or pinched because it may restrict the fuel supply to the pump.

Other Symptoms Of Getting A P0089 Code On Duramax?

So when the p0089 code is stored, the check engine light simply turns on, which is the most common symptom of getting the p0089 code on DURAMAX.

Moreover, you may experience a number of offensive issues because of getting this code. As for the p0089 code, some of the major problems include:

  • Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) or check engine light on
  • Hard to start
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Poor performance
  • Lack of power
  • Black smoke from the exhaust
  • Poor acceleration
  • Engine can stall

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Duramax P0089 Code?

Depending on the engine type, the make and model of the vehicle, and even on the location, the cost to fix the DURAMAX P0089 code can be different.

In general, the repairing process of the code p0089 costs 1.0 hours of labor. Most auto repair mechanics or technicians charge between 75 USD and 150 USD.

Can You Drive Your Duramax With The Code P0089?

Sometimes you could, but it can never be safe. As we mentioned earlier, your car would stop running with this code, and occasionally, it can be stopped while driving.

When the fuel pressure regulator is damaged, or any wiring connection gets troubled, it can cause misfire and rich conditions. So, undoubtedly driving your DURAMAX having this code isn’t recommended, and it needs to be repaired asap.


The trouble code p0089 on DURAMAX will remain until the required problem is solved. You can fix the problem by following the probable fixes above.

But unfortunately, if it doesn’t work properly, it would be the best idea to take your car to a certified mechanic or technician for the repair.

At the same time, it would be the worst idea to drive the car with the code. So, firstly fix the problem and then drive your car safely.

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