5 Best Diesel Fuel Additive for Powerstroke Engine

When a Powerstroke engine gets old, it becomes less possible to get the expected performance from it. Adding the best diesel fuel additive for Powerstroke to the fuel can bring back the power you once have admired.

Also, the right supplement can eliminate the effects of bad diesel fuel. Using one of my recommended additives, you can increase the service life of the engine. In this article, I have not only included the officially recommended product but also other popular brands. Check them out.

Best Diesel Fuel Additive for Powerstroke Reviews:

I can assure you that all of the reviewed products here are capable of increasing fuel efficiency, power, and durability. Also, they are great for fighting against corrosion along with excessive wear and tear.

1. Better Mileage Than Others: Genuine Ford Fluid PM-22-A

Usually, lots of aftermarket parts are very effective at improving the performance of a diesel engine. But things are a little complicated for fuel additives. So, such products designed, engineered, and manufactured by the same company give us more confidence in their effectiveness.

Won’t it be better if you buy one from Motorcraft for the Ford Powerstroke engine? It has all the features and chemical composition that Ford recommends for its engines. The Additive meets the ULSD compliant.

The Cetane Booster and Performance Improver have the ability to fight against the effects of low-quality diesel fuel. Moreover, PM-22-A is effective at improving the starting performance and Catane rating ensuring smooth running. Because of the special formula, the fuel becomes more lubricating and the engine requires less fuel to run.

After reading some customer feedback, I have seen several complaints about the poor quality lid of the bottle. Sometimes you may not need all the additives and store them for later usage. As the lid leaks, it gets difficult. Here, you can use another bottle or an O-ring under the cap. If you don’t mind this small downside, you will love the Genuine Ford Fluid PM-22-A. Ford recommends this liquid to improve fuel efficiency, power, and smoothen engine performance. Motorcraft is the manufacturer. So, you can trust this product.


  • Prevents algae growth
  • Recommended by Ford; USLD compliant
  • Ensures fuel stability and efficiency
  • Smoothens operation and improves starting


  • The quality of the lid is poor; leaks after opened

2. Good overall fuel treatment: Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost

If it weren’t for the officially recommended additive from Motorcraft, I would have declared this one as the best diesel fuel additive for Powerstroke engines. The most appropriate application of this Cetane booster is when the environment is warmer than 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to the manufacturer, you should add at least 16 ounces of the chemical to 20 gallons of fuel to get the maximum effectiveness. It will clean the injectors and provide a maximum Cetane boost guaranteed.

But for maintenance, you don’t need to use that much. Just pour 1 ounce into 2.5 gallons of diesel. So, only 10 ounces will be needed for 25 gallons of fuel. After using the additive, you will notice the differences almost immediately.

The engine will start running without making loud noises as before. Also, your truck will consume less fuel ensuring better mileage. If you ask for some specific data, I can only tell you that the efficiency may provide a 1-1.5 MPG increase.

I want you to focus on its formula which is specially designed to support older engines. More amount of Cetane in this additive is really helpful to minimize the lag between fuel injection and ignition time. Therefore, more fuel ignites increasing mileage.


  • Improves fuel economy greatly
  • Comes with more Cetane than lots of competitor additives
  • Regains lost power of an older engine


  • Living in weather below 30F can’t bring out the best of this Cetane boost

3. Great Protection for Diesel Engines: STA-BIL Diesel Power Boost

The reason behind giving such title to STA-BIL 360 is because of its fuel treatment and stabilizing properties. Most of the competitor products can’t provide this level of protection as it uses advanced vapor technology.

When you add this additive on a regular basis, your truck will get stronger, more fuel-efficient, and run smoother. Also, the transmission system will get cleaner. For older engines, it is like a tonic that revives the lost power.

STA-BIL proves to be very effective at fighting against moisture, and corrosion. Hence, the life of different engine parts gets more durability. Furthermore, you can leave the truck idle for some time, store the fuel, and not worry about anything. Because the additive helps keep it stabilized at all conditions. According to the producer of the oil, it promises the maximum Cetane boost that can lead up to 7 numbers of increase. It improves the available power along with increasing mileage. What I like is that you can treat up to 150 gallons of fuel adding only 20 ounces of STA-BIL Diesel Power Boost additive.


  • Helps speeding up acceleration in older engines
  • Thoroughly cleans injector for better running
  • Eliminates moisture ensuring a better engine health
  • Effective for maintaining and stabilizing gas


  • Can’t provide the performance improvement as fast as others

4. Highly Recommended for Diesel Engines: Lucas Oil Cetane Power Booster

For several reasons, I like Lucas Oil Cetane Power Booster more than lots of other competitor additives. The first thing that caught my eyes was the pricing. You can get 64 ounces of Cetane Power at the price of top-pick additive’s 20 ounces.

However, don’t think that it takes more to increase the number of Cetane in the fuel compared to others. The rate for the mixture is almost the same. Now, let’s talk about how the additive helps your truck’s engine.

This diesel fuel supplement has very effective lubricants that are helpful for high-pressure fuel injection pumps. After adding it to the fuel, the exhaust gets cleaner. Also, you don’t have to change the filter as frequently as before.

Furthermore, the engine gets started more easily and you can have smoother idling. And, more power along with more mileage is a logical conclusion of those benefits. According to some test data, the additive reduces the wear of different engine parts by more than 27%.

Even if your Powerstroke engine is old, the supplement can ensure peak performance. It is by reducing coking and deposits in the internal injector. Also, lubricated rings and cylinders play an important role in increasing engine life.


  • Increases the Cetane number greatly
  • Ensures smooth running engine
  • Great lubricant for fuel injector pump
  • Easier starting and smoother idle


  • No clear instructions for adding how many boosters per gallon of fuel

5. Most Affordable All Season Booster: PEAK Blue Cetane & Mileage Booster

The last one on my list is also a top-rated diesel fuel additive for Powerstroke engines. This affordable fuel supplement from PEAK costs even less than the previous one.

By buying the 32-oz. bottle, you can enhance the performance of the fuel by up to 100 gallons. The special design of the chemical takes good care of the high-pressure common rail fuel injection systems.

The manufacturer has done some testing and found out that the additive is capable of increasing fuel efficiency up to 8%. At the same time, it helps cleaning the injectors and keeps them clean all the time.

If you add the additive according to the recommended amount, you will be able to increase the Cetane number of the fuel by 6. In older engines, the number doesn’t exceed 40 where 45 is required for smooth performance and increased engine life.

So, buying PEAK Blue All Season Cetane and Mileage Booster will help your engine fuel achieve the expected rating. Regardless of the weather condition in your living area, you can use this additive with full confidence.


  • Most affordable supplement compared to other 4 additives
  • Ensures fuel freshness and stability
  • Reduces emission greatly and increases fuel efficiency
  • Compatible with all diesel engines


  • The increased Cetane rating is not as much as the other products on the list

Things to Consider While Buying the Diesel Fuel Additive for Powerstroke

Finding the right fuel supplement for your Powerstroke engine is not very tough. Here, I am going to describe the factors I considered while choosing those 5 products.

First of all, I went through the official recommendation and tried to find out the right kind of formula. I saw that Cetane boosters are the recommended additives here.

So, I have included the recommended product from Ford at the top of the list and reviewed the other 4 products meeting the requirements. While checking out a product, you should make sure that it has the capability to increase fuel economy, power, and turbo performance.

After that, read the specs and see how much of your chosen additive is capable of boosting how much fuel. It is directly linked to the cost of the products. This way, you can know which one is affordable. Then, set your budget, and buy accordingly.


Does Ford Recommend Diesel Fuel Additives?

Yes, Ford recommends you use diesel fuel additives for Powerstroke engines in order to preserve the health of moving parts.

Is Seafoam Good For 6.0 Powerstroke?

As seafoam does not contain anything harmful to diesel engines, you can use them in your Powerstroke engine. Because of its origin from petroleum ingredients, Sea Foam is considered safe, reliable, and effective.

How Often Should You Use Diesel Fuel Additives?

The frequency of using fuel additives depends on the condition of your diesel engine. Under normal circumstances, using it at least quarterly seems to do the trick. However, consult with a mechanic to fix the right schedule.

What Is The Best Diesel Fuel Additive For 6.0 Powerstroke?

According to Ford, the Motorcraft manufactured Genuine Ford Fluid PM-22-A is the best diesel fuel supplement for 6.0 Powerstroke engines. However, according to some reviewers, the Lucas oil additive is the best option for this engine.

What Is The Best Diesel Fuel Additive For 6.4 Powerstroke?

Some owners think that Opti-Lube XPD All Seasons Diesel Fuel Additive is the right product here. But I recommend you to stick to a Cetane booster from my review list.

What Is The Best Diesel Fuel Additive For 6.7 Powerstroke?

After some research, I found out that Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost reviewed in the second place has the right kind of components to get the best out of a 6.7L Powerstroke diesel engine.

What Is The Best Diesel Fuel Additive For 7.3 Powerstroke?

Both the first and second fuel additives on the list are perfectly capable of increasing the overall performance of a 7.3 Powerstroke.

Final Words

That is all. I hope that you have read the reviews thoroughly. So, which one do you think is the best diesel fuel additive for Powerstroke engines?

The most risk-free option is to do for the official product from Ford. But the other brands also have a good reputation among the users.

Therefore, choosing anyone from the list will do the job as it is intended. Let me know in the comments about your purchase and experience.

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