What Years of Ford 5.4L Engine to Avoid and Why? (Reasons)

Ford offers a vast collection of Engine options, and 5.4 is one of them too. The Ford 5.4 is also popularly known as the 5.4L Triton V8 engine, and it is one of the most common engines used for the Ford full-size SUV and truck lineups.

However, the 5.4 engine is also infamous for having several major to minor troubleshooting issues, and some problems such as spark plugs, ignition coils, and the time chain failure are undeniably visible in some particular year’s Ford vehicles.

The following article will explain exactly why you should not consider the Ford 5.4 and if you must, then which year’s models you should avoid.

About Ford 5.4L Engine

The Ford 5.4 or 5.4L is a naturally aspirated V8 engine, which has been in the industry to power many vehicle models of Ford as well as other brands for a long time.

Originally Ford designed and developed the 5.4 engine to handle larger trucks or big SUVs, and it has been a member of the Ford Modular family.

Also, Ford first introduced the 5.4 engine in 1997 with their F series.

Later on, several other companies used the revised version of the 5.4 engine in their sports vehicle lineups too.

Many experts claim that the 5.4 engine is mainly a stroked version of Ford’s 4.6L engine since 4.6L and 5.4 both engines are developed by the same manufacturer and have similar architectures.

Ford 5.4 offered 235 up to 550 horsepower and 330 up to 510 torque. However, the output effectively varies depending on the year and model of the engine.

Which Ford Vehicle Series Particularly Feature Ford 5.4L Engine?

Mostly Ford used 5.4 engines in its old vehicle lineups, and you can still find them in some of the available old Ford vehicle models, mainly sold as Used vehicles. 

The following vehicle models are equipped with the 5.4 engine:

  • Ford Expedition Models
  • Ford E-Series Models
  • Ford F-150 Models
  • Ford Falcon Models
  • Ford GT Models
  • Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R Models
  • Ford SVT Lightning Models
  • Ford Shelby GT500/GT500KR Models
  • Lincoln Blackwood Models
  • Lincoln Navigator Models
  • Lincoln Mark LT Models

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Worst Years of Ford 5.4L Engine (List of Years)

Initially, the 5.4 engine was not built with lots of mechanical and electrical flaws since it is one of the longest-running engines of the Ford brand.

Reports claim that the initial era of the 5.4 was the best, but troubleshooting issues like spark plug failure were there in the 5.4 3-valve engines from the initial days.

However, other troubles kept adding up as the time passed, and problems got severely noticeable as well as disturbing due to their expensive repair servicing between 2004 and 2013.

If you are interested in Used Ford vehicle models, try avoiding the following years’ models:

  • Ford Expedition Models From 2004-2014
  • Ford F-150 Models From 2003-2007
  • Ford Falcon Models From 2004-2007
  • Ford GT Models From 2004-2006
  • Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R 2000 Models
  • Ford SVT Lightning 2004 Models
  • Ford Shelby GT500/GT500KR Models From 2007-2012
  • Lincoln Blackwood Models From 2004-2014
  • Lincoln Navigator Models From 2004-2014
  • Lincoln Mark LT Models From 2006-2008

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4 Major Problems of Ford 5.4L Engines:

In this section, I will address and elaborately discuss the four most common problems of the Ford 5.4, which made this engine infamous and kind of unreliable.

But before moving towards the main discussion, glance at the most common issues and approx. cost estimation of solving them-

Problem:Estimated Repair CostEstimated Labor Expense
Spark Plugs Failure$233 up to $276$133-$206
Ignition Coils Failure$200 up to $276$38-$48
Failed Driver Module Of Fuel Pump$772 up to $967$223-$281
The Timing Chain Tensioner Failure$1,374 up to $1,643$1,027-$1,295
Engine Oil Pan Gasket Leakage$438 up to $684$323-$437

1. Spark Plugs & Ignition Coils Failure

Spark plug and Ignition coil failure are the most common 5.4 engine problems that were highlighted in most consumer forums and expert reviews.

Mainly these two troubles are commonly visible in the 2-valve, 3-valve, and 4-valve 5.4 engines.

In general, spark plugs and ignition coils both have a standard timeframe after which they eventually start to wear and tear. So, making such failures such a huge matter is kind of unfair.

According to consumer complaint reports, sometimes they have noticed spark plugs blow out of the head in the 2-valve 5.4 engine-contained vehicles.

However, 3-valve and 4-valve 5.4 engine-powered vehicle owners have not mentioned such issues yet.

Users even mentioned encountering common symptoms such as engine stuttering, internal misfiring, rough idling, and significant power loss.

By the way, one can easily avoid experiencing such extra troubles by following the 5.4 engine standard maintenance like changing the spark plugs after each 80,000 to 100,000 miles and replacing the ignition coil after every 120,000 miles of operation.

Is This Problem Expensive To Fix?

According to RepairPal’s report, if you are repairing from any professional servicing center, the spark plugs replacement will cost between  $233 and $276 and the labor expense will be between $223 and $281. The ignition coils replacement will cost between $200 and $276 and labor expenses might stay between $38-$48.

Remember, 5.4 ignition coils are available at approx. $100-$200 and a new set of 5.4 spark plugs mostly costs between $50 and $100. So, if you are fixing them by yourself, it will be pretty cheap.

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2. Failed Driver Module Of Fuel Pump

Fuel pump driver modules or FDM failure is another most highlighted trouble of the Ford 5.4 engine. Originally it was a factory design error that the manufacturer neglected.

The engine fuel pump’s driver module was placed towards the rear side of the steel frame. This placement made the aluminum module to be exposed to all the external elements like water, salt, dirt, and others.

As a result, buildup debris or other similar materials directly enters the driver module, and eventually, the module fails. This failure forces the fuel system to cut off and the engine to shut down.

Users even reported common symptoms, such as engine sputtering or misfiring, no start, stalling, and DTC P1233 (fault code).

Fortunately, Ford was quick to realize the manufacturing defect, redesigned the parts, and mounted the module in the same previous location, but kept a safe distance so that it would not get direct contact with the engine’s steel frame.

Is This Problem Expensive To Fix?

Reportedly, you can fix the FDM issue at $772 up to $967 from any professional servicing workshop and the labor expense will stay between  $133 and $206.

However, the fuel pump driver module replacement parts are available at $60-$100. So, if you are fixing them by yourself, it will be pretty cheap.

3. The Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

The timing chain tensioners and variable valve timing or VVT are known trouble areas for the Ford 5.4 engines.

Since the timing chain is one of the crucial components that help the proper engine operation, if the problem is not fixed on time, it can lead to further severe engine damage, and you might end up replacing the engine.

Mostly the 5.4 timing issue occurs due to a loose or broken timing chain, and the VVT issue primarily arises due to cam phaser breaking.

Users claimed to notice common symptoms such as Rattling or knocking sounds coming from the engine and rough running or idling.

Is This Problem Expensive To Fix?

It is one of the most expensive repair servicing of 5.4 engines. Reportedly, you can fix the problem from any professional servicing center at $1,374 up to $1,643, and the labor expense will stay between $1,027 and $1,295.

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4. Engine Oil Pan Gasket Leakage

Oil pan gaskets are designed to take abuse, and as time passes, the gasket eventually starts to fail due to consuming unlimited abuse and heat cycle.

Ford 5.4 engine oil pan gasket has been reported as prone to fail and leak oil, even leading to potential engine failure. Reports claim that as soon as the 5.4 oil pan gasket fails, it starts leaking oil under the vehicle.

As the engine gets older several parts like rubber hoses, gaskets, plastics, and others must be wearing out.

Users have reported common symptoms like visible oil leaks under the engine and burning oil smells coming.

Is This Problem Expensive To Fix?

If you are taking your vehicle to any professional workshop for the servicing, it will cost you between $438 and $684, and the labor expense will stay between $323-$437.

How Long Will A Ford 5.4L Last?

According to the Vehq.com report, The Ford 5.4 V8 Triton engine can easily last between 150,000 and 300,000 miles if properly maintained. Remember, regularly scheduled maintenance is the key to keeping the vehicle engine active and energetic.

Which Are The Best Ford Engines To Consider?

According to the Fourwheeltrends.com report, the following Ford engines are the safest to consider:

  • Ford Coyote 5.0L V8 Engine
  • Ford Godzilla 7.3L V8 Engine
  • Ford 5.0L H.O. Engine


Ford is one of those brands that most vehicle owners or enthusiasts desire and prefer. But not all Ford vehicle models are worth owning, and some models feature unreliable engines like the 5.4L.

Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a Ford vehicle and pondering which engine would be better, wait a moment to think wisely.

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