Which Ford Raptor Years to Avoid and Why? (Explained)

Pickup trucks and SUVs like the Ford Raptor have been designed to last and perform well. However, there are various issues with the Ford Raptor, despite its durability and power.

The early raptor years and a few later years are the most problematic. You’ll be able to avoid the hassle of costly maintenance and frequent failures, if you know which one to avid and the to buy.

Continue reading to learn about some of the most troublesome Ford Raptor models. Avoid the years discussed below, if possible, since they are fraught with issues that may make you regret purchasing a Raptor.

Ford Raptor Years to Avoid (List of Years)

Ford Raptor models have included several standouts, but there have also been some years to avoid with Ford Raptors models. As a customer, you need to know which models of this car are worth your money and which ones aren’t.

  • 2009 Ford Raptor
  • 2012 Ford Raptor
  • 2014 Ford Raptor
  • 2018 Ford Raptor

These are the Ford Raptors to steer clear of, and I’ll explain each year with their specific issues in the following sections.

Typically, these model years suffers from oil leaks as a result of a faulty oil pan. Additionally, the transmission shifting issues, rattling noises from the components within vehicle are common.

Worst Years of Ford Raptor:

Despite the fact that it has just been on the market, there have been one year when it has proven unreliable. That is Ford Raptor 2012 model.

For the Ford Raptor, this is the most difficult year the vehicle has ever experienced.

The 2012 model had the most consumer complaints, making it a model to avoid at all costs. Consumers expressed concerns about the engine, while others remarked that the truck’s transmission is in need of repair.

What Makes These Ford Raptor Years Worth Avoiding?

Here are the main difficulties that I’ve found through my investigation on numerous websites, internet forums, and YouTube videos, and they should be avoided at all costs. Read on to find out why.

2009 Ford Raptor Problems:

In addition to concerns with dependability, the earlier model of Ford Raptor like 2009 failed to live up to expectations.

Mainly, the performance was below average, and it couldn’t compete with other manufacturers’ offerings. The towing capacity is the same.

At low RPM, engine clatters like a diesel, jerks during acceleration, accelerator sticking, etc. are the few relevant problems with the 2009 raptor model year.

The lack of a telescopic steering wheel was a notable downside of the 2009 Ford Raptor model. If you can’t adjust it vertically, it’s not going to be acceptable for everyone.

2012 Ford Raptor Problems:

In terms of price, you could want to check out a 2012 Ford Raptor, but be mindful of its flaws.

Owners were concerned that the truck’s gasoline pump might break down, rendering it useless. When it came to the instrument cluster, owning this model was a real pain.

Engine misfires when accelerated hard, resulting in a loss of power.

There’s a ticking noise coming from the throttle body, and the engine light is on. These are a few engine problems have been reported on the 2012 raptor.

Transmission problems have also been noted. Some Ford Raptor 2012 drivers claim that the gears might slide suddenly. The drivers said they had replaced a few damaged frames after finding them.

2014 Ford Raptor Problems:

The 2014 Ford Raptor was an improvement over its four-year-old predecessor, but it was not without faults.

They remarked that the engine’s performance was lacking on the highway. They improved it on the 2014 model, but unfortunately, it consumes a lot of gasoline. This vehicle gets an average of 13 mpg, which isn’t great.

The design of the electronic interface is not favourable to the user. A lot of people have expressed their displeasure with it.

Furthermore, the 2014 model was already outmoded when compared to the products of its competitors at the time. Perhaps the situation has become worse during the past decade or so. Before acquiring this model, it is important to keep this in mind.

2018 Ford Raptor Problems:

2018 is the worst model year in the history of the company, and engine problems are the most serious category.

The 2018 Ford Raptor’s poor drive quality was due to some obvious design flaws. There was a significant drop in fuel efficiency with this model as well. That’s not to mention the repair costs, which is something to keep in mind.

Shifting problems transmission slips are under transmission issues category with almost 20 complaints.

Owners had a wide range of issues with this vehicle. Repairing engines and turbos that failed in some of these vehicles was prohibitively expensive.

Which Ford Raptor Years are Safe to Buy?

Ford Raptors aren’t all awful; only a handful of them are on the list of things to avoid. Apart from that, they are an excellent vehicle that is also quite popular.

There are just a few years that are safe to invest in:

  • 2010 Ford Raptor
  • 2020 Ford Raptor
  • 2022 Ford Raptor

These truck types have shown to be exceptionally dependable throughout time.

The 2010 Raptor Ford has a reputation for being one of the most dependable vehicles ever released.

Due to its twin-turbo V6 engine, the 2020 Ford Raptor is one of the most popular alternatives. It features a 10-speed automatic transmission and 450 horsepower. Comfortable driving is guaranteed even on bumpy roads thanks to the suspension.

Ford Raptor 2021 is the truck’s most recent model, which has been completely overhauled to match current requirements.

The money you put down during the previously indicated, risk-free years will pay out in the form of many enjoyable miles behind the wheel. Ultimately, it’s up to you.


The Ford Raptor, which is a decade old, is a good choice for anybody wanting to acquire a vehicle that excels both off-road and towing.

In my opinion, the Raptor is superior in every manner thanks to its high-capacity towing options from 6,000 to 8,000 pounds. An overview of Ford Raptor’s best and worst years is provided in this article.

In summary, the Ford Raptor’s greatest years are 2010 and 2020, whereas few of the worst years are 2009, 2012, and 2014.

The most common problems reported by owners throughout the years have also been listed, so you may shop with assurance.

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