Which Subaru Legacy Years to Avoid and Why? (Explained)

Across the globe, drivers of all ages find the Subaru Legacy to be a compelling option for a comfortable and dependable ride. When there are constant modifications year after year, it is sometimes tough to maintain a devoted following of customers. 

Thus, the design of each Subaru car is kept as close to the previous model as much as possible to provide a feeling of connectedness between the vehicles and the drivers.

People who like to travel far and wide can depend on this car for a reliable and steady drive. Subaru Legacy is believed to be a great value for your money.

However, there are some years of Subaru Legacy that you should avoid buying. 

Subaru Legacy Years to Avoid (List of Years)

There are some years of Subaru Legacy that are filled with many technical issues. A variety of problems can be found in these cars. Here is the list of Legacy years that you should avoid.

  • 2009 Subaru Legacy: This model has engine and interior problems, airbag issues.
  • 2010 Subaru Legacy: Legacy 2010 has many problems such as, safety concerns, transmission problems, light problems.
  • 2011 Subaru Legacy: Light problems, electric system malfunction are the main issues of Subaru Legacy 2011.
  • 2015 Subaru Legacy: People reported about the engine problem, painting issues, fuel system failure
  • 2018 Subaru Legacy: Electric system malfunction, steering problem, bad fuel system are most common issues of this model.

Worst Years of Subaru Legacy

The 2015 Subaru Legacy has received the highest complaints in Carcomplaints website. It has a big range of issues that people have mentioned about.

From engine problem to fuel system failure and also the painting and other interior problems make it a bad choice for anyone. Hence, it can be said that, this is the worst model of Subaru Legacy.

What Makes These Subaru Legacy Years Worth Avoiding?

Each of the models mentioned above has plenty of issues. Some have engine problems, some struggle with the transmission, and some have a hard time with the brakes.

You should know each of the car’s problems in detail so that you can make a good choice in buying.

2009 Subaru Legacy Problems:

Subaru Legacy 2009 has suffered from safety issues and got 13 recalls by NHTSA making it a top-ranked car in the worst car category. 

One of the major problems of this model is the engine failure and head gasket leak. In both cases, you may need to bring the car to a repair shop and change it or fix it.

It is quite expensive when it comes to engine-related fixes. The engine fails at about 71000 miles and the average fixing cost is 5000 USD!

The Interior accessories of this car are also bad. Many people have noticed the accessories are getting bad one by one. 

The airbag problem is another serious reason you should not buy this model. Late airbag release or not releasing at all is found in this car making it a very unreliable car.

2010 Subaru Legacy Problems:

Subaru Legacy 2010 had several problems and due to some safety concerns, it was recalled by NHTSA 18 times! Most of the problems for which it was recalled were related to the airbag malfunction.

This car’s headlights are not reliable and stop working after a few miles. Other exterior and interior lights have similar issues.

Transmission problems are quite common in this model. Several reports were made on transmission failure, gear problems, etc. 

The electric system has potential problems as some drivers said the battery and the wiring were bad in some cars.

Another typical issue you may encounter with this car is an ABS control module fault, which will make it impossible for you to use the brakes while the ABS lights remain illuminated.

You may have to change the ABS control module entirely since it’s the only remedy for this problem.

This model is, thus, one of the worst of Subaru Legacy.

2011 Subaru Legacy Problems:

With 16 recalls the Legacy 2011 is yet another failed production of Subaru. 

Headlight failure has been recorded on the 2011 Subaru Legacy, the same as with the previous version.

Even though this may appear like a minor issue, people mentioned that this problem began to occur within the first six months of ownership of this car, and some of them said that they needed to change the light many times due to continuous failure.

If the vehicle’s electrical system is malfunctioning, then this problem may occur. In addition, the CVT in this car often failed, which was another issue.

This car also faced transmission problems as many drivers have mentioned on different platforms. This car is not worth buying because of all these problems.

2015 Subaru Legacy Problems:

For many years Legacy did not have engine issues or any serious issues related to the engine. However, everything changed with this 2015 model.

Engine failing to start is one of the most common problems found in this car along with excessive oil consumption leading to expensive car maintenance and repairing.

Some people also noticed a burning smell coming out of the engine now and then. Some reports said that the oil was burning and the smell was going inside the car. This kind of problem also creates engine noises and corrosions.

The body paint of Legacy 2015 prematurely wears off. Color fading is something that can annoy anyone as the shiny and sparkling hue makes a car look gorgeous.

This Legacy 2015 has fuel system failure which was reported by several users. Transmission failure is yet another problem for many drivers. 

There is no reason for you to buy this car which has shown so many problems till now.

2018 Subaru Legacy Problems:

Unlike the previously mentioned models, the Legacy 2015 has lesser issues. But that does not mean there are none.

Most of the problems associated with this car are related to the electric system. Many people have also reported problems in the infotainment system, fuel system difficulties, steering difficulties, engine failure, and windshield fractures.

The electric components of this car gradually stopped working or malfunctioning. Even some problems were found in the software system.

Wrong fuel notice is seen and making it difficult for the drivers to know the exact amount of fuel available. Hence, the fuel system failure is quite risky.

There were reports about the 2015 model that the steering is bad. The steer automatically shifts to one side when there is a wind blowing outside or a heavy truck is passing by.

Some reports were also made about a bad engine service. But it was a few reports only.

Lastly, you should avoid a car that has the potential to go bad and not work out for you.

Which Years of Subaru Legacy are Safe to Buy?

Subaru has some excellent years that can be what people love. Here are some of them-

2015 Subaru Legacy:

The 2015 Subaru Legacy is a remarkable car of the Legacy series. When the sixth-generation model was introduced, it quickly rose to the top of the rankings thanks to a slew of enhancements and functions that set it apart from the competition.

It is powered by a 2.5-liter flat-four engine, with the option of upgrading to a flat-six engine for customers seeking more performance. The automatic gearbox that comes with it, is a more desirable option.

There are many other new techs used in this car and many safety features included in it. Thus, it is a great buy for you.

2019 Subaru Legacy:

The 2019 Legacy puts safety first, making it an excellent pick for anybody searching for the finest of the best. Even though this car has other important features, it is designed to keep everyone in the car safe at all times.

Subaru guarantees that the vehicle’s performance and steering are both excellent. Drivers may avoid being distracted by impending collisions by using safety technologies like blind-spot monitoring, eyesight, and rear cross-traffic warning.

This car has enough room for a whole family or small group of people. People can enjoy a comfortable ride on any kind of road or trail thanks to the standard all-wheel-drive system! Taking the automobile for a ride is going to be a breeze.


Subaru has made some excellent cars in the Legacy line. A lot of people love this series for safety and reliability. If you want something similar, Subaru Legacy is the right choice for you. Just a piece of advice, do not buy the worst models of this series.

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