How to Fix P0652 Code On Cummins? (Complete Solutions)

Problems in the vehicle’s engine are nothing new. There are often issues that impact the vehicle’s performance, and sometimes they might originate from different circuits.

The code P0652 On Cummins indicates that the engine circuit’s B area has a problem that the PCM has identified. Low voltage readings primarily cause the issue.

Don’t be concerned!  After reading this article, you’ll clearly understand this code and its implications. So, let’s not waste time and get to the point.

P0652 Code On Cummins

What does the P0652 code mean on Cummins?

Error code P0652 means that low voltage readings are in the B area of the circuit that the PCM has detected. It is also known as Sensor Reference Voltage B Circuit Low and results from the malfunctioning engine control module.

Poor connections or shorted circuits are significant reasons behind this code. To get a good view, below here is the breakdown of this code:

  • P – Powertrain code is detected due to an issue related to the engine.
  • 0 – It’s a generic problem, nothing from the manufacturer’s side.
  • 6 – Computer and output circuits. This means the fault is associated with one of the circuits.
  • 52 – Fault Index ( Sensor Reference Voltage ‘B’ Circuit low)

How serious is the P0652 code on Cummins?

The P0652 code is associated with the engine and results from the malfunctioning engine control module. For some time, you might think that it’s not severe. But in the long run, it can result in the vehicle not starting at all.

Besides, not fixing this code in time can result in the engine functioning inconsistently and will result in fuel ingestion. As a result, the acceleration will be inconsistent and harm the engine’s health.

What causes P0652 code on the Cummins engine?

The issue with the P0652 code on a Cummins engine can have several reasons. First, you need to notice whether the engine exhibits common symptoms like a rough engine start or a fall in fuel economy. If that is the case, you can be sure that you will detect the code very soon.

The most prominent reason behind the detection of P0652 in the Cummins engine could be the internal issues associated with PCM. PCM gets corrupted for various reasons, which results in it exhibiting multiple error codes.

Another significant reason could be that shortened wiring existing between multiple control modules can be another important reason.

That said, a poor quality sensor is always detrimental to the engine. It can also play a part in the detection of the code.

Other than this, fuses can get defective due to faulty wiring. And for such blown-out fuses, you may have detected the P0652 code.

How to fix the P0652 code on a Cummins engine?

You already know that there can be several reasons behind detecting the P0652 code. Detecting and fixing all of these issues can be a hassle. That’s why there should be a single procedure that will help you fix the code.

Here are the steps you need to follow to fix the P0652 code on your Cummins engine:

Step-1: Scan and Verify Code

Firstly, you need to manage an OBD scanner. With that scanner, detect and verify the code.

Step-2: Reset Code

This step involves clearing all the error codes. You must reset all the error codes before initiating the road test.

Step-3: Inspect

Run a visual inspection and check whether the error code P0652 persists.

Step-4: Repair Wiring

If any disconnected, open, or damaged wiring is discovered, it must be repaired.

Step-5: Use CAN Scanner

With the help of a CAN, the scan diagnoses the issues related to circuitry and determines the part of the ‘B’ circuit that needs repair.

Step-6: Repair and test

Repair all the necessary parts and run a test to check whether the code is gone or not.

If the above process doesn’t work, you must replace the blown fuses or the sensor itself. We would recommend that you consult an expert for such repairs.

Other symptoms of getting a P0652 code on Cummins engine

The significant symptoms like rough starting or inconsistent acceleration aren’t the only ones for P0652. Here are some other prominent symptoms of the P0652 code that the engine might exhibit:

  • Decrease in fuel economy
  • Misfiring in engine
  • Low operating power
  • No front hub engagement.
  • Inconsistent speedometer
  • No front differential engagement.

How much does it cost to fix the P0652 code on the Cummins engine?

If you can’t fix it, you must go to the mechanic for a better solution. In that situation, you’ll incur two different types of costs. One is the mechanic, and another is the part cost. Both of them are described below:

Parts Cost

The components you might need to replace are either sensors or connectors. Also, if the issue originated from the fuses, replace them.

The price of an engine sensor ranges from $20-100. When it comes to the fuses, the price ranges between $10-20.

Lastly, if the problematic part is the wires or connectors, it will cost you around $25-35.

Mechanic Cost

The mechanic’s cost of repair varies depending on the component you want to repair.  If it’s about replacing engine sensors, the labor cost would be around $150-200.

Other than this, for replacing fuses and connectors, the labor cost would be around $50-100.

Can you drive your vehicle with Cummins engine with code P0652?

Despite having the code P0652, you can drive your vehicle with a Cummins engine. But the driving may not be devoid of issues. There would be a variable acceleration to no acceleration at all.

Also, the components inside the vehicle, like AC, may not function properly. Therefore, it is advised to drive after fixing the code.


Error codes in engines aren’t something new. Your vehicle with a Cummins engine is susceptible to such codes, and these codes can be of various types.

If the code is P0652, you better take immediate steps to fix it because it impacts the functions of the engine significantly and can result in your vehicle not starting at all.

This article has tried to portray the real scenario behind the P0652 code on a Cummins engine and its relevant fix. We hope that helps your case and ensure you a smooth driving experience.

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