What Is P0269 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke: How To Fix?

Ford 6.0L Powerstroke delivers a bunch of trouble codes that explain the internal difficulties of the engine. The P0269 is one of the DTCs & it’s related to the number three-cylinder. 

If you have this error code & want to know about it in-depth, this article is for you. In this article, I’ll be discussing the symptoms, possible causes & solutions of the DTC P0269.

What Is P0269 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke

What Does P0269 Code Means On 6.0L Powerstroke? 

P0269 is one of the DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) of the Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. By definition, the DTC P0269 refers to Cylinder Number 3 Contribution/Balance Fault. 

Total eight cylinders are helping the 6.0L Powerstroke to move forward. All the cylinders have to perform the same (or nearly the same) to give you a comfortable driving experience. 

The crankshaft sensor is the most important sensor of the vehicle & it monitors the acceleration power of the cylinders. When the crankshaft sensor notices low to zero acceleration of the number 3 cylinder, it generates the DTC P0269. 

Symptoms Of Getting The P0269 Code On A 6.0

Getting the error code P0269 won’t be a pleasurable moment for any driver. This code comes with some visible annoying symptoms, such as –

  1. CEL (Check Engine Light) Becomes Activated
  2. Rough At Idle Condition 
  3. Noticeable Drop-In Fuel Economy 
  4. Massively Reduced Acceleration & Power
  5. Warm-Ups Makes The Engine More Rougher
  6. Constant/Inconstant Mild Smoke From The Exhaust 

If you’re noticing any two or more symptoms in your 6.0L Powerstroke, expect to have the error code P0269 & act accordingly. 

The Causing Factors Of The Error Code P0269  

Several factors can cause the error code to come up. Here are some of the most common causing factors of the error code P0269:

  1. Faulty Fuel Injector
  2. Faulty Fuel Pump
  3. Faulty Fuel Filter 
  4. Number 3 Cylinder Spraying Insufficient Fuel
  5. Leakage In Injector O-Rings 

All the causes mentioned above contribute to low fuel pressure or cylinder acceleration & that’s the main reason behind the error code P0269. 

How Serious Is Code P0269 On 6.0L Powerstroke?

There’s nothing uncertain as a misfiring engine. Due to this error code, your engine may misfire now & then. If the misfiring continues, you’ll end up damaging other internal engine components that will cost a lot for repair & replacement. 

Again, your vehicle will be continuously throwing black smoke, which is a great threat to the environment. Considering everything mentioned earlier, you should solve the DTC before it takes over your vehicle. 

How to Solve P0269 Error Code On 6.0L Powerstroke?

There are not many troubleshooting methods of solving the DTC P0269. All you can do is run a compression test to identify what’s causing the code to come up. 

If you’re willing to do the diagnostic task on your own, follow this segment of the article. You’ll know how exactly the compression test is done to identify the main causing factor of the DTC P0269.

Run The Compression Test 

You’ll know if any of your cylinders is comparatively weak from the rest by running the compression test. 

That being said, let’s get started with the step-by-step guide of running a compression test on the Ford 6.0L Powerstroke:

Step 1: Disconnect The Fuel Flow 

Firstly, disconnect any type of fuel flow to the engine. You’ll have to turn on the engine while doing the compression test & you won’t like your engine to start moving in that period. 

Step 2: Disable The Ignition Systems 

Take help from your manual guide to know where the primary circuits are located. Because all the ignition coil/s have one primary circuit & one secondary circuit. Pulling off the primary circuits will do the disabling job with ease. 

Step 3: Pull The Spark Plug Wires & Run The Test

Now pull spark plug wires one by one & prepare them for the test. Take your compression tester & put the tester cable where the removed spark plug wire was. 

Later on, you’ll have to connect the spark plug wire to the compression tester. Finally, turn on the engine & let it crank for some moment. Note down the pressure reading you’re getting from the first cylinder. 

Continue doing this operation with all the eight cylinders & note down all the readings (in PSI format). See if there are any massive differences from one to another. If there’s a change of +15%, that particular cylinder or injector might be faulty. 

Action Plan With The Result:

If you’re getting inconsistent readings in some of the cylinders, consider replacing their fuel injectors first. There will be eight injectors for the eight cylinders. 

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can replace the fuel filter & fuel pump. Before replacing the fuel pump, you can try repairing it as it’s a fairly pricey replacement. 

How Much Does It Cost To Solve The Error Code P0269?  

The total cost of solving the error code P0269 depends on various factors. For example, if you’re just getting a new injector – you’ll have to spend around $140 to $150. 

If you’re not done yet replacing the injector/s, you’ll have to replace the fuel filter & fuel pump that will cost you $20 (for filter) & $160 (for the pump). 

On top of that, add another $75 to $150 per hour of labour fees if you’re getting this done via a professional technician. 

Common Mistakes While Solving The P0269 Code

If you’re solving the P0269 code for the first time, you may commit some mistakes while doing so. Try avoiding these common mistakes mentioned below:

  • Failing To Read Proper PSI While Testing 
  • Not Following The User Manual While Doing Any Replacement

Additional Comments To Consider Regarding The P0269 Code 

The error code P0269 is DTC that appears due to power loss of the number 3 cylinder. Other than the number three-cylinder, power/acceleration loss in the remaining cylinders can also cause this DTC. 

Another thing to mention about this code, you don’t need to run both compression test & fuel pressure test. As both of them are fairly identical, the compression test is enough for diagnosing this DTC. 


I hope this article was helpful enough to know the error code P0269 thoroughly. Now you know how important it is to solve the code as soon as possible. However, it’s up to you whether you want to do it yourself or hire someone. 

If you’re just getting started with DIY with little to no experience, it will be better to hand this task to someone more knowledgeable. Though you’ll be spending more, that expert technician can ensure your peaceful sleep.

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