What Is P01C6 Code on 6.7L Powerstroke & How to Fix It?

Among the codes that fall 6.7 Powerstroke into the most trouble, P01C6 is one. On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) shows this code for one specific reason related to fuel pressure sensors. In today’s discussion, we will talk about this code. 

Our main focus will be on how to fix the P01C6 code on 6.7 Powerstroke? And also giving you a complete guide about it. We will also help you know what the P01C6 code is and some of its symptoms. So, let’s start.

P01C6 Code On 6.7 Powerstroke

What Does P01C6 Code Mean On 6.7L Powerstroke?

In simple and short words, the DTC P01C6 On 6.7 Powerstroke means there is some issue related to the fuel rail pressure circuit. The main duty of this device is to monitor fuel supply and ensure the proper supply of fuel that the engine needs.

If there is any issue with the fuel rail pressure circuit, then the code P01C6 appears on your OBD scan. There are so many reasons behind this code. If you want to remove this code then you have to work on these problems.

For your help, I provide some possible reasons behind this code so that you can work on them.

Symptoms Of Getting The P01C6 Code On A 6.7L Powerstroke

There are so many symptoms that indicate that the vehicle is going through the P01C6 code On  6.7 Powerstroke. These symptoms are not so serious but enough powerful to draw your attention if you are a pro mechanic. Let’s see them.

  • Create Bad Sound on Fuel area
  • Reduce Engine Power
  • More Fuel Consumption
  • Change in Exhaust Gas Smell
  • Check Engine Light Glowing

These are the most common symptoms of the P01C6 code on your 6.7 engine. But this is not the final thing that you can depend on. Sometimes no symptoms may appear for this case. But this is very rare.

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The Causing Factors Of The P01C6 Error Code

If the Fuel Pressure Sensor is not working properly then this code appears on On-Board Diagnostics (OBD). But what are the things that may affect the normal working flow of Fuel Pressure Sensors? Let’s see them.

  • Damage temperature sensor
  • Low or High Fuel Pressure
  • Problem in Fuel Wire
  • Damaged fuel pressure

If I say it in simple language then it may look like this. A faulty Sensor may be the cause of this code. Any problem in fuel supply also may be the cause of this. If your Fuel Pressure Sensor line is unusual then this may happen.

These are the main causes of the DTC P01C6 On  6.7 Powerstroke. If you want to fix it, then you have to check all these things and find the actual problem occurring in your vehicle.

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How Serious Is the P01C6 Code On a 6.7L Powerstroke?

The DTC P01C6 is one of the most serious problems of your vehicle. Why this code is serious is already explained in this article. But again going through it in easy explanation. 

As this problem may decrease the engine power then it will surely create long-term damage to your engine. Also, the fuel consumption increases a lot. This is another reason for this code’s being serious.

The engine of your vehicle will lose its workability in a hard situation. This is another reason for making this code a serious one.

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How To Solve P01C6 Error Code On 6.7L Powerstroke?

You have to find out the exact reason for this code before you move to fix it. Because, if you don’t know the problem then the solution will be impossible. Let’s see some possible solutions to this problem as we find some possible causes.

If the Fuel Pressure Sensor has a Problem

If the sensor has any problem then you have to check it. Most of the time, the sensor itself is ok but placing it and setting it up gets some problems. Remove it and place it well and check again. When the problem is in sensor setup, resetting it can solve the problem.

But if the sensor is damaged then you have to replace it. Though being damaged has less possibility but it may happen too.

For Other Problems

Some problems are minor but also have the ability to create this code. Let’s see these solutions. 

  • Check the Fuel Level and increase it if needed.
  • Check the fuel pump. If there is a problem then fix it.
  • Check the clogged fuel filter. That may be overloaded with rust or dust.
  • Check the oil line immediately. And take necessary steps if it is needed.

Thus you can fix the DTC P01C6 On  6.7 Powerstroke. But never do anything if you have no experience in that sector. Meet an experienced mechanic if there is any doubt in your mind.

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How Much Does It Cost To Solve The P01C6 Error Code

The cost of solving P01C6 or Fuel Pressure Sensor depends on the actual problem of your vehicle. But an estimate can be done. A Fuel Pressure Sensor price is around $200. If your vehicle needs this then this cost will be added.

But if you need to work on the pump, fuel supply line, or filter then the cost may be around $20 to $50. But with that, you may need to add the mechanic cost too. But if you can do it yourself, then the mechanic costs $50- $100 may stay in your wallet.

Common Mistakes While Solving The P01C6 Code

The most common mistake we do in the solving process of Diagnostic Trouble Code P01C6 is finding an actual problem that happens with your vehicle.

Some mechanics may ask you to change the sensor itself even if the problem is in the filter only. Be aware of that. Try to use good quality sensors if required. These are common mistakes we make while solving the P01C6 code.

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Additional Comments To Consider Regarding The P01C6 Code

Nothing to say except a caution. You have to work with safety in the engine. Make sure you remove the key from the car and off all the power and engine. Your safety is a must while you are working.

Take immediate action when you find this code appears to you. Also, check manually after every long drive you do with the vehicle. Any delay with this code may fall you into an unexpected situation. 


That was all about the P01C6 code on 6.7 Powerstroke. The way I define this term and describe it to you is the perfect way for me. I hope you get a clean page detail about this problem with your vehicle. Take care of yourself and your vehicle. Thanks for reading.

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