7 Symptoms Of A High-Pressure Oil Pump on 6.0 Powerstroke

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There are different ways of detecting HPOP or High-Pressure Oil Pump symptoms on 6.0 Powerstroke. 

But before we get into that, let me tell you a little about the Powerstroke high pressure oil pump. 

It is basically a Swashplate kind of pump which puts over 3000 PSI pressure on the engine. 

In case you don’t know, what high pressure oil pumps do is compressing the injector’s fuel. And the biggest symptom of HPOP failure is leaking seals. 

Having that said, let’s jump right to the point! 

6.0 Powerstroke High Pressure Oil pump Symptoms

1. Oil Leak 

Whatever you are riding, you should always look out for anything unusual. The machine might be saying something. 

If you ever see blue smoke flowing off from the exhaust, there is a high chance that it is saying there is an oil leak. 

Most of the time the exhaust smoke when the engine burns leaked oil. It could be an issue with the piston ring or valve seal. 

When the engine isn’t sealing the oil properly while getting into the cylinder, that causes leaks. And the High-pressure oil pump is the reason most of the time behind the improper sealing. 

It happens often when the pump doesn’t give the needed amount of pressure. 

2. Engine Weakness 

Problem with High-pressure oil pump can make the engine very weak. And to know that the engine is getting weaker, you will have to learn about a few symptoms. 

When driving check if you hear any noise from under the hook and also check if the speed goes up and comes down with RPMs. 

Pay attention to the exhaust, when the engine is weak, the exhaust will take out more smoke than regular. 

Then check the engine light, this light can tell a lot about the engine’s health. And you should keep checking this every day (If the vehicle is old). 

Another big symptom is, you will see a decline in the overall performance of the engine.

Fuel efficiency will dropdown. The car will struggle to pick speed and in some cases, the engine even might require a warm-up.

These are some serious symptoms, and these usually happen when the engine got weak already. 

And whenever you see something like that, immediately check the high pressure oil pump. 

3. High Exhaust Gas Temperature Level

The safe range when it comes down to EGTs is 1200 to 1300- degrees.

But sometimes this might go up around 1500. When you push the engine or riding in extremely hot weather, high EGTs in those scenarios is pretty normal. 

High EGTs always isn’t a good thing, it should stay between the safe numbers most of the time. If you see consistent high EGTs that means there is too much fuel on the engine.

And you want to decrease that by letting go of the acceleration pedal. 

And after doing so if you don’t see fall on the EGTs that probably means there is something wrong with your HPOP. 

4. Long Cranking 

Long cranking before starting is another symptom of a bad high pressure oil pump. But what duration cranking is defined as long cranking?

In 32-degree temperature, a 6.0 Powerstroke might crank for between 2.5 to 4 seconds and that is completely normal. 

At high temperatures that air gets trapped in the HPO system. 

And in cold weather with 6.0 Powerstroke you might see 3 to 5-second cranking before starting and that is also normal. 

Now when the car is cranking longer than the mentioned duration, that indicates there is something wrong with the high pressure oil pump system. 

5. Oil Pressure Warning Light 

The oil pump regulates the oil pressure and when anything goes wrong with the pump that causes less pressure. There is a low oil pressure warning light on the dashboard, check if that is on. 

The light means the oil pressure is low. And then you would want to check on the oil level. If you find it actually too low, then consider adding oil to match the normal level. 

And even after adding enough oil, you see low oil pressure, which tells the high-pressure oil pump needs attention. 

6. Noise from Valve Train

There are some very critical components on the Valvetrain system and these are what keeps the engine going. 

The valve train has seals, pushrods, valve guides, hydraulic lifters, etc. How better these components will work largely depends on how well-oiled they are. 

You will hear noise when there isn’t enough oil flowing through them. And in a work case scenario, they will stop working appropriately. 

The hydraulic lifters will make serious noise when they are not lubricated. 

This is a symptom of an improper high pressure oil pump.

7. Noisy Oil Pump

Though this is a rare symptom but you still should know about this. When the oil pump fails, it will start to make heavy noise, like whining or whirring noise. 

You might hear this noise even when you have kept the car idle. As I said, this is a rare symptom but when it happens, that means the oil pump has worn out and needs replacement ASAP.

Can You Fix A High-Pressure Oil Pump on 6.0 Power Stroke?

To be honest, there isn’t any repairing work you can do to your 6.0 Powerstroke high pressure oil pump. If you see any of the mentioned symptoms that means the oil pump isn’t working as it should. 

And that means you will have to replace the entire oil pump. 

Oil pumps do wear out pretty fast but the 6.0l oil pumps wear out faster than others. 

Remember never to delay the need for the oil pump replacement. If you need time to manage things, make sure you do not start the engine before replacing the pump.

Trying to operate with a faulty or worn-out oil pump can cost you the engine and some other parts. 

Make sure you remember this! 

Final Verdict 

These are almost all the 6.0 Powerstroke high pressure oil pump symptoms. Most people often experience these symptoms.

It is not like you will start to see every symptom together, it will be one or two. And consider doing a check-up on the oil pump right after experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms.

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