Which Honda Fit Years To Avoid and Why? (Explained)

The elegance of Honda fit is what people like about it. It has so many features to offer from a stylish look to amazing driving.

It is an excellent subcompact vehicle. It’s also a spacious sedan with the extra convenience of a flexible luggage area. It also offers a changeable rear Magic Seat. The Fit’s posh interior and large list of optional safety measures add to its desirability. 

If you desire to purchase a Honda Fit there are some years that you should avoid. In this article, I have illustrated the problems those years have and the top picked Honda Fit that you can buy.

Which Honda Years to Avoid? (List of Years)

Honda had some ups and downs with its Fit series. The earlier models were more problematic and had lots of issues.

I have listed the years where the Honda Fits had some build-in issues that you will not like. 

If you are looking to buy Honda Fit, the following Honda Fit model years should be avoided:

  • 2007 Honda Fit
  • 2008 Honda Fit
  • 2010 Honda Fit
  • 2013 Honda Fit
  • 2015 Honda Fit
  • 2016 Honda Fit

The 2007-2010 models have common interior or paint issues. Most of the cases, the complaints were about the paint fading or having a bad interior. Some of them had engine problems that were quite big and needed replacement.

The most prominent issues of 2013-2016 models except 2014 was the electric problems. Other than that, lights going bad was obvious. These models also have uncomfortable seats. Some reports said that there were fuel problems as well.

Worst Year of Honda Fit?

As per the reports of Carcomplaints, the worst year of Honda Fit is 2015. It has received the highest number of complaints from users and experts have mentioned it as the worst car of Fit series.

Electric problems are so common in this model that almost all the complaints were made on this issue. It also has many indoor problems along with some engine malfunctioning. 

What Makes These Honda Fit Years Worth Avoiding?

There are some issues with Honda Fit of certain year models which you should be aware of if you are thinking of buying one. Or if you just want to know what are the reasons you should avoid these years Fit!

2007 Honda Fit Problems:

Honda Fit 2007 may not have lots of problems with it, but some problems can trouble you from time to time if you buy one. 

The model had a variety of faults, including engine problems to body and paint issues. The engine struggling to start is one of them. Fading body paint can be so unpleasant for you.

Meanwhile, the most frequent complaint was about steering issues. The steering issue was severe and highly unsafe. As is, the power steering breakdown is not a good sign.

But it is not like it will happen to you just like that. You can check it before you buy one.

2008 Honda Fit Problems:

The successor of the 2007 model, the Fit 2008 could not bring the best out of the car.

Clutch failure, paint flaking, and gearbox slippage are the three most common complaints regarding this model.

The Honda Fit 2008 model has severe paint problems. The painting wears off quite easily and people had to repaint it frequently. This has cost them a lot. The painting problems was also found in other models as well.

Many users have compliant about the clutch being bad and breakdown. It was seen in relatively low milage. In some cases, even repairing did not work for them.

Besides, the car’s internal system does not sometimes work with the new one properly. It has a high cost of changing the cluster and the repairing cost is also needed in that case.

2010 Honda Fit problems:

The Honda Fit 2010 is one of the fewer complaint models for Fit. Not many major issues were reported. Honda made some changes and fixed some previous issues that people suffered.

This model experienced issues were with the vehicle’s interior.  There was report about the seats being uncomfortable. People had uneasy riding experience with this model. This was clearly a big downfall for Honda Fit.

The overall performance was down due to some engine issues like noises and corrosion.

2013 Honda Fit Problems:

The 2013 Honda Fit year’s model did not get lots of reports of being bad. There was not much to discuss on that when this one came out.

However, the current reports highlighted several major issues that might be rather costly to resolve.

One of the main issues were wrong indicator light in this model. It showed there was something wrong with the engine but nothing was found when checked. This was quite problematic because of sudden notification of engine problems.

In some cases, the plugs were seen loose, and the coils were at risk of being harmed.

Some users have reported engine problems which were dangerous in some cases. But not many people reported this problem while investigated.

2015 Honda Fit Problems:

Honda fit 2015 model had lots of complaint about it. Most of the reported said there were problems with electric systems and indoor equipment.

The electric system failure was pretty common in this model. Users mentioned that, the meter went off or it was freeze at times. Some users also said wrong indication in the meter due to the electric problems.

The seat issue was still a major reason why people avoided this car. The unpleasant experience while driving was something people did not like.

Although the number of reports about the engine was low, there were still some issues found in some cars of this model.

2016 Honda Fit Problems:

Honda tried to improve the systems on the next year’s model with improved seats, electric systems, etc. There were significant improvements and yet, they were not the best. 

The 2016 Honda Fit model did, nevertheless, have its fair share of troubles, most of which were linked to interior accessory issues, electrical issues, and several fuel system complaints.

Just like the previous models, the unpleasant seats were a main issue in 2016 Honda Fit. Just recently the company have improved its seats for Fit cars. However, this model has one of the worst and most uncomfortable seats among its different variants.

There was also the issue of fuel injector breakdown and electrical issues such as the starter failing.

Which Years of Honda Fit are Safe to Buy?

Honda company with their previous failure to fix many issues in the Fit model cars, made some great changes in the next models of the Fit cars.

Here are some best ones that you can buy-

2017 Honda Fit:

The 2017 Honda Fit is one of the finest vehicles available with amazing handling.

The 2017 Honda Fit checks all the appropriate boxes, featuring a roomy cargo compartment, strong safety ratings, and upmarket inside materials.

People who want a terrific blend of quality and affordability in the class, the 2017 Honda Fit is a great option.

2019 Honda Fit:

The 2019 Honda Fit received a 5-star dependability rating from users which is outstanding for a small vehicle. It has a stylish and spacious cabin, nimble handling, outstanding fuel efficiency, and outstanding safety ratings.

The 2019 Fit’s single new feature is automatic high-beam headlights. If you’re looking for a new Honda Fit with reasonable price, the 2019 model is a fantastic option.

2020 Honda Fit:

Although it is quite new, there are no significant changes that can be found in this model.

The automobile maintains the same style as the previous one, and it has the majority of similar attributes as the 2019 model.

As a result, there isn’t much to say about this model because it is nearly identical to the 2019 Honda Fit, and I suggest it in the same way.


Despite many ups and downs, Honda has improved a lot in its newer versions of Fit cars. These cars have surpassed the previous years with success and people enjoyed them quite much. 

If you are looking for buying one, you should avoid the cars from Honda for certain years. And you can buy the ones that I have suggested.

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