Which Ford Edge Years to Avoid and Why? (Explained)

Ford Edge was introduced in the year 2007 as a crossover SUV. In 2007, the Ford Edge was named one of the finest vehicles for families. Till 2021, Ford has sold more than 1,806,013 only in the United States.

But still, the cars have received many complaints. The door ajar lights staying on, electrical issues, faulty transmission, and engine stalling are some of the most common problems with many Ford Edge years.

Among all of the Ford Edges, the 2011 and 2013 years are considered to be the worst.

In this article, I will inform you about the years that you should best avoid. Also, I will show you how to prevent the most common Ford Edge problems. There is a list to aid you in purchasing the best ones also.

Ford Edge Years to Avoid (With Reasons)

Edge is a well-known model from one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. However, there have been times when the car has experienced several problems. Many reports have been accumulated from numerous forums and blogs.

There have been a total of 2135 complaints on the Ford Edge on the Car Complaints website.

Some Ford Edge years did not do well on the market. These years received more negative customer feedback than any other. These years are

  • 2007 Ford Edge
  • 2008 Ford Edge
  • 2011 Ford Edge
  • 2012 Ford Edge
  • 2013 Ford Edge
  • 2015 Ford Edge

Let’s take a look at each year’s most concerning problems one by one.

2007 Ford Edge Problems:

Transmission issues were very common in the Ford Edge 2007 year. PTU failure was a serious issue that needed a replacement and a fix. Other than that, transmission shuddering and jerking while accelerating was caused very frequently.

Numerous braking issues, faulty wheels, and engine issues were also reported on several forums. The most prevalent braking issues were power brake booster failure, rotor malfunctioning, and stiff pedals.

Loud noise from the rear wheels was caused by the bearings and hubs on many Ford Edge 2007 years. The solution is to fix or replace the bearings or the hub.

2008 Ford Edge Problems:

The Ford Edge 2008 received 152 complaints on Ford Problems and 192 complaints on Car Complaints. Again, the transmission was the winner of receiving the most complaints.

Various transmission issues included transmission stopping without any notification, transmission failure, heavy noise, and acceleration loss. These issues occurred after 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

Other issues such as internal water pump failure, brake malfunction, and heater not working properly were pretty common among users. Many people experienced engine stalling while driving. Replacing the engine, starter wire, or battery is a common fix.

2011 Ford Edge Problems:

The main drawback of the Ford Edge 2011 year was the door ajar light staying illuminated. Even when the doors are securely closed, defective sensors mislead the vehicle’s computer. Customers had to contend with inside lighting that would not turn off.

The fix to the door ajar light problem was to temporarily spray the latch with WD 40. Replacing the sensor and the latch assembly was also very common.

Overheating was also pretty common this year. Other than that, power steering pump failure, faulty turn signal, sunroof not working, jerky acceleration, faulty brake booster, and wrench light on were experienced by many.

2012 Ford Edge Problems:

There were a total of 227 complaints recorded on the Ford Edge 2012. The door ajar signal was also the most common problem this year. People would also experience their battery dying after towing.

This year also went through several problems with the transmission, steering wheel, interior accessories, engine, and braking system.

Many vehicles refused to stop unless you pushed the brake pedals very hard. Replacing the brake booster was the only solution to this problem. Another common braking issue is the pedal going very low.

2013 Ford Edge Problems:

This Ford Edge 2013 is considered the worst year of the model. It received 628 complaints. It contained most of the problems that were present in the 2012 year.

The battery of this car would lose its power very quickly. People had to replace the battery every 50,000 miles. The engine also had a problem with shutting down in the middle of a ride.

Other problems with the Ford Edge 2013 were throttle control failure, sudden acceleration, shift to park warning light, unresponsive brakes, brake booster failure, windshield wiper refusing to turn off, and many more.

What Are The Worst Years of Ford Edge?

The first generation of Edge cars received many bad reviews on forums and blogs. The main issue was the infamous door ajar light which still haunts many users. The years that had this issue were 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Among these, the worst years are:

  • 2011 Ford Edge
  • 2013 Ford Edge

Some common issues with these years were power loss, engine stalling, faulty engine, and transmission issues. These cars were also known for sudden engine failure and throttle control faults.

Most Common Problems of Ford Edge

Ford Edge vehicles have had many difficulties. Let’s take a look at each of these issues.

1. Brake Booster Malfunction

Most of the first-generation cars were affected by this problem. 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013 Ford Edge had this issue. The brakes would stop working in many cases.

Other symptoms of brake booster failure were stiff brake pedal and noise coming when pedals were pressed. Low pressure on the master cylinder caused this problem.

This problem can also be caused by an incorrectly positioned brake push rod, hardness of the brake booster’s inner piston, or a fault with how the brake booster attaches to the intake manifold.

2. Illuminated Door Ajar Light

It is inconvenient for the driver if the light constantly illuminates without performing its function. The issue was common with the Ford Edge in 2011, 2012, and 2013 years.

This problem has been widely reported by many Ford Edge owners. Even if all of your doors are completely closed, the door ajar signal may become illuminated.

The reason for this problem was a short circuit in various locations such as the dome light, door switches, and the anti-theft system. Some customers have reported being unable to drive properly with the light illuminated.

3. Transmission Issues

Transmission sliding, loud noises, and breakdown are the most typical issues. The Ford Edge 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, and 2013 had many issues with the gear changing system.

If the transmission vibrates excessively, there might be a problem. This occurs when there are turns. This issue may appear if you drive uphill or at less than 40 miles per hour.

The mechanism continually chooses a gear when it slides. You need to replace the transmission range sensor to resolve this issue. The Ford Edge may also come to a complete stop. The entire transmission system will have to be replaced as a result.

Which Ford Edge Years are Safe to Buy?

I have told you about all of the worst Ford Edge troubles throughout the years. However, the company has also produced some excellent automobiles. They are as follows:

  • Ford Edge 2014
  • Ford Edge 2018
  • Ford Edge 2019
  • Ford Edge 2021

The 2014 Ford Edge boasts higher mileage and fuel efficiency. It has five seats and a very quiet interior. The V6 engines also come with an all-wheel drive. This year has seen the resolution of the most well-known Edge automobile bug, the door ajar light.

The Forde Edge 2018 offers a highly smooth and pleasant ride to the driver. The car also has a high-performance engine. The optional entertainment system can link your smartphone with the automobile, along with providing many other features.

The Ford Edge 2019 has comfortable, well-padded seats, as well as many safety and driver support systems. It also features a completely redesigned front and back design.

The 2021 Ford Edge accelerates quickly. All trims of this car have reverse parking sensors. The new seven-speed transmission is also included.

Which Year Has the Most Engine-Related Issues?

The 2013 Ford Edge users have faced many engine problems. These are engine stalling, checking engine light on, decelerating while going downhill, low idle, and oil leak.

Which Years Have the Most Interior Problems?

The years 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 are the victim of many interior-related issues. These are radio turning on automatically, shift to park warning light, display screen not working, and backup camera malfunction.


I have included all the common issues with the Ford Escape models by years. You should always avoid the years that I have mentioned above. These are plagued with various issues.

If you want to buy one, go for the newer vehicles from the second generation (2015 – 2022). Hopefully, this guide will help you choose your favorable Ford Edge car.

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