6 Symptoms To Detect A Bad Ignition Coil On Jeep 4.0

If you experience a misfire, a rough idle, a loss in power and acceleration, and a reduction in gas mileage you might have a bad ignition coil in your Jeep 4.0 engine.

Ignition coils are the most important component in the ignition system. So a faulty coil definitely could be a nightmare for you and your vehicle. 

In this article, I will be discussing your bad ignition coil symptoms for your jeep 4.0.

Sings of Jeep 4.0 Bad Ignition Coil: If your ignition coil fails, your engine will not function correctly. Worse still, it might stall.  And it is very important to understand how to spot the symptoms of a bad ignition coil. 

What Are The Symptoms Of A Jeep 4.0 Bad Ignition Coil?

These are all the possible symptoms of a bad ignition coil. Although the ignition coil gets its power from the battery, a bad battery can also show these symptoms. 

But if these symptoms start occurring you can be sure the problem will be lying down to your ignition system. Let’s learn in detail about how to detect Jeep 4.0 bad ignition coil below:

1. Misfiring Engine:

If your ignition coil is not working properly, the engine can misfire. 

A misfire might sound like coughing or spitting and feel like a shock or heavy vibration, indicates that one of the engine’s cylinders isn’t firing properly.

When you’re driving at regular speeds, a misfiring engine causes jerking or sputtering. Even when you stop you will face rough vibration and shake.

Because of the random sparks generated by the spark plug caused by the bad coil, a faulty ignition coil can also cause the automobile to stall.

2. Hard on Starting:

You may have a bad ignition and problems starting your engine if you have multiple bad ignition coils.

Hard start can occur when a spark plug does not get the proper voltage to produce a spark.

This might indicate that the ignition coil is malfunctioning.

While this issue can occur with any coil design, it is more frequent with single ignition coil engines.  

3. Less mileage:

You may have a faulty ignition coil if you discover your automobile gets less mileage from a full tank than usual.

When your spark plugs don’t get enough power, the system will try to make up by burning extra gasoline.

As a result, gasoline leaks might be a sign of a bad ignition coil.

4. Engine light:

The engine light is designed to tell there is something wrong with the engine. if you are driving a vehicle with engine problems the light will be turned on. 

Don’t ever ignore the engine light indicator. But yes, it is not only for the bad ignition coil but also there could be other problems in the engine. 

5. Engine fails to make power:

If you notice after stepping on the gas paddle and nothing is to be happening, a bad ignition coil could be the reason why.

Ignition coils are essential components of your engine’s combustion process. And if the combustion isn’t happening the engine cannot make enough power to run your vehicle.

6. Backfires:

Backfires can be caused by a variety of factors, but one of the most frequent is a faulty ignition coil. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t deal with backfires right away, they can cause serious engine damage. 

What to Do When You Detect a Bad Ignition Coil On Jeep 4.0?

If you are not a professional in repairing vehicles, which most of us are not, you can seek the help of a professional.

You can take your vehicle to a repair shop and get your ignition coil repaired easily. But if you are looking forward to fixing it yourself, the process is not that complicated.

Firstly, you have to disconnect the negative battery cable when the engine cools down. Then, you have to locate the old ignition coil and disconnect the plastic electrical connector. After that, unscrew the bolts.

Now you have to pull the coils out of the engine. For testing the coils, you have to use a multimeter and measure the resistance of each coil. If the resistance is higher or lower than usual, your coil may have gone bad.

If you have the exact replacement coils for your vehicle, you can install them now by applying dielectric grease. Apply the grease in the inside of the ignition coil insulator boot and push the new coil onto the spark plug.

Now install the ignition coil bolts and connect the electrical connectors and reconnect the negative battery cable. You can now do a test drive to check the ignition coil. If everything works, you have done it! If not, the problem might be somewhere else.

Is Replacing A Bad Ignition Coil on Jeep 4.0 Typically Expensive?

You can order a replacement for your ignition coil from online shops. The cost might vary depending on the model.

The price of an ignition coil depends on your vehicle. If you buy a low-end coil, it may cost you around $75. But the high-end coils are costly and you might have to pay as much as $300 or more.

There is also the cost of labor. Replacement requires labor cost which is typically about $150 if you decide to replace it from a repair shop.

How Often Should You Inspect Your Jeep 4.0 Ignition Coil?

The inspection time takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the coil and the current state it is in. You don’t have to be professionally skilled to inspect the coil.

It is recommended that you inspect your vehicle at least twice a year to find out if any problems are affecting the ignition coil.

An ignition coil lasts for around 100,000 miles. So you have to be wary of the total distance covered with your vehicle. It depends on how roughly you use your vehicle.

There is also a time frame that you should also consider as the manufacturer only warrant the vehicle from three to five years. Five years should be the highest time limit for your ignition coil’s lifetime. So, you should service it every four to five years.

Final Thoughts

A vehicle’s ignition system has to use an ignition coil to help to boost the signal to the spark plugs. So, it should be running smoothly to start your engine. To assure that it provides power to the battery, you cannot let the ignition coil go second-rate.

How you want to keep your vehicle’s ignition coil work proficiently strictly depends on you. You should take proper care so that it does not go bad and also seek a replacement or repair the ignition coil as needed.

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