Anti Breaking Lock System | How it Works?

What ia Abs?

Once I was watching First and Furious and was wondering how Vin Diesel, Paul Walker can control their cars and how could they stop their cars quickly on slippery roads? The technology behind the system is the anti-lock braking system.

Now a day we all heard a word in the automobile section, which is abs. IF you are new in the automobile section, a question, may arise in your mind that, what is abs? You are in this place. We will give you an article and we will briefly describe the technology. Therefore, sit relax and read our article fully.

The full meaning of abs stands for the anti-lock braking system. It is a safety system for automobiles. This anti-lock system keeps the wheel from locking up and help for controlling vehicles to keep track on the street. This system is useful during a sudden break. However, do you know how does anti-lock braking system work? It is quite interesting!

Firstly, this technology consists of a speed sensor, valve, electronic control unit and a hydraulic control unit. A brief description of those components will help you to know the technology-

Anti breaking system

1. Speed Sensor: Determining the acceleration and deceleration and maintain the speed of wheels, these works done by the speed sensor. It consists of the exciter and a wire is assembled by the coil/magnet, which actually produces pulses of electricity as the exciter pass in front of it.

2. Valve: When anti-break system action the valve regulates air pressure. During the action, the valve has three portions:

• In the first portion, it opens and the pressure from a master cylinder is allowed which is transfer to the brake.
• In the second portion, the valve is close that helps the brake to be isolated from the master cylinder.
• And in the third portion, the valve releases pressure to the brake. This pressure is repeated until the break comes to end.

3. Electronic Control Unit: The Speed Sensor sends a signal in the circuit to the Electronic Control System for control the brake pressure.

4. Hydraulic Control Unit: Electronic Control Unit sends a signal to the Hydraulic Control Unit to release the brake under Anti-Lock Braking System. It monitors the brake by increasing the hydraulic pressure to reduce braking power.

When the break occurs, the electronic control unit sends a signal to the hydraulic control unit to release the brake pressure by allowing the velocity of wheel increase and a slip of wheel decrease.

After increasing the wheel velocity, the electronic control unit again applies the brake pressure and it restricts the wheel slip to a certain degree. The Hydraulic Control controls the brake pressure in each wheel from the sensor. This is how the anti-lock braking system controls the wheel speed.

As Anti-lock Braking system is considered the most safety braking system, most of the automobiles use this system. Hope we can clear your confusion about abs. If you need any more information, you can message us or comment blew.

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