Different Types of Shin Guards

If you have been playing soccer for any length of time, you definitely know how important shin guards are. Shin guards can save you from dangerous injuries occur by player’s cleat spikes.

Do you know? Once shin pads were used in battles, the fighters used to wear them in order to protect their shin bones and they are being used in soccer.

However, there are different types of shin guards suitable for different needs, what about taking a look?

Slip-In Shin guards

As the name suggest, these guard are designed to slip inside the socks. These shin guards are super lightweight and will give you the freedom to move smoothly, as they are capable enough of tolerating impact. Slip-in shin guards are little expensive and they are best for professional players. The lightweight design could be your helping hand when you are in between an intensive match.

Ankle Shin Guard

This one is for beginners who are still practicing shoots. These guards come with extended padding that covers the entire area from your knee to ankle and they are highly protective.

Moreover, for a snug fit, this guard has an ankle strap. Ankle shin guards are highly durable and provides maximum protection. On the other hand, they are very easy to wear, comes at an affordable price and will easily fit inside your bag.

One major drawback of these guards are, they won’t let you move easily which is why they are not preferred by professional. As they will be attached to a long portion of your leg you will find it very difficult to move fast.

Sock Style Shin Guards

Sock style shin guards are most commonly used shin guards and they do not provide much protection. These are mainly socks that have a pad in the shin bone and these guards come at a very cheap price.

These guards are suitable for those who play soccer occasionally and in a match where no player is wearing cleat, this reduces the chances of getting injured by a player.

Bottom Line

Shin guards are highly important, So make sure you choose the best one. Don’t know how to choose the perfect shin guard? Immediate visit thegoast.com where you will find in-depth guides are waiting for you. Not only shin guards from ball to bag, you will find everything there. Goodbye!



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