What Does TBC Fault Mean On A Ford Truck? (Explained)

Ford trucks are a popular choice of tow trailer trucks for their high-quality performance, versatility and comfortable driving experience. Despite that, Ford trucks come with a mildly annoying issue known as TBC fault.

The TBC fault has different meanings depending on the model of the Ford truck. For example, it means a blown fuse for an f250 while a TBC fault on an f350 implies a trailer grounding issue.

Here we go through what we mean by TBC fault on a general level and also what it means for different models of the Ford trucks, followed by solutions to the problems they signify.

What Does TBC Fault Mean On A Ford Truck

What Does TBC Fault Mean On A Ford Truck?

TBC stands for trailer brake controller, a code that you will see appearing in Ford trucks that have been designed to tow trailers. You can electronically control the trailer brakes from the truck’s dashboard using the TBC.

A TBC fault signals that the connection with the trailer is absent. When this happens, you will not be able to effectively control the brakes on the trailer, making driving very dangerous while towing the trailer.

TBC fault code has different meaning and indication of problems depending on the model of the Ford truck, whether it is the Ford f150, f250 or the f350.

TBC Fault On f150

On the F150, a TBC fault signal indicates that there is incorrect programming on the vehicle brake control module. This prevents the trailer brakes from properly being engaged.

TBC Fault On f250

On the f250, the TBC fault code signals that there is a fuse that has blown or burnt. The blown fuse is preventing the trailer brakes from engaging due to incorrect connections.

TBC Fault On f350

With the f350, if there is a TBC fault, it signals that the trailer grounding connection is not correctly done.

What Causes TBC Fault On Ford Truck?

The causes of TBC faults are different on different Ford Truck models. The following are the other causes of TBC fault for different Ford truck models.

  • Wrong programming on the brake control module (Ford f150)
  • Bad/blown fuse (Ford f250)
  • The issue with trailer grounding (Ford f350)

3 Solutions For TBC Fault On Ford Truck:

Since there are 3 different types of TBC fault issues associated with the different models of Ford trucks, the solutions are also different for each of them.

1. Wrong Programming On The Brake Control Module: Reprogram The Brake Control Module (Ford F150)

The TBC fault on the Ford f150 implies that there is a problem with the programming and calibration of the brake control module on the truck.

To solve this issue, you need to reprogram the control module manually. Follow these steps to reprogram the brake control module on the Ford f150.

  • Step 1: Make sure to connect the trailer wiring harness to the trailer. This will ensure power transmission from the truck to the trailer.
  • Step 2: Wait until the brake controller is calibrated. The TBC is designed for self-calibration.
  • Step 3: Choose your preferred settings on the TBC.
  • Step 4: Make sure to set the output to the maximum.
  • Step 5: Make proper adjustments for the sensitivity level.
  • Step 6: Engage manual brake activation.

Since this problem does not require any repair or replacement, there is no cost associated with this solution.

2. Blown Fuse: Replace The Blown Fuse With A New One (TBC Fault on Ford F250)

The TBC issue on the Ford f250 denotes a blown fuse. This means that the engine on the Ford truck would not start due to a disconnect resulting from a burnt fuse. To check whether the fuse has blown, follow these steps.

  1. Start by using a screwdriver to unlock the fuse box on the Ford truck.
  2. When you open the fuse box, numerous fuses will be inside. At the rear of the panel you just opened, there is a diagram that details the function of each and every fuse. You can also check the owner’s manual if you prefer.
  3. Scour through all the fuses and find the one you are looking for. Then simply take it out by pulling. A thin metal strip ought to be present between the two fuse sections.
  4. If the fuse is broken, you have no choice but to replace it. Otherwise, you are all good.
  5. In case the fuse is broken, make sure to get an appropriate replacement that matches the requirements such as amperage and voltage.
  6. Install the fuse exactly where you took out the blown one from.
  7. Start the vehicle’s ignition and check whether the TBC works this time.

Fuses cost no more than $10-20. If you hire a professional to do the work, then it will cost you another additional $100-$150.

3. Trailer Grounding Issue: Check All The Connections (Ford F350)

If there is a TBC fault code flashing on the screen on the dashboard in the Ford f350, it means that there is some issue with the trailer grounding. You need to check the connections at the bottom of the truck to confirm that.

To accurately identify and deal with the specific trailer grounding issue, you have to determine whether the problem lies with the Ford truck or the trailer. For that, you need to inspect both separately. 

  1. Firstly test all the lights in the vehicle using a circuit tester.
  2. Next check that all the wire connections are accurately made.
  3. Follow up by checking that the ground connections are made correctly. Make sure there is no corrosion. The ground wire within the trailer connections must be connected to the trailer.
  4. Check for overloaded connections. If the trailer harness receives more power than its amperage level, then it can cause the bulbs and connections to melt from excess heat.

The replacement costs for trailer grounding issues on Ford f350 trucks does not go over $30.


The TBC fault is a common issue that Ford vehicle owners deal with. So naturally, there are a lot of questions asked about Ford trucks such as what TBC means, what it stands for, causes, solutions etc.

What Does It Mean When The Dashboard On My Ford Truck Shows A TBC Fault?

The term TBC stands for Trailer Brake Controller. It is used to manually control the brakes on the trailer towed by a Ford truck, allowing a smoother ride.

What Does A TBC Fault Mean On A Ford F350?

The TBC issue on a Ford F350 alerts you to a problem with the trailer’s grounding. To resolve this, all you have to do is inspect the connections at the trailer’s bottom.
Check for any loose ends. If you find any, fix it. In some cases, you might need to get a complete replacement for the grounding.

What Does It Mean When The Dashboard On My Powerstroke Engine Runs Ford Truck Shows A TBC Fault?

The engines used in Ford vehicles are called Powerstroke. So TBC fault on the Powerstroke means the same thing that it means on all Ford vehicles i.e. a disconnected trailer.


Make sure to be aware of what the TBC fault means for different models of Ford trucks. In this article, we gave you an idea of that but you are recommended to do more research on your own. 

Wiring and connection are always at the heart of TBC faults. So, always make sure to check all the electrical wiring and connections present in the truck if you want to avoid any TBC fault.

We hope the information we provided has been helpful for you.

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