Standard Motor Products Review: Are They Good and Reliable?

Are you seeking a good and reliable aftermarket replacement parts manufacturer and distributor for motor vehicles? A distributor that makes heavy-duty and original equipment?

Standard Motor Products is a company that makes high-quality motor products for automotive. Their products are premium quality, built well, and last longer than conventional automotive products.

In this post, I am going to tell you everything about Standard Motor Producs Inc. Read to the end to learn everything about this company.

About Standard Motor Products Company

Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP) is a leading independent manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of replacement parts for motor vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry, with a complementary focus on heavy-duty, industrial equipment, and original equipment markets. It was founded in 1919 and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

They are divided into two operational groups. Each sector is focused on delivering full-line coverage of its goods as well as a comprehensive suite of additional services customized to its client’s business needs, as well as increasing end-user demand for its products.

Engine Management Segment:

The Engine Management Section designs and sells a full line of ignition, electrical, emissions, fuel, and safety-related components for automobiles.

Temperature Control Segment:

The Temperature Management Section designs and sells a complete range of important components for vehicle temperature control (air conditioning and heating), engine cooling, power window accessories, and windshield washer systems.

SMP’s leadership is what distinguishes them. Their technological development, industrial history, unrivaled sales force, and online support networks provide a solid foundation for their everyday operations.

Standard Motor Products is devoted to making a difference in the world by using efficient and ecological production practices. They are technology leaders in the automotive aftermarket because of their devotion to engineer inventiveness.

SMP has designed product solutions for the military, high-performance, agricultural, industrial, CNG and LPG fuelled cars, diesel pollution controls, flow-matching fuel injection, TPMS technology, and heavy-equipment businesses, in addition to the typical automotive replacement market.

In the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and other Latin American nations, they primarily sell to automobile aftermarket stores, program distribution groups, warehouse distributors, original equipment manufacturers, and original equipment service part operations.

SMP trains tens of thousands of technicians each year through hundreds of training sessions.

The seminars, which were developed and conducted by SMP’s expert training department, provide skilled technicians with meaningful, hands-on training based on real-world case studies.

Their Pro Training consistently wins customer and industry training accolades.

In North America, Europe, and Asia, they employ around 4,300 individuals.

What Does Standard Motor Products Do?

Standard Motor Products is a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of aftermarket automotive parts. They make a variety of products for vehicles. For example, ignition, electrical, emissions, fuel, safety equipment, engine cooling systems, power window accessories, and windshield washer systems.

Engine Management and Temperature Control are the two key operational parts of SMP. Each section is dedicated to a certain series of replacement components.

SMP sells its products through both traditional and non-traditional channels throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

They sell components under their brands and private labels, such as Standard, BWD, TechSmart, Intermotor, Hayden, ACI, and Four Seasons.

They primarily sell their products to vehicle aftermarket retailers, program distribution groups, warehouse distributors, original equipment manufacturers, and original equipment service part operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and other Latin American countries.

They have training sessions and seminars to build professional technicians. They train thousands of technicians each year through those seminars and training sessions.

How Good Are Standard Motor Products?

Standard Motor Products are very reliable and durable. They have a very positive customer review. Their products are high quality, durable, and heavy duty. The engineering and design talents of SMP are unrivaled. They have a huge and focused professional engineering staff that employs cutting-edge techniques and methodologies.

Their specialized professional engineering staff uses cutting-edge procedures to ensure that the products always meet or surpass the original specifications, and, more importantly, perform to the highest standards.

SMP has five fully equipped design facilities and employs a professional workforce of over 120 employees. Engineering activities account for a considerable amount of their capital commitment. They have grown engineering manpower and resources by 50% since 2010.

Their product development teams use 3D design modeling of product componentry, tooling, and the entire manufacturing process to create items from the ground up. Every component, no matter how little, is examined.

In addition to their engineering techniques, the goods are subjected to comprehensive testing and product validation to guarantee that they are consistently reliable.

This regimen includes end-of-line and product lifecycle testing as well as the following:

  • Vehicle Dynamometer
  • Engine Dynamometer
  • 5 Gas Analysis
  • Vehicle Cold Chamber
  • Vehicle Test Fleet
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Digital Output Analysis
  • Durability
  • Vibration
  • Salt Spray/Humidity
  • Spray Pattern Analysis
  • Air / Fluid Leakage
  • Flow Test Stands (multiple fuels)
  • Hot Injector Flow

Are Standard Motor Products Reliable?

Standard Motor Products make hundreds of products for automotive. Their products go through an advanced inspection, testing, and validation to ensure the quality and durability of the goods. The employees are elite engineers and technicians who are well trained.

Where Are Standard Motor Parts Made?

Standard Motor Parts is a huge company. Their main manufacturing facility is located in Reynosa Mexico. They have many more facilities across the globe. Such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Poland, Canada, etc.

Some Common Products of Standard Motor Products

Standard Motor Products have hundreds of products to choose from. Here are some of the common SMP products:

Product Model:Product Type:
ALS177ABS Speed Sensor
RU-51Blower Motor Resistor
S20001Fuel Injection Throttle Body
FJ171Fuel Injector – Diesel
DR-31Ignition Coil

Final Words

Standard Motor Products offers great a variety of great quality, heavy duty, and durable aftermarket automotive parts. They have excellent customer service to back it up even more.

So if you have some extra bucks to spend for a better product, go for Standard Motor Products.

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