Raybestos vs PowerStop Brakes: What Are The Differences?

Raybestos and PowerStop Brakes produce high-quality products related to vehicle’s braking system and aim to improve the driving experience. However, differences arise in the products and their experiences.

The main differences between PowerStop and Raybestos are within the design shape of the rotors. Prices are generally higher than Raybestos Brakes. PowerStop brakes go for a zinc-plated drilled/slotted design while Raybestos rotors are electro-coated with plain design.

PowerStop ensures a low-dust, noise-free experience whereas Raybestos ensures reliability. That’s not all! Let’s explore the realms of these two brakes in detail!

Raybestos VS PowerStop Brakes: Comparison Table

We have presented a table that highlights the key components of both, Centric and PowerStop brakes. You can also get a glimpse of their similarities and differences.

Raybestos BrakesPowerStop Brakes
Dust allocationHighLess
Coating StyleElectro-coatingZinc plated
Rotor designPlainDrilled/Slotted
Brake Pad MaterialCeramic or Semi-metallicCarbon-fiber ceramic

Difference between Raybestos and PowerStop Brakes

Some differences exist between Raybestos and PowerStop brakes that help them differentiate. These include rotor materials, rotor coating, brake pads, etc. Let us delve deep into the differences and compare them one by one.

Infrastructure of the Brake Rotors

While both companies have similar designs of rotors, PowerStop Brake rotors mostly have a drilled/slotted design. Raybestos, on the other hand, has planer disc designs without any holes in the outer disc.

This gives PowerStop brakes a greater advantage over Raybestos Brakes. It gives the rotor a maximum cooling effect and also prevents dust collection from taking place.

Brake Pad Material

Raybestos Brakes use ceramic width or semi-metallic brake pads, whereas PowerStop brake pads are made of carbon-fiber ceramic. Just from their material, a clear conclusion can be reached that PowerStop brake pads are much better.

Carbon-fiber ceramic has some advantages over ceramic-width brake pads. PowerStop brakes can maintain a high fade resistance value. Plus, they collect less brake dust due to the abrasion effect of the carbon fiber.


According to the reviewers, both brake sets provide a good experience for riders. Good fade resistance is seen, along with improved stopping power.

However, a keen problem that is often noticed with the PowerStop brakes is the grinding noise of the rotors. Many have complained that the brake pads grind with the rotors, creating an unpleasant experience for the rider.

Though this problem has been experienced by a few, it is still a major problem that we would like to address. 

Durability and LifeSpan

Continuing from the above section, Raybestos brakes are more designed for durability and longevity. Even though PowerStop brakes ensure a great experience, it is often not matched when the brakes fade after a few thousand miles.

Certain PowerStop products have shown reduced life spans due to wearing out after a few thousand miles. One of the core reasons is the grinding problem, which creates wear and friction in the rotors and brake pads.

From here, riders have also experienced unpleasant noises while braking.


In terms of pricing, Raybestos products are more budget-friendly and affordable than PowerStop products. Comparing the brake pad’s prices, PowerStop brakes are usually available for 50 dollars or above.

whereas Raybestos brake pads are less expensive and can be grabbed for around 40 dollars. A similar experience is also noticed for the pricing of rotors from Raybestos and PowerStop. 

Raybestos Brake rotors can be bought for 100 dollars, whereas PowerStop brake rotors reach 300 dollars. You can get discounts if you happen to purchase them online.

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Similarities between Raybestos and PowerStop Brakes

Apart from the differences, Raybestos and PowerStop brakes do show certain similarities. These include similar brake rotor coatings, rust prevention, etc.

Compatibility with vehicles

Needless to say, Raybestos and PowerStop ensure that their brake products are compatible for all. PowerStop claims to be compatible with about 98% of the cars.

Raybestos comes close to it and also provides brakes for all types of cars, mostly for normal commutes. This makes the range of their braking products diverse thus, ensuring its reliability over a large customer base.

Brake Rotor Coating and Rust Prevention

Raybestos brake rotors apply a coating of Grey Fusion 4.0, while PowerStop brakes apply a zinc coating. These coatings significantly reduce the buildup of rust on rotors.

The coating acts as a strong layer, differentiating the rotor from the air outside. This prevents oxidation of iron, thus actively preventing rusting and corrosion from taking place.

The installation processes for both are easier

Both brakes, PowerStop and Raybestos, are significantly easier to install compared to other companies like Centric. Both companies have made sure that you have enough information, both offline and online, to install it yourself.

If you head over to their respective websites, you can find selective video tutorials guiding you along the way. You can also call for help from a professional to install the brakes.

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Raybestos or PowerStop Brakes: What should be your choice?

If we were to choose a winner, we would choose Raybestos Brakes over PowerStop brakes. This is because of its durability, lifespan, and performance in harsh conditions.

Raybestos brakes remain functional for a longer period, even through tough terrains. The saltwater testing comes into action, giving more resistance to the rotors. Plus, it also catches less dust and has great stopping power.

Plus, Raybestos brakes are much cheaper than PowerStop ones. This does not mean you should buy PowerStop brakes. They also provide great stopping power and lesser noise but are more costly than Raybestos.

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Even after reading this article, you may have certain doubts in your mind. Hence, we have made a FAQ section to further clear up your doubts.

Where can you buy the Raybestos and PowerStop brakes?

All the parts for Raybestos and PowerStop brakes are available at their respective websites. You can head over there and order from there. Looking at your nearest automotive store or online sites like Amazon is also a good option.

Which vehicles are compatible with Raybestos and PowerStop brakes?

In terms of compatibility, PowerStop brakes win by landslide, as they claim to be compatible with most cars. On the other hand, Raybestos brakes are most compatible with vehicles for normal usage.

Does Raybestos or PowerStop provide a warranty?

Unfortunately, Raybestos brakes do not explicitly provide a warranty. whereas PowerStop brakes will provide you with a warranty for 3 years or up to 36,000 miles of use.

Where are Raybestos and PowerStop brakes made?

Raybestos brakes are currently being made in China after their production was discontinued in the US and Canada. On the other hand, PowerStop brakes are manufactured in Illinois.

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