Raybestos vs Centric Rotors: Breaking Down the Differences

When it comes to purchasing rotors, Raybestos and Centric are the two common brands. And, there are some unique things with each brake rotor you need to think about.

The main differences between Raybestos and Centric is durability. According to many users, Centric rotors are more reliable than Raybestos. In addition, the heat protection is impressive with Centric. On the other hand, Raybestos rotors are affordable.  

In some cases, both the Raybestos and Centric rotors are the same. Anyway, knowing them will help you choose the right one for your vehicle. 

Raybestos vs Centric Rotors Brake: Comparison Table

Raybestos started its journey back in 1902. On the other hand, Centric is comparatively a newer brand but well known for offering many braking products. Here are some common differences between the two brands.

Comparison PointsRaybestosCentric
Braking Performance Good Good
Building Materials High quality enhanced ironCarbon enhanced advanced metallurgy
Heat Resistance and Fade ResistanceBlack fusion coating reduces heat and face
Zinc-Aluminum rich coating offers resistance to heat and fade
Wet Weather PerformanceGood Good
Noise and VibrationGood Average
CompatibilityMedium duty vehicleAll sorts of passenger and heavy-duty vehicles
Durability and LifespanLess durable More durable
InstallationEasy Easy
Price AffordableExpensive

Braking Performance 

Braking performance is one of the first things you should focus on while choosing a brake rotor. For several years, Raybestos has been meeting the exacting demands of high-performance rotors. 

Conversely, for Centric, the story remains all the same. But compared to the quality of the brake products of the two brands, Centric rotors are more accepted. 

And credit should go to the optimal surface finish that makes braking even more effective and smooth. 

Building Materials 

There is a core difference between the building materials of Raybestos and Centric rotors. The Raybestos rotors are made with high-quality enhanced iron. 

On the other hand, we see the use of Carbon enhanced advanced metallurgy in the case of making Centric rotors that improve structural strength. 

In addition, the Centric rotors come with an optimal surface finish that plays a core role in confident braking. 

On the other hand, Raybestos rotors come with black and gray fishing coating that are also high-quality materials.  

Heat Resistance and Fade Resistance

Along with the brake pads, the rotors on your vehicle should play a dominant role in reducing the heat and fade. 

The Centric rotors come with carbon-enhanced advanced metallurgy, which is highly familiar for reducing the heat when brake pads and rotors come in contact. 

On the other hand, the mill-balanced Raybestos rotors are also impressive regarding heat and fade resistance. Thanks to the guaranteeing of structural integrity. But not as much as the Centric rotors. 


You should always go for the rotors that are quite compatible with your vehicle. And in this case, you may be more likely to choose Centric motors. 

No matter whether you have a passenger vehicle, heavy-duty SUV, or something else, Centric rotors should fit your vehicle.

In the case of Raybestos rotors, you have to stick to medium-sized vehicles, school buses, and commercial vehicles. Here, you must check whether the rotor you purchase suits your vehicle. 

Durability and Lifespan

Once, Raybestos rotors are widely expected. But as the day advanced and the introduction of Centric rotors, Raybestos have lost their popularity. This is due to a lack of durability. 

The lip of the Raybestos rotors is prone to become rough, according to a good number of users. But Raybestos rotors are not something you want to throw to the winds. 

The SAE standard for tensile strength and turned finish make the Raybestos rotors last longer. 

Nowadays, Centric rotors are just top-notch. Thanks to the low initial lateral run-out and Blanchard cut with painted centers. 

These features make the Centric Rotors at the top of the recommendation when it comes to durability, even though they come with the same warranty. 

Here you can check a YouTube video on the features and benefits of Centric rotors. 


Centric rotors were affordable a few years back. But not now. According to the market condition, the Centric rotors have become way more expensive than the Raybestos. This is due to the high quality of the Centric rotors.

On average, now you need to pay around $50 to purchase a Raybestos rotor. But in order to purchase a Centric rotor, you need to spend around $65. 

Similarities Between Raybestos and Centric Rotors Brake

Apart from the differences mentioned above, both Raybestos and Centric, in the case of rotors, have some similarities. 

Noise and Vibration Level

Both the Raybestos and Centric rotors produce less noise and vibration due to high-quality building materials. 

The cooling vents of these rotors make them quiet, even during rough braking conditions. 

In the case of Centric rotors, the low initial lateral run-out and precision-balanced technology make the rotor quiet. 

Wet Weather Performance

Braking has always been a concern for drivers in wet weather conditions. But if you have Raybestos or Centric rotors installed on your vehicle, you should not vary. Both brands are equally up to the mark in ensuring smooth braking in wet road conditions.

Here, the raw materials used to produce the rotors of two brands and exceptional coating deserve the credit. Full RS200™ protective coating can be a case in point. 


The installation process of both Raybestos and Centric rotors is the same. When it comes to the ease of installation, the scenario remains the same as well. Moreover, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to install rotors on your vehicle. 

Raybestos or Centric Rotors Brake: What Should Be Your Choice?

As you have to choose one, you should focus more on performance and durability. Now in these cases, Centric rotors are a good option for you.

In the case of price, if you have enough concerns about the budget, you can go with Raybestos. Doing so won’t be a bad move either. 

Moreover, as per the market demands and users’ perception, Centric rotors can be a decent way to go. We would think about Raybestos if you had to choose one 15 years ago. 

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It’s time to know the answer to some common questions people ask online about Raybestos and Centric rotors. You might have one of these questions! 

Where Can I Find the Best Deals on Raybestos and Centric Rotors?

You will find a good number of online retailers who sell Raybestos and Centric Rotors- for example, Amazon, eBay Home Depot, and more. If you are searching for a nearby dealer, you can also find one by jumping into the official website of two brands. 

Do Raybestos Rotors Come With a Limited Warranty?

Yes, Raybestos rotors come with a limited warranty. In addition, there is a good number of exclusions you can find on the official website of these Rotors to know more about their policy in this regard. 

Are Raybestos Rotors made in the USA?

No, the Raybestos rotors are not made in the USA. Once these rotors were made in the USA. Now, we see the manufacturing of these motors in China. And manufacturing country remains the same for all Raybestos products.

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