Power Stop Vs StopTech Brakes: Which One Is Better?

When you are thinking of choosing aftermarket brakes, no wonder Power Stop and StopTech come first in the choice list. But we know you are somehow puzzled about which one will be best for you, or what is the difference between them. 

To be on point, the main difference between Power Stop and StopTech brakes is that Power Stop is suitable for everyday driving and StopTech is perfect for rough driving conditions. Moreover, the Power Stop brakes comparatively last longer and come at an affordable price. 

Of course, that is not all! Continue reading to discover the difference between the Power Stop and StopTech brakes with comprehensive insight.

Power Stop vs StopTech brakes: Comparison Table

Before moving to details, let’s review the difference between them in case you are in a hurry. You can notice their difference in suitability, production materials, durability, and pricing. 

Factors Power StopStopTech
Braking performance Suitable for everyday drivingSuitable for rough driving conditions
Braking pads Braking pads are made of ceramic or carbon fiber Braking pads are Semi-metallic 
Best choice Best choice for average or daily drivers Best choice for aggressive drivers 
Noise and vibrations In some cases, make noises Almost noise free 
Durability and lifespan Comparatively last longer Last longer 
Rotors Rotors are slotted Cross drilled rotors 
Price More affordable Reasonable price 

Difference Between Power Stop And StopTech Brakes

Power Stop and the StopTech brakes are the products of distinctive features. The brakes offer different types of experience on the road. As already you get a glimpse of their differences, the following are the details. 

#1. Braking Performance

Power Stop and StopTech brakes have comparable functionality and performance. Nothing can beat the Power Stop brakes when it comes to driving on bumpy roads. 

Alternatively, StopTech brakes are ideal for heavy use. The make of this brake makes the acceleration smoother and allows it to drive in the adverse direction. That’s why StopTech brakes are the best choice for aggressive drivers. 

#2. Brake Pad Material 

Power Stop brakes are made of ceramic and StopTech brakes are from semi-materials like steel, copper, iron, and other composite. Ceramic brakes are highly resistant to heat resulting in less harm to the braking rotors. 

However, semi-material brake pads like StopTech offer greater braking over extensive temperatures and situations. 

#3. Design

While Power Stop brakes have slotted rotors, the StopTech brakes have cross-drilled. Slotted or drilled rotors of the Power Stop effectively disperse the friction heat and offer a strong stopping force. It cleans the surface quickly and easily. 

In comparison, if you want a high-geared brake rotor, then the StopTech slotted rotors are the best choice. Due to its design. The rotors remain cool even under heavy braking pressure.

#4. Noise and Vibration

Power Stop brakes just work fine in daily road conditions. But sadly there are some complaints of brake noise. 

On some cars, they tend to squeak and make a mild noise. It happens with almost 3% of Power Stop users when braking medium-hard. 

But in the case of StopTech, you can get a better performance with no noise. 

#5. Durability and Lifespan

Power Stop and StopTech are known for their high reliability and longer lifespan. But comparatively Power Stop brakes are designed to last longer for about 36k miles due to their ceramic material. Yet, you should keep in mind that in the long run, the rotors wear out easily. 

As for the StopTech brakes, you can expect their life duration to be slightly for about 30 or 40k miles. 

#6. Price

In the case of the pricing, the Power Stop brakes are more affordable than StopTech. You can get the Power Stop braking kit at the price of $240 whereas StopTech will cost you about $460. As the StopTech uses more machining in the rotors, they are considered to be expensive. 

Similarities Between Power Stop and StopTech brakes

When it comes to the braking performance between the Power Stop and StopTech brakes, you can’t compare them with one another. They both are worth the hype. The brakes have unlimited braking power with incredible speed and pinpoint controls. 

You can get high heat resistance and fade resistance with both types of brakes. While choosing among the brakes, you do not have to worry about compatibility as they are suitable for all types of vehicles. 

In a variety of weather conditions, the Power Stop and StopTech both function incredibly fine. The rotors of the brakes have rounded slots that easily get rid of dirt and debris. The precision drill holes offer guaranteed cooling in extreme situations. 

Adding to the impressive features, these braking systems are easy to install without the need for adjustments. There are no difficult installation methods nor very technical ways in the way of installation. Even a newbie gearhead can perform the task!  

Power Stop or StopTech brake: What Should Be Your Choice?

So, who has won the battle? As the whole discussion suggests, no real gain or no real loss whether you choose between the Power Stop and StopTech. That’s clear, when you are choosing the aftermarket brakes, the brand names don’t matter because both of them honestly produce high-quality products. 

Ultimately what you should choose depends on your preference. For instance, if you want an aftermarket braking system at an affordable price then the Power Stop brakes will be best. 

But say you are an aggressive driver or mostly drive on rough routes, then the high-end braking performance of the stop tech is a better choice than the Power Stop. Yet you should keep in mind that in terms of performance, reliability, and quality, no one is less than the other!


Well, we are expectedly certain that you have no more confusion between the Power Stop and StopTech. However, here are some queries that are mostly searched. 

Is Power Stop better than Brembo?

Brembo brakes have more bites and can stop precisely. Moreover, these brakes are also great as it has a way better dust resistance. In the case of the Power Stop brakes, it also has great performance and is suitable for regular driving. 

Is PowerStop better than OEM? 

Powerstop brakes are less expensive than the OEM brakes. Moreover, the maintenance and repairs are also affordable with the Power Stop. In case of availability, the Power Stop is easy to get and available to a multiple number of suppliers than the OEM. 

What is the most popular powered brake system?

The most common braking system for the vehicle is the hydraulic braking system. Most modern vehicles use this braking system where hydraulic pressure is used to stop the motion of the wheels. 

Which brakes wear faster?

In most vehicles, the front brake pads are likely to wear out faster than the rear ones. It is because the front brakes handle more weight. But if you carry heavy loads on the back of the vehicle, the scenario will be the opposite. 

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