How to Fix P2607 Code On Cummins Engine? (Fully Explained)

If your vehicle has a Cummins engine and is facing issues with the intake air heater, it needs an immediate fix. The malfunctioning intake air heater results in various error codes and symptoms.

And among the codes, the P2607 is very relevant on a Cummins engine. The error code P2607 is associated with the Intake air heater B and is detected when the heater receives inaccurate voltage.

Now, can this error code be removed easily? Yes, you can get rid of this code by following some simple steps. This article gives you a good view of this error code and the procedure to remove it.

P2607 Code On Cummins

What does the P2607 code mean on a Cummins engine?

The code P2607 denotes a problem with the intake air heater B circuit. This problem occurs when the intake air heater circuit receives insufficient voltage from the power supply. It can also occur as a result of voltage exceeding the allowed variance.

Below is the complete breakdown of the code that will help you understand it better:

  • P- Powertrain code arose due to an issue associated with the engine.
  • 2- Injector Circuit, the problem is mainly related to air circulation in the engine.
  • 6- Computer auxiliary outputs
  • 07- Specific Fault Index ( Low voltage signal on the intake air heater circuit B)

How serious is the P2607 code on the Cummins engine?

The code P2607 may or may not exhibit any significant symptoms. You might see some warning lights as for the indications for the code. The risks associated with the code are usually moderate.

However, the implications of the error code can be much worse. If you don’t take steps to eradicate this code immediately, it will cause you issues while driving. There can be situations where the engine might stall while driving, leading to unwanted circumstances.

Apart from this, there would be situations when the engine wouldn’t start in the cold weather due to this code. It won’t harm your engine, but if you don’t change the engine oil regularly, it will have an impact.

What causes the P2607 code on the Cummins engine?

There are several issues that can result in error code P2607. Some of the most prominent ones are listed below:

  • The intake air heater has malfunctioning components
  • Broken heater element
  • Damaged or torn wiring
  • Malfunctioning ECM
  • Defective temperature sensor
  • Faulty blower motor
  • Faulty wire connectors

How to Fix P2607 on a Cummins Engine?

Several reasons result in detecting the error code P2607. But knowing the fixes for each of these might seem to be a challenging task. We have gathered some notable fixes to help eliminate the code and make your life easier. Here are the fixes that may help:

Fix defective wires

Damaged and defective wires are one of the prime reasons that can lead to error code P2607.  Here are the steps you can follow to fix it:

  • Pull out the wiring and check its condition
  • Check whether the wiring connectors are the same or not
  • Strip the ends of the wire as per the length of the blade of the wire cutter
  • Tightly twist the ends of the wire
  • Connect an insulator connector at each wire’s end and fold it
  • Use a lighter and melt the insulator
  • Wrap the melted part after it cools down with electrical tape to complete the procedure.

Remove the defective blower motor

The malfunctioning or defective blower motor results in the entire engine being problematic. It can be one of the roots of the error code P2607. That said, to change the blower motor, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Disconnect the battery and locate the position of the blower motor
  • Take out the lower trim panel under the glove box, which is above the motor
  • Remove all the plastic connectors and clips, and if needed, the total glove box
  • Locate the bolts on the blower motor and remove them with a socket
  • Plug out the electrical connectors and take the motor entirely out

Once you have removed the old defective motor, install the new one following the above steps in a reversing order.

Replace faulty temperature sensor

The faulty temperature sensor existing in your Cummins engine can result in the detection of the P2607 error code. This process is highly complex and requires the removal of a lot of things. That is why you better consult a mechanic.

Fix faulty ECM

The faulty ECM can cause several problems, and the error code P2607 is just one of them. For an average car owner, fixing or replacing the ECM would be very tough.

The process involves a lot of complexities. That is why, if the issue arises, you should take service from an expert mechanic.

Fix Damaged Connectors

Just like the damaged wiring, broken or damaged connectors can result in the error code in the Cummins engine.  Fixing these connectors involves three easy steps:

  • Soak a paper towel in an alcohol solution and use it to disconnect the damaged connectors
  • Apply adhesives on the plastic surfaces
  • Reconnect the connectors and use some silicone on the wires with them

Other symptoms of getting P2607 on the Cummins engine

Apart from the engine getting stalled, a few other signs are evident for error code P2607. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Idling in freezing weather
  • The engine is not getting started
  • Delayed cranking times

How much does it cost to fix Cummins P2607 code?

Fixing the error code P2607 will have variable costs as different issues have different types of fixes. A breakdown of these costs is below:

Parts Cost

If the error code arises from any defective components, you must replace them. And this replacement will cost you some cash. Primarily due to bad ECM, damaged wires or blower motors, faulty sensor or air duct, etc., you will detect the error code P2607.

That said, among these components, the new ECM will cost you around $800-1500; for the blower motor, the price is approximately $25-80. As for the pricing of the heat sensor, it is around $300-320. Whereas for the air duct, the price is approximately $10-200.

Mechanic Cost

The labor cost also varies depending on the component you are replacing. For replacing ECM, the price is around $100; for a blower motor, it is around $80-100.

Regarding heat sensors, the labor cost is around $90-110. And lastly, for the air duct, it’s about $100.

Can you drive your vehicle with a Cummins engine with Code P2607?

It is possible to drive with the code P2607, but it’s highly not recommended. You should fix the code as the engine getting stalled in the middle of the road isn’t an ideal situation. Besides, the no-start condition of the engine will give you some additional headaches.


Your vehicle with a Cummins engine getting stalled isn’t something you would like. But that is inevitable if you don’t fix error code P2607 timely. 

That said, this article shows you a clear picture of the implications of P2607.

In addition, we have included fixes for some common reasons behind this error code. We believe that it will serve your purpose. Still, if any issue arises, do let us know.

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