How to Fix P226C Code On 6.7L Cummins? (Fully Explained)

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The fault codes thrown at you by your truck are like the markers that jot the problems down to their roots so that you can quickly identify and resolve the issue. Now that we are done showing the importance of the fault codes, let’s move on to the fundamental question; what does code P226C mean on 6.7 Cummins?

To start with, the code P226C is shown due to a significant fault or problem with the turbocharger or the electronic turbo actuator of your Cummins. This kind of code issue mostly results from a failure to actuate the VGT, further properly leading to poor engine performance.

This, however, was only a rapidly summarized form of what the code means. You would want to tag along as we would discuss this code in detail and a possible method of fixing it.

What Does The P226C Code Mean On 6.7 Cummins?

We’ve already said it before, but the code P226C appears only because of a severe crisis with the turbochargers or actuators.

If the position of the VGT is not properly aligned, this will cause the VGT not to be adequately actuated. Hence, let’s see what each letter means!

  • P= Powertrain is a module that helps the vehicle move, such as the turbocharger itself.
  • 2= This is a number given by manufacturers that helps find the model of the vehicle.
  • 2= Fuel and air metering (specifically the turbo boost control malfunctions)
  • 6C= This would be the specific fault index; for our case represents a slow turbo engine response

Thus, if VGT is not actuated properly, the PCL lights and MIL lamps fail. This causes engine performance to fall significantly below the standard performance threshold.

How  Serious Is P226C Code On 6.7 Cummins?

Ignoring the P226C code isn’t a viable option. Even if you consider taking this route, you might want to take note of the long-term damage you might be doing to your engine.

If you let the turbo vanes of your Cummins be peaked at full boost, then there would be no boost, which results in a lack of power in the engine, which can do severe damage to its components.

It might even force the engine to stay in an over boost state, which clearly isn’t liked by anyone. The ECM would then store the fault code information inside, which can then be monitored by repair shops when you decide on fixing this problem.

What Causes ‘P226C’ Code On?

There are several small reasons why you would notice this fault code thrown at your truck out of the blue. However, you may know by now that this problem is due to a slow turbo response. But there is more to it!

Let’s see the code’s prominent causes that mainly indicate where the problem starts and where it ends. You clearly don’t want to skip out on any of these.

  • The mispositioning of the electronic turbo actuator itself.
  • Problems with the turbocharger of your 6.7 Cummins.
  • Might be due to turbo vanes that are blocked.
  • Problem with the turbo control wire, which extends from the ECM.
  • There is a deficiency in the ECM.
  • A faulty connection to the CAN.

How To Fix P226C Code On 6.7 Cummins?

Fixing problems related to this fault code might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, it’s advised that you get this job done by a mechanic with prior knowledge of this error code if you aren’t good at dealing with such cases by yourself.

But then again, here’s a quick step-wise guide that might help ease your mind, and you could even give this task a shot using the guidelines given below. Hopefully, you’ll be able to resolve the issue on your own.

Step 1: Check Everything Properly And Investigate Thoroughly

Once you notice this fault code popping out of the vehicle display, you need to make sure that the code itself has a valid reason for showing up. Hence, you need to double-check every bit of detail that you can find.

Further investigations should be done to reach the root of the problem. Thus, you better keep monitoring each and every part of the engine itself to reach the cause of the crisis as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Figure Out The Cause Of The Problem And Fix Them

While you monitor the issue to find whether the code being shown is valid, you need to be really careful with this process. A mistake could lead to you not identifying and resolving the issue correctly.

According to the code, the problem should range from somewhere within the turbo sensors, filters, or the intercooler. After identifying the source, you must fix it depending on its nature.

If the turbo sensors are at fault, replace them with new ones. The same could be said for the hoses as well. If the turbo filter is clogged, you better clean it properly for better airflow,

Step 3: Ensure that the Engine Is Normally functioning.

You might need to consider cross-checking the turbo to make sure all the problems are fixed. Since the issue stems from decreased pressure of air, take extra care to ensure that the airflow is sufficient.

Furthermore, scan the engine again for any other possible malfunctions. If you cannot spot any other issue and the check engine light seems to have gone off, your problem might have been solved.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P226C Code On 6.7 Cummins?

We haven’t yet discussed the symptoms of getting code P226C, have we? But sometimes, a little wait is what keeps you caught up with the latest piece you are reading. Hence, without any further delay, let’s look at the symptoms.

  • The ECM enters into a failure managing mode which makes some of the features of the truck non-functional.
  • There will be very little power delivered to the engine.
  • The Check engine light would keep glowing until the issue is fixed
  • The engine would have difficulty accelerating.
  • Vehicle stalling has become common.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix 6.7 Cummins p226c Code?

It mainly depends on the type of part you want to replace. The part you want to replace influences the cost of repairing the issue. However, you should know that prices would go up if you decide on getting it done by a mechanic.

Hence, if you have a few extra bucks to spare, it’s always a delight to invest in labor costs, which might vary from $80 to $160 depending on the workload.

And the replacements of turbo or transmission may vary between $100 and $1000. Furthermore, for replacing hoses and sensors the cost can be as little as $100.

Can You Drive Your 6.7 Cummins With Code P226c?

Driving with the fault code signaling low turbo pressure is not advisable. Moreover, it can be quite frustrating always to watch the check engine light on.

Driving with the code could even lead to severe damage to the engine itself. Hence, neglecting this code may become really expensive in the long run.


Hopefully, you’ve understood the message we’ve been trying to convey to you through this article. It can be quite stressful when a fault code suddenly shows up.

Hence, we’ve made sure that you know everything about this fault code, so if it has already appeared on your truck’s screen, you could cut the stress and resolve the problem.

However, if you haven’t faced the problem yet and have only read this article to feed your curiosity, you might be shocked by its benefits. After all, it’s better to stay prepared than to be unprepared.

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