How to Fix P003A Code On Cummins? (Everything Explained)

P003A is not an uncommon code on your Cummins. You may face it if you have some problems with your turbocharger. There are several symptoms and causes for the code to appear. They might be underlying codes too.

The P003A is a DTC code On Cummins that appears when the supercharger or turbocharger faces some issues. Officially, it is the code for “Boost Control Module A.” The severity of the code is moderately high, and it needs to be cleared as soon as possible.

What does the P003A code mean on Cummins? How to fix it? Can you drive with the code? You can find answers to all these questions as you read through the article. Read as we guide you through all the things you need to know.

What Does P003A Code Mean On Cummins?

P003A code indicates that the ECM of your dodge cummins has detected a problem. The problem is inside the engine’s turbocharging system. You can break down the code to get a more clear view.

  • P – Powertrain, the system of components transmitting the power to the wheels
  • 0 – A generic number according to SAE standards
  • 0 – This number is SAE Reserved
  • 3A – Specific Fault Index (In our case, Supercharger/Turbocharger Boost Control in “A” Position is Exceeding the Learning Limit)

The Turbo Actuator refers to a sophisticated device that exchanges data with the ECM (Engine Control Module). Diagnostics are performed by the actuator, and defects are transmitted to the ECM.

This message is subsequently decoded and converted to a fault code by the ECM. P003A is the code that results from decrypting the message.

How Serious Is P003A Code On Cummins?

The severity of P003A can be moderately high. There is a chance of changing the ratio of air/fuel if you have an issue in your forced induction system.

If overlooked or left untreated, this might result in severe of your cummin engine. You will risk harming the internal engine’s components and may lose a lot of fuel. So, you should fix any potential problem in your forced induction system for your safety.

Again, your actuator may be faulty. If you continue to drive with faulty actuators, you will face some issues. Your engine may get severely damaged. A defective turbocharger sounds like siren noises that may make you uncomfortable.

So, the problem will not look serious at first. But, you may have a damaged engine, which is not a good situation. It would be best if you looked for a remedy as soon as possible.

What Causes P003A Code On Cummins?

Your truck’s computer detects an inappropriate extent of movement in the supercharger/turbocharger. Then the ECM records the code.

Other OBD-II fault codes, like P2563, might be recorded as well. The ECM then turns the Check Engine Light. Thus, warning you about the issue. The following are possible causes for the P003A code:

  • Boost control solenoid that is defective (lever stuck, bent or broken)
  • High resistance due to corrosion (Connectors, grounds, pins)
  • Wiring problem (Frayed short in power/ground)
  • Internal problem with the ECM (Engine Control Module).
  •  Inappropriate boost levels
  • Problem with the boost control actuator
  • Leaking exhaust
  • Supercharger/ Turbocharger failure
  • Faulty actuator

How To Fix P003A Code On Cummins?

When a DTC code like P003A registers in the ECM, it might take up to a few hours to find the issue and decide what to repair. Scanning with an appropriate scanner, as well as another testing, may be required.

Again, you should go for a test drive to see if any parts were replaced or repaired. Then the mechanic should run one final scan to ensure the problem has been rectified. Here are some other suggestions to follow when you want to fix the P003A code.

Look For Solutions at Home:

Start by looking at the list of plausible causes. Examine the connected wire harness and connections visually. Look for broken, pushed out, corroded, or bent connector pins. Don’t forget to check for the damaged components of your cummin engine too.

Step-1: Removing the turbocharger

Be cautious while removing the actuator from the turbocharger. Don’t forget to drain the coolant before removing it.

Step-2: Checking circuit board

Check its circuit board for coolant traces. Look for burnt marks there.

Step-3: Is the gear okay?

If none appears, reconnect it to the harness. Then turn on the key. As the gear cycles, you should be able to watch it turn. Coolant may have leaked on the circuit board. It might have faced a short circuit.

Step-4: Gear spins or not?

Is the gear not spinning? Then the equipment might be inactivated or fried.

If this spins, the vanes could be jammed. In this scenario, cleaning its turbo with acetone should be the solution.

Step-5: Was the actuator aligned?

You have to align the actuator accurately while replacing it. Begin by aligning the arm such that the arm’s and the housing’s hole match. You may align it with a drill of the appropriate size.

Step-6: Attaching the actuator

Attach the actuator with the housing and studs through two opposing holes. It helps to guide those pieces, keeping them aligned. Connect the actuator and the harness, then turn on the key. After that, cycle it several times.

Align the actuator with the studs before installing it on the turbo housing. The arms and gears should line up perfectly. Otherwise, you might have made a mistake. This is necessary for the mechanical alignment of the actuator.

You may go for expensive options like buying Cummins turbo solely (or FCA, which is more costly).

Many issues have been reported by people who purchased turbos that were remanufactured. That is true for parts sourced apart from Cummins.

Seek the Help of a Professional:

A professional will use the appropriate scan to verify the DTC code. After that, he may do any of the following repairs:

  • Vane adjustment of the supercharger or the turbocharger
  • Supercharger or turbocharger replacement

Other Symptoms Of Getting P003A Code On Cummins

Additional symptoms may accompany the P003A code on a Dodge Cummins. The Check Engine Light may illuminate for a variety of reasons. Likewise, some other possible signs may be:

  • Fuel efficiency is reduced
  • In the idling engine, an unusual starting and stopping sound
  • Abnormal or low power levels
  • Drivability is often low
  • Reduced throttle responsiveness
  • Having difficulty driving up the hills
  • The vehicle switches to “limp” mode (like fail-safe)
  • Symptoms of intermittent drivability

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Cummins P003a Code?

P003A is the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) for problems in the turbocharger. A suitable OBD II scanner can detect it. It might occur for various reasons, and a mechanic will need to figure out what activated the code in your case.

Licensed mobile mechanics may perform diagnostics at your home or workplace for a specific fee. This can range from $75 to $150, depending on the state you live in. Some websites also provide a warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Can You Drive Your Cummins With P003A Code?

The high motion range for the vane might eventually injure adjacent components. That includes rockers, pushrods, and others.

So, if you continue to drive the vehicle with a triggered P003A code, it might be pretty harmful. Accidents may occur while driving with a defective turbocharger. You can be charged for this too.

Also, seeking professional help to diagnose and correct the problem is necessary. Or else, the possible costs of the remedy will rise due to increasing deterioration. You will notice sirens like noise with a faulty turbocharger.

You can surely drive your Cummins with the P003A code. But think twice before driving it because you will soon face a damaged engine by doing that. So, only drive the car with the code activated when you have no other option!


By now, you know what the P003A code means on Cummins and other related things. So, if you try to fix the problem yourself, that is not bad. You can fix the problem with the appropriate tools and scanner.

Remember that you may have other codes on your Dodge Cummins underlying P003A. So, do not forget to use the suitable OBD II scanner. If you know your truck right, you should be able to fix them. Otherwise, trying this at home is not recommendable.

Professionals always do this kind of stuff, and they have years of experience. Also, they have the appropriate tools and software. They know how to use those tools and software ideally. That is why you should never hesitate to seek professional help.

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