Motorcycle Protective Gear Tips And Guideline

Motorcycle Protective Gear Tips

Today in this whole article we will be talking about five pieces of motorcycle gear you will need along with the importance of them. I came up with and the career firefighter, and have seen some nasty motor vehicle accident. I am going to share my own opinion


Let’s start with the motorcycle helmets, so the very first thing you need is a helmet. There are a lot of advantages of choosing to ride with a helmet. Rather than with that one so first, off there are lots of different helmets out there. And I always ride with the full face helmet. The biggest reason is that I’ve seen so many motorcycle accidents in my career and most of the fatal ones involved no helmet. One of those small brain buckets of a helmet. Your face has a lot of vital parts to it you know your airway openings you know that’s pretty important.

So it’s very important to protect those with a good d-o-t or ECE rated full face helmet. Good motorcycle helmets also let you use Bluetooth easily. Now a lot of helmets come with Bluetooth capability and speakers already installed, but you can also buy kits to install on a helmet, without those Bluetooth. Lets you answer phone calls, listen to music, and even get driving directions while you’re riding your motorcycle. So with your phone attached to the bike with a ram mount, you now get audio and visual mapping great combo.

Also, helmets protect your brain. you’re a human and the brain is very sensitive part and you do not want your brain damage, also it’s the law in a lot of states. You have to wear a helmet in order to ride a motorcycle. Always wear full face helmet instead of half, full face helmets will keep your full head, jaw, nose, eyes, ear safe.


The second most important piece of equipment for me is good motorcycle riding glovesOpens in a new tab.. Gloves are very important because whenever you will have a crash or fall you will try to protect yourself with your both hands and having a perfect pair of gloves will save your bones, skin, fingers safe.

. Just losing skin on the palms of your hand will cause you to miss work and make ordinary things. Almost impossible bugs don’t protect you against everything, but they can really help if you end up in an accident get the appropriate gloves for the weather. You can get some race gloves, winter gloves, and all season gloves. You don’t want your fingers going numb in cold weather. So get the appropriate motorcycle gloves.


Now you’re going to need a motorcycle jacket. There are different jackets available for different needs. So getting specific here won’t be necessary what you do need to know it, what you do need to know is what types of jacketsOpens in a new tab.. There are mesh jackets, textile jackets, and leather jackets. Each one has their own specific characteristics to them along with those types of jackets. Each kind can have hard, or soft, armor slots, for added protection.

The mesh is what it sounds like basically, it’s a weave material that allows air flow. Textile jackets are just that also but they’re made of Cordura and other aramid fibers, basically super-strong synthetic fibers textile has come a long way in terms of strength and price pretty much. One of the better choices out there right now. Some are perforated for warm weather comfort, and some are heavily lined for winter. I myself have a textile winter jacket.  Armor and the shoulders and elbows both are great jackets for their purpose.


Let’s talk about motorcycle boots. Look great but they also provide you with traction and protect, the small bones in your feet in case of a crash. I’ve seen crashes where people wear tennis shoes and during the crash, their shoes would be 100 feet away from the body. I don’t know about you but I need my feet the main rules when it comes to the motorcycle.


Motorcycle pants. I hope you are not one of them who love to ride a motorcycle in shorts, at least don’t do it when you are taking a long ride. The motorcycle pants are usually a piece of gear. That the vast majority of riders choose not to wear. Most people think jeans are enough protection, That simply is not true jeans will get shredded. In just a couple feet of sliding on the pavement and offer no protection.

At all think about jeans are cotton and cotton is very weak. You can rip a hole in your jeans just by sliding on grass. We’ve done it all before as kids don’t expect any protection while sliding on asphalt. Thanks to the manufacturers, they are setting kevlar panels with key places.

Some are even weaving the Kevlar directly into the cotton material and adding armor, to likely impact zones kevlar jeans won’t protect you as much as leather pants. but they are much better than regular denim jeans.

Now and probably mention at the end, That you need to be wearing gear. when you crash you’re going to have terrible road rash, broken bones, or you could possibly die. Road rash isn’t a simple me scrape road rash is literally your skin, fatty tissue, muscle, nerve, endings or bone being scraped off by the asphalt or gravel. it’s comparable to taking your flesh to a cheese grater.

If you have any suggestions on what some good gear is please leave a comment below guys .I’ll see you all later and I hope you all right safe bye.

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