Which Lexus Rx-350 Years to Avoid and Why? (Explained)

Though the Lexus Rx-350 is so much luxurious it has limitations and bad records on behalf of the suffering of the users. Even if it consistently upgraded its specifications and configuration according to the generation and other renowned competitor brands though there is always remains a lack of perfection in some models.

For this reason, a lot of argument and contradiction has arrived about the quality of the regarding the brand. There are a few models which are considered to be avoided according to the complaints against some certain models rather than the other models.

This article will assist you which Lexus Rx-350 years to avoid and why.

Lexus Rx-350 Years to Avoid (List of Years)

Let’s start the journey of avoiding years’ model which concerned the users on the perspective of quality and reliability.

There is a shortlist of those given below-

  • 2007 Lexus Rx-350
  • 2008 Lexus Rx-350
  • 2011 Lexus Rx-350
  • 2013 Lexus Rx-350
  • 2014 Lexus Rx-350
  • 2015 Lexus Rx-350

You can look over the experience of Lexus RX-350 users from carcomplaint.com where you can get feedback and all issues related to the worse model.

Difficulties with discharging water from the pump is common problem in the vehicle. It takes around two thousand five hundred dollars for the reinstallment as a customer to fix up.

You can make a narrow list from these above years in your mind not randomly but wisely. When you have a sort of money and urge to buy the ultimate desired car you must research with possible ability and facilities regarding from your level.

This will help you to convert your money refraining from wastage as well as bring you a sense of peace from your investing.

What Makes These Lexus Rx-350 Years is Worth Avoiding?

1. Lexus RX-350 2007 and 2008 Year Problems

The year is known as the worst model of Lexus RX-350 according to the research from several sources. There found a few reports on energy shifting, transfer falling back, leaking problems. The overall expense will be around one thousand five hundred dollars to five thousand dollars to fix just run over the vehicle for ten hundred miles.

The problems complained against the model is given below-

GPS Stuck

This is one of the problems which is appeared while driving to the direction mood. This model shows some issues relevant to the utilization of GPS. It is a matter of regret that such type of luxurious model has degraded its level for this case.

Further, it has overcome the issue concerning the fact sincerely.

Various Engine Trouble

There came a thousand of complaints malfunctioning of the engine as well as motor. Not only that, users got mad at solving and replacing the engine for miscellaneous facts.

You may hear the trouble of gasket and cover leakage whether it is the denoting model car of Lexus RX-350. Excessive vibration has arrived for fuel contamination. Besides, those are also the reasons for gearing and steering of the car.

Moreover, the cost needed for repair is huge rather which crosses the minimum range of installment newly. This is not expected to the consumers undoubtedly but it happened.

Discharging of Water and Oil

The relevant problem is so common to all the users of the years regarding 2007 and 2008. Oil leaking is so unexpected to the owners considering a high-quality brand.

The issue makes the engine unstable and the whole system also. Because, surely, oil is the energy source of the transport. When their trouble arrives, it gets clingy to the line and wares moving the whole.

It is a matter of relief that working on the difficulties by the engineers it has been possible to overcome the past those years.

2. Lexus RX-350 2010 Year Problems

The regarding year model means a lot of suffering to the owner from which reports gathered in the surveys. This model gathered bad versions according to the service which is far away from the standard version of the brand.

Battery Failure

This struggle of the model has reached it to the danger as well as risk zone towards the vendors. Battery failure can be vulnerable to both the drivers and passengers which causes the burst of the car.

Though the repair cost is lower it makes starting and movement problems to the vehicle. Besides, the safety phenomenon fails while this situation appears.

Steering Trouble

The main problem of the model of 2010 is steering issues with leaking fuel through fuel lines. The case makes the condition bad to worse when it is not observed by the users and not to be alerted.

The expense of restoring the quality is around up to one thousand six hundred dollars to solve. It is pretty much tough to go with the cost after buying such an expensive investment knowing the actual quality.

Dashboard Melting

Like all other models, Lexus RX-350 also has difficulties with dashboard cracking. The problem getting so far even if continuing for several years. It is up to the plastic to set up the management of the mechanical sector in the model.

The recurrent issue is not so vital but repair cost creates a question and contradiction to the comparison of other remaining branded cars.

Which Years are Safe to Buy Used?

You may wonder to know that there are lots of options to wander over the models though some years must be avoided. The including years are given below-

  • 2012
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019

You can rely over the years above blindly on as they are superior models rather than other vehicles. You will find fabulous specifications with an ultimate guarantee of Lexus RX-350 which is like the latest launching transportation.

Moreover, those years’ models have no conviction about their service and features from the users. Besides, the model of 2018 and 2019 is still ranked one of the best versions all around the world for their exclusive performance and smooth flexibility of driving.

You can purchase the 2019 year model without any hesitation which makes you so willing and dependent on the luxury brand.


There is always an upside and downside of any model even if it ranks to the top of the company as well. However, there remain some bad versions of specific years that can be ignored just knowing and being aware of the information.

So if you are well upon to the avoided years’ shortlist you can filter your desired model or dreaming car list simply. Hopefully, this article has expanded your scope to be wised while buying a car from the Lexus RX-350 model.

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