How To Wash And Make Your Car More Shine

how to clean car

In this article, you will read about how to clean car or truck. This article is filled with car washing tips and tricks without scratching. This is the best way and are applicable on any car or truck. We are going to be stripping the car clean of any contaminants like dirt or oils or even that old wax that you might have on the paint and then we will add our own protective layer of sealant which will not only protect the paint surface but it will give it a long-lasting deep mirror shine.


  • Car washing soap
  • Soft cleaning brush
  • Pieces of clean cloth
  • Clay bar
  • Compound
  • Applicator pads
  • conditioning oil
  • Auto window cleaner
  • Aluminum wheel cleaner
  • Have A Look How To Wash Your Car



How to clean a car is easy process. Collect the best wash products and you can do it yourself (DIY). Just follow the cleaning tips step by step


  • Check The Condition Of Your Car

If your car is new you will just need a regular wash and wax. But you will also need to polish the car if your car is very old.

  • Read The Manual

By Reading the manual you will know which chemicals you are allowed to use for cleaning your car. You can’t use any kind of soap or wax. Because, dangerous chemical reactions can harm your car. After every use, you should also wash your towels and hands.

  • Wash Your Car

Car washing soap is required to wash your car. Different car washing soap is available in the market. So, you should not use detergent or dish cleaner in this case. These detergents and dish cleaners are very harmful for the paint of your car. At first remove larger pieces of dirt by only using the water.

If you do this there will be no risk of leaving a scratch on your car. Then you can use car washing soap, soft brush, hands and piece of clean clothes to wash it perfectly.

  • Find The Scratches

After washing you will find scratches and oxidation in your car. They look so ugly and general washing can’t remove them. But don’t worry. You can also fix this.

  • Use Clay bar

You should use clay barOpens in a new tab. to remove hard contaminants like wax. So, it will remove the roughness from the paint. Clay bar is very easy to use. You just need to put it in the water and rub it on the surface of the car. You can also use a detailer as a lubricant with it.

  • Using Compound To Remove Scratches

Using compound is necessary to remove the scratches. Applicator pads can be used to apply it on your car. You can use the compound several times until the scratches are removed. Deep scratches cannot be removed by this process.

  • Polishing

Polishing is needed to make your car shiny. This step is very easy. You just have to use your hands to apply it on your car. But it is a great idea to apply it with the help of dual action polisher. You can also make your car shinier and beautiful by using conditioning oil.

  • Protection

Protection is also very important for your smart car. UV ray is the enemy of your car. Waxing can block these UV-rays. It prevents fading. Two types of wax are available- carnauba & polymer. But we are suggesting here to use the polymer form because polymer is expensive but it is easy to use and works better.

  • Washing window

Auto window cleaner is the best thing to use for cleaning your car window. It is a bad idea to use general glass cleaners which we in our house. Because, if you use these glass cleaners there will be a chance of damaging the window. After applying the auto window cleanerOpens in a new tab. wipe it twice to remove the cleaner perfectly.

  • Washing The Wheels

In this case the manual is required. Thus you will know that which kind of product is allowed to use for your wheels. But don’t worry if you don’t know the type of your car wheels. Just use aluminumOpens in a new tab. wheel cleaner. This is less powerful and also suitable for all kinds of wheels.

  • Long Lasting Shiny Look

I hope you have done all the cleaning and your car looks beautiful now. This is the last step of “how to clean a car”. I know that you want to keep your car look like this for a long a time. So in this case, you should keep a spray detailer and a clean piece of cloth in your car for a quick cleaning.

  • Conclusion

Everybody wants to keep their smart car look cool and shiny. So you have to clean it perfectly. I hope now you know How to clean car. This is cheapest way to clean your car. By cleaning your car in this way you can also save time and money. If you liked this article and know any other methods please a leave a comment below and let us know.


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