How To Change Motorcycle Oil And Oil Filter – The Easiest Way

How To Change Motorcycle Oil

Don’t worry if you don’t remember when you last changed your engine oilOpens in a new tab. and filter. We are here to teach you. These days lubrication-related problems are very common. So you should know how to change motorcycle oil. Lubricating and protecting the engine is the main job of the engine oil. So oil should remain in the best condition. Thus the oil can do its job more effectively. Impurities can get into your oil and can affect the performance of the engine oil. So you have to change it regularly. Change motorcycle oil before or after winter.

  • How Often You Should Change The Oil

If you ride a motorcycle in hard conditions like extreme temperatures, dusty environments and with heavy loads every day you must change the motorcycle engine oil more frequently. An oil change at half the factory-recommended mileage may prove beneficial if you’re pushing your air-cooled twin up the Rockies, carrying everything including your significant other in summer.

If you are a motorcycle freak and love to ride your bike on the hilly tracks and rough roads, you will have to take care of your motorcycle engine oil more. Therefore you need to know how to change motorcycle oil.

Engine parts are very costly but oil is cheap. But the health of your engine is directly related to the oil.

Therefore the oil change interval time cannot be so long. So engine oil should be changed every 3500 miles. The rule of thumb is 3000 miles between changes, but with synthetic motor oil, you can go as far as 5000 miles.If you don’t change your engine oil regularly there is also a chance of damaging the engine parts.

  • Read The Manual To Select Oil

The quality of the engine oil is very important. Read the manual properly. Don’t be lazy.  Thus, it will suggest you what kind of motorcycle oil is suitable for your engine.

Follow the manufacturer’s oil recommendations as far as weight and blends go. If you don’t have the manual just go to the manufacturer’s company. They will also suggest you.

  • Quantity And Type of Engine oil

You have to check your manual for the exact quantity of motorcycle oil you need. You will also get the type of oil you required. The best quality and exact quantity of engine oil are also very important for the health of your motorcycle.

So brand of oil is also important.Castrol Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil, Mobil 1  V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Motor Oil, Lucas Synthetic Oil, Motul Synthetic oil Etc. These are some of the best brands available in the market. You will easily find these oil in the market. 



How to change motorcycle oil’ is a step by step process. You will need some special tools and information to do this task perfectly.

If you don’t have these tools. Don’t worry. You will also get these tools in the market or online shop.

  • Oil Filter

Generally, you want the filter that fits your engine perfectly. If you have any doubt then get the part number from the manufacturer company and buy it from a dealer. Don’t take any risk. It is also very cheap. It is not wastage of your money.

  • Sump Washer

Your old sump washer may look perfect, but you should replace it with a new one.

  • Oil Filter Removal Tool

You will also need a suitable oil filter. Oil filter removal tool makes it easy to remove your filter.

  • Oil Drain Pan

Anything can be used to collect the burning oil. But it is very wise to use a wide and shallow oil drip pan. These oil drain pansOpens in a new tab. are also available in the market. These oil trays make draining your oil easy and spill-free.

  • Funnel

The funnel is used to fill your engine with oil. Without the funnel, you can not fill your engine with oil.

  • Socket And Wrench

Removing the drain plug/filter is very difficult. Socket and wrench will help you to do this task very easily.

  • Torque Wrench

It will help you to torque your filter and sump plug. Thus there will be no fear of stripping the threads.

  • Gloves

Safety is also very important. Hot engine oil is very dangerous for your hands and skin. So you will need gloves. Cheap disposable gloves are available in the market. You can also consider buying those cheap gloves.

  • Wood Blocks

You can put wood blocks under the side stand. Thus you can make your bike level perfect.It is necessary for checking your oil correctly.


  • Before Read Have A Look How To Change Engine Oil And Oil Filter Easily



  • Step-1:  Warm Your Engine Up

You have to make your engine warm. To warm your engine, you can let your engine ideal for 5-10 minutes. Thus it will be easy for you to drain the oil from your engine.

  • Step-2:  Drain The Oil

Now, rest the bike on its side stand. Then put the oil drain pan on the bike. Put on your gloves. You have to make sure that you are not touching any dangerous hot engine parts.

Now use the socket and wrench to remove the engine drain plug. You have to turn anti-clockwise to undo it. Remove the washer and put the plug in a dish.

  • Step-3:  Let It Flow

If it’s a level ground the oil will be drained completely. You don’t have to do anything. Let it drain out by itself. After that, if you tilt the bike carefully on each side, the remaining bits of oil hidden in nooks and crannies will come out.

  • Step-4:  Remove The Old Oil Filter

How can you change the old oil filter? Well, it is not so difficult. First, you have to unscrew the old motorcycle oil filter. By using the filter removal tool, remove the old oil filter by turning the wrench anti-clockwise.

Thus, you will see that a small amount of oil will be coming out of the filter. Now, let this drain completely. You can follow the same procedure on tough bikes like Kawasaki.

  • Step-5:  Install The New Oil Filter

Check the filter and plug housing. Make sure that there is no drop of oil coming out and it is completely empty.

Now take your new oil filter and your new engine oil. Smear some of the engine oil onto the sealing ring of the filter by using your finger.

You can fill the filter with oil first or put it straight on. It is your choice. Now screw new oil filter on by hand. Then attach the adaptor wrench installed. Finally, tighten it up.

  • Step-6:  Refit The Sump Plug Or Drain Plug

Now you are sure that the old oil is drained completely out of the engine. So it is time to refit a brand new washer to the engine drain plug.

Then, use your hand to screw the plug into the sump. You have to tighten it up perfectly. You should use the manufacturer’s recommended torque wrench.

  • Step-7:  Fill With Fresh Oil

Now you need your manual. You have to check the exact capacity of your engine oil from the manual. Remove the plug from the engine hole. After that, insert the funnel and add oil. But you have to remember that overfill is not good for your engine.

Generally, you can add oil of two-thirds of total quantity very fast but add the remaining one-third slowly. Now check the oil level on a level surface.

  • Step-8:  Final Oil Level Check

You must make sure that the level is around the max mark. Now it is testing time. Starting the engine let it idle for about 2/3 minutes.

Now check that, after starting the engine, the oil pressure light goes out.

Thus you will know that you are doing everything accurately.To check the oil level again, turn off the engine and take your bike to a level surface. Thus, If the oil level is not perfect you can add more.

  • Conclusion

Now you know how to change motorcycle oil. Engine oil is very important for the health of your bike engine. So you should change it more frequently. Hope you found this article useful. If you liked this article and know any other methods please a leave a comment below and let us know.


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