Harley Street Bob vs. Fat Bob: Which One Make You Stylish

Would you like to purchase your first motorbike? Perhaps you would like to purchase one for a loved one. You may want to look into the Harley Dyna Street Bob or Fat Bob for a more sophisticated style than others. The cruiser is synonymous with only one brand, Harley Davidson.

Both Street Bobs and Fat Bobs are members of their Dyna model lineup. Nothing is more authentic than these two cruisers that offer genuine style and performance. Almost everyone who enjoys long-distance biking prefers cruiser bikes regardless of age.

Almost all rookies think Harley’s line of products is the same, but reality isn’t that. Does “Harley Street Bob Vs. Fat Bob” differ in any way? Yes, you can discover the differences in this post. Well, it isn’t, and I’ve decided to clarify what’s unclear.

Harley Street Bob vs. Fat Bob: Comparison Briefly

Having introduced the Harley-Davidson lineup briefly, the Street Bob and Fat Bob will now be our main focus. Stay with us.

Harley Street BobHarley Fat Bob
Twin Cam 103™High Output Twin Cam 103™
Weight:- 670 pounds706 pounds
Compression Ratio:- 10.0:110.0:1
2 Cylinder, Air Cooled, 4-Valve, Milwaukee-Eight2 Cylinder, Air Cooled, 4-Valve, Milwaukee-Eight
Bore X Stroke:- 100 mm x 111.1 mm102 mm x 114 mm
Maximum Torque:- 145 Nm155 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity:- 13.2 liters13.6 liters
Length:- 2320 mm2340 mm

Harley Street Bob Vs. Fat Bob: In-Depth Analysis

In the following article you will find a detailed comparison between both bikes, including their specifications, features, and price. Read on…


This year, there’s a lot of buzz about the Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin engine, which produces 119 ft-lbs of torque at only 3000 rpm. With a claimed weight of 659 pounds wet, this motorcycle is one of Harley-Davidson’s lightest in the Softail lineup, so its increased performance is noticeable. Compared to the outgoing Street Bob 107, the Street Bob 114 has a 9% faster 0-60 mph time and a 13% quicker 60-80 mph time. With a 2-into-2 shotgun exhaust and 114 badges on the Ventilator air cleaner, this engine is sure to give a healthy rumble.

Fat Bob is equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight V Twin Engine that produces 114 cu in which 1,870 cc is contained. It has a torque of 119 foot-pounds and an engine horsepower of 86 hp at the same time. Harley-Davidson’s 9th-generation Big Twin engine is a highlight of the motorcycle. There are eight valves in an engine consisting of two cylinders with four valves each.


Street Bob

  • Length:- 91.3 inches
  • Seat height:- 25.8 inches
  • Ground clearance:- 4.9 inch
  • Rake:- 30
  • Trail:- 6.2 inch
  • Wheelbase:- 64.2 inch
  • Tires front:-100- 90B19- 57H,BW
  • Tires rear:- 150- 80B16- 77H,BW
  • Fuel capability:- 3.5 gallons
  • Oil capacity:- 5 qt.
  • Weight- as shipped:- 634 lb.
  • Weight while running order:- 659 lb.

Fat Bob

  • Overall length:- 92.1 inches
  • Seat Height:- 27.7 inches
  • Ground clearance:- 4.7 inches
  • Rake:- 28
  • Trail:- 5.2 inches
  • Wheelbase:- 63.6 inches
  • Tires front:- 150- 80-16- 71H,BW
  • Tires rear:- 180- 70B16- 77H,BW
  • Fuel capability:- 3.6 gallon
  • Weight while shipped:- 653 lb.


Street Bob

  • Wheels type front:- Steel Laced, Gloss Black
  • Wheels type rear:- Steel Laced, Gloss Black
  • Brakes front:- 4 piston fixed front
  • Brakes rear:- 2 piston floating rear
  • Headlight:- High beam
  • Tail light: LED

Fat Bob

  • Wheels type front:- Denim black, laser-etched aluminum structure
  • Wheels type rear:- Denim black, aluminum with graphic laser etched
  • Brakes front:- 4 piston fixed front
  • Brakes rear:- 2 piston floating rear
  • Headlight:- High beam
  • Tail light:- LED

Materials and style

Harley-Davidson has not upset the careful balance of bare-bones styling that has made the Street Bob considered visually and financially attractive since 2006. Bob’s fenders are chopped, its handlebars are mini-apples, and its 3.5-gallon fuel tank is lean. Additionally, the blacked-out engine and black wire-spoke wheels add visual drama. As you would expect from a Harley-Davidson cruiser, the Street Bob features all the standard styling features. The low-slung shape, laced wheels, and tall handlebars indeed evoke an old-school look.

For taller riders, Fat Bob’s foot position and forward foot pegs are comfortable. Brembo brakes are outstanding. The horizontal LED headlight is excellent at night. You can always change the seat if you find it stiff. Millennials and baby boomers alike, zealots and newbies, loved its rugged style, complete with matte paint, fat tires, rectangular LED headlamp, and stubby fenders as well.

Performance & Design

Harley-Davidson has announced their Street Bob 114 for 2021 with high performance. The Street Bob is a fan favorite among those seeking a minimalist American V-twin to modify, thanks to its mini-ape handlebar, mid-mount controls, and bobber-style fenders.

The Fat Bob’s performance is the center of attention for riders seeking to cover long distances at high speed. With its Milwaukee-Eight V twin-engine, it covers distances quickly and efficiently. The classic Softail frame emphasizes the vehicle’s performance and design, leaving other people with a good impression.

Come Easy

There is no denying that the Street Bob adds versatility to the Harley experience. Besides the classic styling, this bike comes with an exceptional riding experience that’s comfortable and simple to handle. Yes, the Street Bob is the ideal choice for those who want something punchy, fun to ride, and overall quite user-friendly. This model does not have much character, but it is accessible, so that’s a good trade-off.

Probably the key features of the Fat Bob would be the Milwaukee-Eight 114 cu in engine and the Softail frame. When you take a closer look at this engine’s finer points, you can see that it boasts 3,500 revolutions per minute of torque. Based on a comparison of average highway and city mileage, the bike is easy to handle all the way.

Colors Options

You can choose between four colors: Vivid Black, Baja Orange, Stone Washed White Pearl, and Deadwood Green. Vivid Black’s color price is $14,999, with the other three colors costing an additional $400 as well.

You can choose from six different colors – Vivid Black, Barracuda Silver Denim, Black Denim, Performance Orange, River Rock Gray Denim, and Stiletto Red. In this way, you can select the bike according to your own preferences.

Riding Experience

Street Bob’s suspension has been recently modified, and his forks are quick. Its smooth ride and low vibration make it a favorite among Harley riders who have not used one in a while. The stylish speedometer on the 2019 Street Bob also includes gears, odometers, fuel gauges, clocks, trip meters, range meters, and tachometers. There’s no difficulty reading it at a glance, which is helpful when riding on a busy road. It shifts with a light touch, and the transmission is smooth. Featured mono-shocks in the back help minimize road bumps.

The motor in Fat Bob’s is more powerful than that in Street Bob’s, taking off like a rocket. This bike still has a good lean angle even with the fatter back tire. There is a gear indicator, speedometer, and analog RPM indicator. Street Bob has a classic motorcycle feel, while Fat Bob is a little sportier. Although Fat Bob has chunky tires, its narrow front end makes cornering easy. You want to lean into every turn when riding this bike due to its balance. Shifts are smooth on this bike.


2021 Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 prices start at $14,999 for Vivid Black; add $400 if you choose Baja Orange, Deadwood Green, or Stone Washed White Pearl. Harley-Davidson’s iconic “Number one” logo is featured on the fuel tanks of all the bikes.

According to the Harley-Davidson website in the United States, a starting price of USD $18,799 is being offered for the 2020 Fat Bob 114 Vivid Black. Additional options and colors may increase the price. For those who cannot afford that payment, you can take advantage of monthly installments of USD $264 each.


Is a Street Bob a suitable beginner bike?

This could make for a perfect first motorcycle, thanks to its relatively light frame and minimum distractions. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it is also comfortable and handles well too. Definitely, it’s a perfect bike for beginners.

Are Fat Bobs comfortable?

The Fat Bob is more comfortable and versatile than its looks suggest – and it gets you miles as a muscle bike should. The bike is equally comfortable leaning into a country sweeper as it is riding over potholes and other urban obstacles.

Is Street Bob Good for touring?

Obviously yes. Softail’s 2018 Street Bob Standard touring seat is excellent for those wanting to maintain stock positioning but also upgrade their visual appeal and comfort.


Harley Street Bob Vs. Fat Bob, each is superior in their own way. After decades in the motorcycling community, the king of cruisers has expanded into other genres. They have similar names and are both on Softails, but that’s about it. A Fat Bob has a high-performance, aggressive appearance, while a Street Bob has a modern look with updated lights and displays.

There are a lot of motorcycles in Harley’s lineup, from Sportsters to Softails, and everything in between. It can’t be denied that they are still a true American thoroughbred. Now it isn’t hard to find the right one, just keep going.

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