Harley-Davidson Super Glide vs. Wide Glide: The Comparison

Harley-Davidson DYNA line bikes are the real craze among bike enthusiasts. There are several different bikes available in the DYNA class. All the DYNA bikes are primarily the same with more or fewer changes and unique features,

The DYNA Super Glide and the DYNA Wide Glide are the most popular ones. These two bikes are different. And you can tell just by looking at them. Wide Glide has a wider raked-out front end. At the same time, Super Glide has a narrower front end.

Is this the only difference? Well, no. To know more, let’s get into the details of Harley-Davidson Super Glide vs. Wide Glide.

Comparison Chart – Harley-Davidson Super Glide vs. Wide Glide

Super GlideWide Glide
Narrower front endWider front end
Louder than Wide GlideQuieter than Super Glide
Good mid controlsGood forward controls
Vibrates less than Wide GlideVibrates more than Super Glide
Looks classyLooks cooler

In-depth Discussion – Super Glide vs. Wide Glide:

From the comparison chart above, you can see a quick view of the specifications of these bikes. Now, let’s figure out the details.

Overall Design and Looks

This is where people make mistakes considering these two bikes as the same. At first glance, you would only see the Wide Glide has a wider front end. The handlebars have a more extraordinary design. And the Slide Glide has the typical Harley front end. Which is narrow and looks good.

The other parts of the body of the bikes are nearly similar. You would see slightly different shocks on the Wide Glide. Both the bikes look good overall. These bikes are from the Harley DYNA line. So, they have to be excellent in good looks.

Super Glide has great mid controls. In contrast, Wide Glide has great forward controls. So, if you are a central controls-dependent person, you would love the Super Glide. And you are a forward control learned person; you would love to ride on the Wide Glide.

Engine and Power

No doubt Harley DYNA means the enriched powerhouse. No matter which model the bike is. The DYNA’s are created with high-powered engines. And those are compatible with modern-day power booster bikes.

So, you don’t doubt missing out on the faster operation and moving like a boss. Both the above DYNAs have twin-cam engines. These motors perform almost the same. Although real users say, Wide Glides run faster than Super Glides. And they are more convenient to use.

And this statement leads us to our next point, the performance of the two bikes.


Many actual users claim that Wide Glide performs better than Super Glide. But the fact is not entirely accurate in this case. You will understand which one is better after taking an in-depth look into the performance details.

Wide Glide has more oversized handlebars. So, it is much easier to maneuver the bike around. The Super Glide has smaller handlebars than the Wide Glide. But still, it is easy to handle. If your height is 5’6″, Super Glide is the better option for you. If you are above 6’ then, Wide Glide is for you. Because the Wide Glide has more room than Super Glide.

Both the Super Glide and Wide Glide work fine on speed bumps. The Wide Glide is maybe smoother in this term. But the Super Glide also handles the situation well. You can use the Super Glide mainly for cruising. And you can use the Wide Glide for touring purposes.

When you go for a long trip on your bike, you feel uncomfortable at some point sitting in one position for a long time. So, Harley made their DYNA Wide Glide in a way that allows you to change positions when you need to. You can switch to different positions while riding without getting cuts in road performance. This bike is also great in cornering and cuts.

Sound and Vibration

You will see considerable vibration on the Wide Glide compared to the Super Glide. Many users said that Wide Glide vibrates more than Super Glide in different discussions. Which is annoying sometimes for the rider.

When you ride the Super Glide, you may face louder sounds. It is not any part issue or engine issue. Generally, this bike sounds that way. On the other hand, the sound is less in the Wide Glide.


At the price point, Harley DYNA Wide Glide comes costlier than the Harley DYNA Super Glide. Although, without comparing the price of the bikes, you can see both are expensive. Every bike from the Harley DYNA line is costly with great offerings.

The quality and high-end price are obviously the facts that make Harley-Davidson so demanding and renowned.

Super Glide or Wide Glide – Which one to choose?

Choosing between these two great bikes is a little complicated. As both of them are Harley DYNAs, it is for sure they are great bikes. So, investing in either won’t be a wrong decision at all. But, you have to consider some facts to choose between.

If you are looking for a bike that looks fantastic, brings the best value, and is capable of being your daily driver, then Harley Super Glide is the bike for you. This bike is super easy to operate and provides the best quality ride. If you are short or not so tall, this bike is the best one for you.

If you want a bike for constant touring and traveling, then Harley Wide Glide is the ultimate choice for you. Besides, if you are a taller person and looking for a bigger bike, go for this one. Because the Wide Glide has more room for you in it.

The price is also a concern while choosing one bike. As we know, Harley DYNA Wide Glide is more expensive. So, if you are ready to spend some more money on your value bike, go for it without any second thought.


What’s the difference between a Wide Glide and Super Glide?

The main difference between a Wide Glide and a Super Glide is that the Wide Glide is a bigger bike with a wider front end. This bike’s handlebars and rake are more extensive than the Super Glide.

Is a Harley Super Glide an excellent first bike?

Harley Super Glide is a bike from the DYNA series of Harley-Davidson bikes. Usually, it is suggested not to get any DYNA if you are an entry-level biker. Because these bikes are more suitable for experienced bikers. But, as Super Glide is a cruiser bike, you can start with it as your first bike if you have confidence riding it.

What kind of bike is a Super Glide?

Super Glide is an appropriate size bike from Harley-Davidson. This is from the specific DYNA class bike. Super Glide is a fantastic bike with optimum power and maneuvering capability like all other DYNA line bikes. So, undoubtedly, it is an amazing bike for your daily driver.

Final Words

Now, we have reached the end of the discussion, Super Glide vs. Wide Glide. Hope that you will be able to choose one now. Go with the one which suits your budget and aligns with your requirements.

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