Which GMC Acadia Years to Avoid and Why? (Explained)

While the GMC Acadia is generally regarded as a reliable and popular car among crossover aficionados, it has had some persistent issues over the years. If you’re looking for a secondhand 7-seater, there are a few model years to stay away from.

Keep this in mind while shopping for your next used Acadia. Issues have varied from small annoyances to serious safety problems that may cost thousands of dollars. Note that none of these years’ automobiles are bad, since each make and model has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Since its introduction in 2007, Acadia has had numerous severe problems that not all consumers Ire informed of when they bought it. Throughout the first several years of manufacturing, Acadia’s first-generation faced several difficulties.

GMC Acadia Years to Avoid (List of Year)

The late 2000s saw a fundamental shift in automobile connection, as it did for many mainstream vehicles in the United States. I observed tremendous advancements in technology and general vehicle savvy for the first time.

The generation from 2007 to 2009 Int through a lot of growing pains, with 2008 being one of the worst years in the history of Acadia’s growth.

2008 was the first generation, and 2012 and 2013 Ire the second and third generations. 2016 and 2017 Ire the third generation. I recommend that you avoid the following GMC Acadia years:

  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2014
  • 2017

The 2008 GMC Acadia is the weakest model of the bunch. This model had several faults, the most prevalent of which Ire linked to the transmission and engine.

Owners of this model have also experienced unexpected transmission failure and fluid leakage. You may already be informed of the gravity of the situation. The Acadia’s first year was also not encouraging. It had a slew of difficulties, most of which Ire the same as its 2008 predecessor.

The transmission system would collapse, and the only way to fix it would be to replace it entirely. A new system has a hefty price tag. All of the same engine problems plagued the 2007 GMC Acadia.

Even though recent Acadia models have been recognized to be excellent, the 2017 model did not cut.

This Acadia model has been known to cause several problems for customers, with the change to parking issue being one of the most prominent. Because the car does not believe it has been parked, you are unable to turn it off.

The 2010 GMC Acadia is a vehicle that has been around for almost a decade. Users had hoped that this paradigm would solve their problems;  however, that was not the case.

On the 2012 Acadia, the most common issue was with the air conditioning system. It would only operate on occasion, and the lights would blink the majority of the time.

What Makes These GMC Acadia Years Worth Avoiding?

Acadia was released in 2007 and had some severe problems that not all buyers Ire aware of when they bought it. Acadia’s initial generation was beset by issues over the first several years of manufacture.

These problems can vary from small annoyances to major safety concerns, resulting in costly repairs that could cost thousands of dollars. Keep these factors in mind, since each Acadia type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Engine Issues
  • Transmission Issues
  • AC Problems
  • Check Engine Light Issues

1. Engine Issues

Acadia models have had engine troubles for a long time. Some drivers may be hesitant to drive as a result of this. In the first year of production, blown engines Ire a major problem.

This resulted in a loss of power and burned pistons. Leaks occurred more frequently than they should have. For the 2008 model year, similar difficulties Ire noted. The 2011 model with 71,000 miles had this issue repaired, which cost drivers an average of $7,000.

This is a significant sum of money, but it is required to address such a serious problem. You can either fix it or buy a new automobile, both of which are expensive options.

If engine difficulties are a worry, it’s preferable to stay away from older models that have been known to have troubles rather than concentrate on newer ones that have never had such problems. By the 2012 model year, most of these issues have been fixed.

The GMC Acadia’s engine troubles are no longer a concern. The engines in the new GMC Acadia models have been completely changed, thus the faults of the previous generation are nearly non-existent.

2. Transmission Issues

The most serious problems have been with the transmission. Since the beginning, Acadia’s transmission has been a flaw. It was, without a doubt, the most serious issue the GMC Acadia had ever encountered.

The gearbox is commonly thought of as a basic system in your car’s engine that swaps gears. There are, however, more. Every 30,000 miles, the transmission oil, and filter must be replaced. When it’s time, the machine will make unusual noises, and you’ll know. Transmission difficulties have been reported in GMC Acadias starting at 20,000 miles.

This is something to keep in mind if you’re searching for a used Acadia. It is critical to avoid looking for a model from 2007. A new gearbox might cost up to $4000, which is pretty costly. For the next year, the difficulties persisted, and finding new components got increasingly difficult.

The GMC Acadia’s transmission issues were fixed over time, and later versions are rarely afflicted.

3. AC Problems

The Acadia’s air conditioner has a lengthy history of failing without warning. The issue has been seen in a variety of models. The air conditioner would stop operating and the lights would keep flashing, according to users.

The major cause of failure is that the refrigerant would quickly deplete, which might be due to a leak. A defective compressor might also be the cause of the AC system’s failure. These problems can be resolved but at a cost.

4. Check Engine Light Issues

Next up is a fault that existed in the SUV’s previous version. The check engine light and other warning lights on the 2007 to 2012 editions of the car turned on abruptly.

This problem might have been caused by one of two factors. The first was the possibility of a malfunctioning poIr module. It’d have to be replaced. The part is not expensive, but the expense of replacement is.

Another cause of this problem might be a camshaft misalignment. The engine lights may illuminate. Because diagnosis can be costly, if you possess a model from before 2012, you should start with the following two issues.

Which Years are Safe to Buy Used?

I’ve compiled a list of which used GMC Acadias are safe to purchase used based on the amount and intensity of user-submitted concerns about each year’s model, as Ill as the average mileage at which difficulties develop and the cost to remedy them.

The subsequent years of GMC Acadia have fewer issues, and the issues that they do have are often less serious and less expensive to repair than the models listed below.

These are the greatest years for the GMC Acadia:

  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021

The SUV’s 2020 model has a reputation for being one of the most dependable versions yet. It has an excellent riding quality. Regardless matter the scenario in which you find yourself. It will not be a problem for you.

The Acadia has a V6 engine under the hood that delivers plenty of power. It has been intended to provide swift acceleration and to make your journeys as pleasant as possible.

The GMC Acadia for 2021 is nearly as nice as the model it replaces. The newer crossover model comes in second place by a razor-thin margin. There haven’t been any widespread problems reported. Rather, there have been isolated complaints that haven’t resulted in any conclusions.

The 2019 GMC Acadia is also an excellent choice for those who don’t want to spend the money on a new car but don’t want to sacrifice any important amenities.

A model is a fantastic alternative for customers, with the sole drawback being the limited storage space. The V6 engine in the 2019 Acadia is so outstanding that GMC has included it in the following two versions.

The 2016 model is the one for you. Many people adore this GMC vehicle. This might be attributed to the 3.6L V6 engine beneath the hood. You may have noticed that modern SUV models are more dependable than older vehicles. With the 2015 GMC Acadia, that trend continues.

For many customers, the model is a terrific bargain, especially considering it has received excellent ratings in crash testing. The large seating capacity of 8 people makes it ideal for families.


You don’t have to be concerned about previous issues if you know what you’re doing and love the GMC Acadia’s overall performance and appearance. Please remember that this model is still popular, so finding parts and servicing it isn’t as tough as it would be for a rarer model.

NeIr versions will be protected under warranty if any previous concerns recur. Older vehicles that date back to 2012 or earlier than Acadia’s initial year will have their warranties expire. Repairing serious gearbox or engine problems is also not worth the money.

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